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Todd Uterstaedt is a facilitator. He has over 12 years as a Founder & CEO and he has successfully facilitated many mastermind groups and peer development groups with top Founders and CEOs. He also host From Founder To CEO Podcast.
Recent episodes featuring Todd Uterstaedt
BOOK BONUS: "Win At Home, First" & How This Can Help You Lead Better
Episode of
From Founder To CEO
Cory Carlson's new book, "Win At Home, First" He explains how Founders like you can use the tension between "grace and trust" to lead better.
Gumroad Founder On Why He Failed to Build a Billion-Dollar Company
Episode of
From Founder To CEO
Sahil and his team at Gumroad have helped over 40,000 creators do more of what they love and have sent over $200,000,000 to creators and artists. This is an incredible achievement. So, when I read his February 2019 Medium Blog post entitled, "Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company (It took years for me to realize my pursuit of growth was misguided from the start)" I knew it was time to get him on the show and share more. I really appreciate Sahil detailing this journey. He had a personal epiphany around his own motivations as a Founder & CEO. And he walks through this and much more in this very candid interview.
Bob Tinker Reveals How He Conquered His Fear Of Turbulence
Episode of
From Founder To CEO
Ok, Bob shares a TON of personal insights in this extended interview. The reason? You won't find a lot of Founders who have scaled up their companies to nearly 15,000 customers and then IPO. He talks in detail about this and many other topics.
Mark Cuban Said Yes To This Founder Who Says No To Hiring Family
Episode of
From Founder To CEO
You've seen him on Shark Tank earning an investment from Mark Cuban. Shaan is an achieving machine. In addition to growing Prep Expert, Dr. Shaan Patel is also in residency for dermatology. And, he is a fountain of knowledge. In this interview, he explains the personal challenge he encountered with having his cousin working in the business. He shares some key advice about working with family and the value of professionalism in this candid interview.
What Mindset Do You Need When Hiring?
Episode of
From Founder To CEO
Ethan is at the beginning of his Founder to CEO transition, but that doesn't mean he lacks in wisdom. He is very insightful about the mindset you need to have when hiring and shares the mistake he made that he hopes you don't.
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