Stuart Rice grew up wishing he could be Jewish and Canadian... not because of any ideology or geographic preference but because he wanted to be funny and all of his comedy heroes were often either Jewish or Canadian. But, because it takes effort to become either of those things, and that doesn't actually guarantee that one will get laughs, Stuart spent much of his adult life just trying to find the funniest thing to say at any given time; he wasn't satisfied with that, but it was a way to get through his day. Then, he met Alisha. It was a modern romance story, they met on OK Cupid and timidly started dating. Then it got more serious. Then they both realized that they were way more excited about being funny together than they were about anything else; so the romance became a friendship and Stuart decided to put microphones in front of each other and try to be funny, with sketch, like Saturday Night Live for ears. After 2 years, Alisha decided to leave the show. It was sad, but Stuart had a decision to make... did he fold the show and just go back to trying to be the funniest guy in the room or did he change the show to make it so he could continue doing the thing that he really enjoyed for a growing audience? Stuart decided that the show must go on, and change "Sketch Comedy Podcast Show" into something similar but completely different: Interesting people having intriguing conversations then improvising comedy sketches based on the conversations. This new format has helped "Sketch Comedy Podcast Show" grow and become a destination for interesting people to participate and listen!
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