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050 Between Contract and Launch – What it is like to have a book under contract
Christian Publishing Show
This is episode 50 of the Christian Publishing Show! And we have a special treat for you today. We’ve talked with a lot of bestselling authors on this show, but we’ve never talked much about what their first year is like. It is easy to get so focused on getting a book contract that you don’t realize what comes next. So that is what we are going to talk about today.  Our guest today lives in Tennessee and is a writer of romantic comedy for HarperCollins Christian Publishing. Melissa Ferguson, welcome to the Christian Publishing Show! Let’s start a little before the story. How did you get your first contract? What were some of the surprises? What tips do you have for authors doing their first.  How did it feel going through all this? If you could go back to the beginning of the year, what could you do differently? Where can people find out more about you? Links: 207 Where to Spend Your Marketing DollarsMelissaFerguson.comThe Dating Charade (Affiliate Link) Links: Sponsor: Christian Writers Institute The Course of the Week: Title of Course Paste from CWI website Use coupon code “podcast” to save 10% or click the link in the show notes to activate the coupon code automatically.  The post 050 Between Contract and Launch – What it is like to have a book under contract appeared first on Christian Publishing Show.
214 How to Combine 2 Different Websites Without Losing Search Rankings
Novel Marketing
I had surgery a couple of weeks ago and recovery has taken longer than expected. On top of that, Margaret my pregnant wife, Mercy our one-year-old, and I all came down with colds. So this is going to be a shorter episode.  Back in episode 204, we talked about pruning and focus. If you remember that is the episode where Jim announced that he is stepping down from co-hosting the podcast. One of the things I am doing to help bring focus to my life is reducing the number of websites I maintain.  Owning a website is like owning a pet, it requires upkeep, maintenance, and attention. The more websites you have the more confusing it is for people trying to figure out who you are and where to find you.  In that regard, I currently have 4 active websites: This is too many! And making it worse, and do basically the same thing for the same audience. So, I’ve combined and into one website.  I am going to talk about the right and wrong way to combine websites. This is something you may face, a lot of authors create websites for a book series or other effort and later decide they want to consolidate to one website.  But this is also an opportunity to explain a little bit about how Google works.  The Wrong Ways to Do It Delete The Old WebsiteDelete the Old Website And Copy The pages over to the new website. What happens when you delete a web page: Links from around the web are pointing to that page. Maybe some bookmarks. All those links will now end in 404 errors. The people who have bookmarked that page will get confused and irritated.Search reputation is lost. For the page and potentially for the site as well.   The Right Ways to Do it Move the website with 301 redirects. Copy the pages to the new site. WordPress has some automated ways to do this. In “tools” you will find two pages one for export and one for import.Divi (affiliate link) also has a built-in import/export tool.  Create a website within a website ( Tips Don’t be too quick to shut down the old site. Let the two sites co exist for a few days while you make sure everything is moved over correctly. Way Back Machine Sponsor 5 Year Plan to Become a Bestselling Author I crafted this plan with bestselling and award-winning author James L Rubart to be step by step guide through the first five years of your writing career. Learn each quarter what to do to succeed and avoid the mistakes that hijack the success of most authors. Learn more at Featured Patron Jennifer Lamont Leo author of You’re the Cream in My Coffee   In 1928, small-town woman Marjorie Corrigan travels to Chicago and thinks she sees her first love–believed killed in the Great War–alive and well in a Chicago train station. Suddenly everything in her life is up for grabs.               You can become a Novel Marketing Patron here. News One of the changes we’ve made to the website is each post now features a list of $10+ patrons. Do you have a question you would like us to answer on the show? Call our listener help line! 512-827-8377‬. You can also send us a high quality recording on You have been listening to Thomas Umstattd Jr. on the Novel Marketing podcast, giving you innovative ideas on how to promote yourself and your writing, offline, online, and everywhere in-between. Thanks for listening.  The post 214 How to Combine 2 Different Websites Without Losing Search Rankings appeared first on Author Media.
All Things Indie Interview With Thomas Umstattd Jr. (Part 2)
Thomas Umstattd Jr. Guestcast
We talk about publishing, crowdfunding, and more. You can listen to part 1 and part 2 on the All Things Indie website.
