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Thomas Smith is a host of the show and an inquisitive interviewer. He hosts Serious Inquiries Only podcast.
Recent episodes featuring Thomas Smith
SIO212: A Joker Review
Serious Inquiries Only
Jamie and I watched Joker, so you don't have to! Unless you still want to, that's fine. The movie has generated a lot of buzz and think pieces, with people worried that it would inspire white terrorism. On the other end, though, some people think it is an absolutely brilliant movie. So where do we come down? Listen and find out! Download Here
SIO211: Listener Questions, with Jamie!
Serious Inquiries Only
It's a great time to stay on top of some listener mail! But first, a new segment, "Feminist Yells at News!" Jamie talks about Brett Kavanaugh's latest victim complex, and Hillary Clinton opening up in recent interviews. After that, it's listener questions! Topics include: supporting local news organizations vs. national news organizations; comedians feeling like they can't do comedy because of the PC left; is it useful to have conservatives like Ross Douthat in the NYT opinion section; are we strawmanning the Yang UBI arguments? After that, we've got an excellent bonus 30 minutes for patrons! We talk about needing meaning in life, Jamie answers criticism on her Biden comments, and then we talk about which are our favorite musicals! (and not so favorite...)
SIO210: The Case of David Silverman
Serious Inquiries Only
Former President of American Atheists, David Silverman, has been on an attempted comeback tour. He has done some interviews, including with noted sexual harasser of British PMs, Carl Benjamin. It's one thing if Silverman wanted to try to seek forgiveness and start over, but he seems to be completely re-writing history and is also adopting MRA talking points in the process. Jamie and I are here to set the record straight as to what he was accused of, and argue that his victim-narrative is quite bogus. Sources: American Atheists Statement; BuzzFeed Article; WaPo Article. Download Here
SIO209: More Listener Questions!
Serious Inquiries Only
I'm here with an old fashioned solo-pod, since there are so many more good listener questions to answer! Topics are: more non-binary folks respond to ContraPoints, racism, cancel culture, the real dark web, bubbles, and atheists still associating with certain problematic atheists. Hope you enjoy the bonus episode! Download Here
SIO208: Kavanaugh, Weinstein, and Listener Qs with Jamie
Serious Inquiries Only
Jamie and I start off with a bit of a '#metoo in the news' update. There were new allegations against Kavanaugh that were revealed in a truly bizarre way by the New York Times, and there was also a devastation episode of the NYT Daily Podcast that talked about Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom, and the work Lisa did to defend Harvey Weinstein and discredit his accusers. After that, we've got some voicemail and email on Yang and UBI. Finally, we discuss an email about white guilt and dealing with relative privilege in our society. Download Here
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