049 Business Mistakes Authors Make (and how to avoid them) with Steve Laube
Christian Publishing Show
These notes about what we talked about in this episode of the podcast. They are not intended to replace listening to the podcast. Questions: Why should authors pay attention to the business side of writing? What are some common mistakes you see authors make?Do authors need a budget?Let’s talk about business entities. When should authors create an LLC?Let’s talk about estate planning. What happens to books when an author dies?Let’s talk about bookkeeping.  Benefits of an LLC Liability ProtectionEstate Management Downsides of an LLC Depending on your state, additional taxesCost money to setup.Some paperwork to maintain More Questions: When is it a good time to create a separate bank account? Taxes The IRS Business or Hobby Factors Whether you carry on the activity in a businesslike manner and maintain complete and accurate books and records.Whether the time and effort you put into the activity indicate you intend to make it profitable.Whether you depend on income from the activity for your livelihood.Whether your losses are due to circumstances beyond your control (or are normal in the startup phase of your type of business).Whether you change your methods of operation in an attempt to improve profitability.Whether you or your advisors have the knowledge needed to carry on the activity as a successful business.Whether you were successful in making a profit in similar activities in the past.Whether the activity makes a profit in some years and how much profit it makes.Whether you can expect to make a future profit from the appreciation of the assets used in the activity. Links: QuickBooks OnlineXeroMintLegalZoom Sponsor: Christian Writers Institute The Course of the Week: Tax & Business Guide for Authors In the course you will: Learn whether or not you qualify for tax deductions for your writing-related expenses (not all writers qualify). You will also find out about the 9 factors the IRS uses to determine if someone is a professional author.Receive an indie business plan template. Learn how to easily create a business plan for your independent publishing business.Learn about a simple tool that will help you make more money as an author while helping make you become more audit-proof.Learn how to start making a writing income even before your first book comes out. Making extra money helps you qualify for tax deductions!Learn whether or not you need to form an LLC. We will also share a cheap and easy way to form an LLC when the time comes.Learn about 19 different tax deductions authors can take advantage of.Learn how to reduce your chances of being audited by the IRS.Learn how to avoid common mistakes that often get authors in trouble with the IRS.Tax court cases for your CPA.   Use coupon code “podcast” to save 10% or click the link in the show notes to activate the coupon code automatically.  This course is also part of the Tax & Legal Bundle which is on sale for the first two weeks of November 2019. The post 049 Business Mistakes Authors Make (and how to avoid them) with Steve Laube appeared first on Christian Publishing Show.
213 Why Demographics are Mostly Useless And Why You Should Use Psychographics Instead
Novel Marketing
Author Media presents Novel Marketing, the longest-running book marketing podcast in the world. This is the show for writers who want to build their platform, sell more books, and change the world with writing worth talking about.  I’m your host, Thomas Umstattd Jr., and today we are going to talk about demographics & psychographics and how most authors use these poorly and how they can give you an edge. Trigger warning! I will be acknowledging the existence of politics in this episode. I don’t plan to make any political statements or taking any sides but I will be addressing the topic.  Where Authors Use Demographics Book ProposalsReader PersonasWebsite Visitor PersonasFacebook Targeting What are demographics? AgeRaceSexIncomeLocation Why are demographics useless? To be fair, demographics used to work back when there were only three TV channels.The problem is, demographics assume everyone is the same.Imagine a 31 year old white middle class woman in 1959. If you know her demographics you know a lot about her. You can be statistically confident that she is married, she’s a mom, she has approximately two children, and she goes to church on Sundays with her husband. Now imagine a 31 year old white middle class white woman in 2019. Same demographic information and yet we know far less about her. She could be an executive at a tech firm, a full time student, or a stay at home mom. We have no idea if she goes to church on Sunday and no idea if she is divorced, single or married. We have no idea if she has children.Most books don’t have a narrow demographic appeal. When they do, it is not unique to the book but rather than to the genre.So while white middle class boomer women may be the biggest consumers of romance novels, how is that useful for making decisions with your romance novel. Demographics also don’t capture the number one thing defining people these days: politics. Most American fall into one of three camps: LeftRight“Please don’t talk to me about politics.”America is fragmenting, people are moving away from those unlike them, not just on social media but in real life. There is a slow migration of left leaning Americans away from Middle America and into states like California, New York, and Virginia and a slow moving migration of right leaning people out of those states and into Middle America. I hear the same thing is happening in the UK over Brexit. Leavers are unfriending Remainers on Facebook and vice versa.  For many authors as many as 80% of thier readers fall into thier same bucket politically. With some exceptions, demographics don’t tell you much about the political leanings of the audience you are targeting. And yet knowing that information has a big impact on your book. The left and right are starting to use different language even.  What are psychographics? A psychographic is the: Attitude (I always buy the cheapest option. I’m willing to spend extra for quality.)Desires (I want to be seen as a virtuous member of the community. vs I’m going to live my life and I don’t care what other people think. )Fears (I’m afraid of guns. vs I’m afraid of being an unarmed victim with no way to defend myself.)Personality (Spending time with people charges me up! Vs. Spending time in groups drains me.)Pains (It hurts to see everything changing so much around me. I feel like I don’t recognize my country anymore Vs. It pains me how backward everything is. We could be living in the future right now! )Values (I value autonomy. I don’t want others telling me who I should be or what to do vs I value family. I am willing to make sacrifices to have a healthy happy family. )Opinions (Dog person or a cat person?)Passions (NFL fan? Hunting fan? Environmentalist? Sportsball?) Psychographics are much more useful in making decisions, once you figure out what they are. They force you to understand your readers is a more fundamental way. While demographics are superficial, psychographics touch the core of who we are.  While demographics ask the question “who” to get the answer of who. Psychographics ask the question “why” to get to who. Readers who share nothing in common demographically may like the same book because of psychographic reasons.  So I am going to talk about the psychographics of some specific books.  Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia – These are urban fantasy books that I would summarize as “Libertarians with shotguns vs evil vampires.” I would venture to guess 80% of the people who read these books own a firearm.  These books play to the fantasy of using your gun to defend your family from the evil in the world. This is a book he could sell at a gun show.  The Ebb Tide by Beverly Lewis – This is an amish book. The amish genre is driven by evangelical women, but not all evangelical women read amish.  The demographics don’t really help here. When you look into the psychographics, you get a different picture. Amish books are a balm for readers suffering from future shock. The trauma of experiencing your culture change so quickly. Want a break from the rapid pace of change? Read an amish book. It is a vacation into a world where nothing ever changes. This is a book she could sell at a homeschool convention to homeschool moms.  Psyocraphics are Not A Limit You can target multiple psychographic groups by creating different characters that appeal to different groups. Marvel does this very well with thier superheroes. Each hero appeals to a different group of fans while simultaneously trying not to alienate the other fans. Captain America appeals to some while Iron Man appeals to to others.  How to Figure Out the Psychographics of Your Readers Read thier reviews. What do they mention? This is only somewhat helpful. Look at the other books they read. This creates a fingerprint for readers that tells you more about them than thier demographics. If you are unpublished, get to know yourself. Most authors write for themselves, especially for the first books. You represent your target market. Gold standard: talking to them in real life.  How to Use Psychographics to Sell More Books Use psychographics to design addictive and viral books. Once you understand the why behind why your readers read your books you can double down on that to make books they will loveKey for targeting your ads on Facebook. Nothing is more powerful for psychographic targeting than Facebook. Put psychographic info into your proposal. This will impress both agents and publishers. They all know what psychographics are but assume most authors don’t know how to use them.   News The $5 patron level has sold out! I have revamped the patronage levels. The new levels are: $3 Discounts + Bonus Episode Each Month$5 + Podcast Host Directory$10 + List of Patrons on the show notes$20 + Periodically Featured Live on the AirThinking about adding a $100 level that would be limited to just 10 people. This would come with a monthly group mentoring call with me and an ongoing mastermind group just between the 10 authors. I haven’t decided if I am going to launch this yet, but if I do, I will announce it to current patrons first. It may sell out before I mention it on the air, so if this is somehting you are interested in, make sure to become a Patron now.   Featured Patron Kate Harvie author of Believe It and Behave It: How to Restart, Reset, and Reframe Your Life    Learn how to kick your inner shame and hatred to the curb. Whatever your personal setback, Kate will help you find new opportunities to make yourself better and stronger than ever before.   You can become a Novel Marketing Patron here. Encouragement  I recently had surgery and was feeling too weak to do much. But my wife and I recently had a chance to go on a date so we visited a cidery near our house. While we were there, a live band, Much 2 Much started performing. They were amazing. My wife and I sat transfixed much longer than we intended to stay. Unfortunately, the time they were slotted to perform was during a UT football game. These are a huge deal in Austin so the venue was mostly empty. This was the day of the debut of thier first album and almost no one was there. But that was not thier attitude. They were happy to be living thier dream of doing live music for an audience in Austin, the live music capitol of the world.  This reminded me of my daughter Mercy, who never gets unhappy when she falls down while toddling. She is just happy to be walking! When you have been on your belly or back your whole life, standing upright is amazing! Even if you can’t do well or all of the time.  My encouragement for you is to keep this attitude with your writing. You are a writer! You are living your dream! While it is easy to be so focused on the next milestone that you never end up enjoying where you are right now. Don’t get destination fever where you are so focused on the destination that you forget to enjoy the journey.  Do you have a question you would like us to answer on the show? Call our listener help line! 512-827-8377‬. You can also send us a high quality recording on You have been listening to Thomas Umstattd Jr. on the Novel Marketing podcast, giving you innovative ideas on how to promote yourself and your writing, offline, online, and everywhere in-between. Thanks for listening.  The post 213 Why Demographics are Mostly Useless And Why You Should Use Psychographics Instead appeared first on Author Media.
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