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Voice Actor on Wolf 359, Host of Focused AF & No Bad Ideas & Host & Producer of The Internet 3.0
Zach Valenti is a video maker, podcaster, voice actor, inventor, & mental health advocate. He is committed to cultivating community around creativity and self care. Zach hosts 'The Internet 3.0' podcast.
Recent episodes featuring Zach Valenti
Episode 52: There's Nothing I Can Do
No Bad Ideas
This week on No Bad Ideas: photo manipulation, funerary pranks, and utter inability to stop loved ones from making questionable choices. On the first idea this episode, Gabriel brings us the story of how a photoshopped sailor hat brought together a police department and the fugitive they'd been looking for. Then, Sarah brings us a delightfully dark tale about a man taking the reigns at his own funeral through a carefully engineered "buried alive" joke. And, finally, Zach tries to out-do his last bad idea involving lions, this time with the story of a woman taunting a one of the big cats at the Bronx Zoo from within its own enclosure. All of that, plus rawrtongue, murder mystery parties, artistic perfectionism, and increasingly ridiculous costumes.  Today’s Bad Ideas™: Idea #1 Idea #2 Idea #3 Check out Zero Hours at www.zerohourspodcast.comSupport the show.
Episode 51: Interdimensional Profit
No Bad Ideas
This week on No Bad Ideas: snakes, mysterious objects from space, and the world's creepiest dolls! On our first idea this week, Zach brings us the story of a petty theft that slithers in all the wrong directions. Then, Sarah shares the tale of a space selfie gone terribly, terribly wrong, which leads to a series of kids' adventures with a portal-creating phone. Finally, Gabriel subjects everyone to a museum that is hosting a competition to find the world's creepiest dolls, which spawns a mockumentary unlike anything the world has ever seen. Plus: Cara Delevingne, Contestant 953, photos that will keep you up at night, and amazing things happening on Samsung screens.  Today’s Bad Ideas™: Idea #1  Idea #2  Idea #3 The new season of Outliers: Stories from the Edge of History begins November 5th! Tune in at And check out Zero Hours at www.zerohourspodcast.comSupport the show.
Episode 50: America Is Missing
No Bad Ideas
We’re back this week to our regularly scheduled, awful no-good terrible ideas! First, courtesy of Sarah, we plumb the depths to which some thieves will go to steal pieces of modern art: in this case, a solid gold toilet. Next, thanks to Zach, we engage with the horrifying potential of crowd-sourcing all the information that can be hidden in a selfie. Then, the three of us sit down and talk about how Zero Hours, our new anthology fiction podcast, came together. Plus: a bad day at Monte Carlo, Lord Whoever Whoever’s Wallet, social media sleuthing, an online mob in action, and the difference between a sketchy plumber... and a plumber. Today’s Bad Ideas™: Idea #1  Idea #2  Check out Zero Hours at Note: The second idea we discuss contains a fairly intense case of stalking and cyber-bullying. If you would like to skip it, pause the episode at 21:30 and start it back up again at 36:00.Support the show.
Zero Hours: A New Series From The Wolf 359 Crew
Wolf 359
Hello Dear Listeners!  We're re-activating the Wolf 359 feed for a very special announcement from the man of a thousand voices himself, Zach Valenti. The creative team behind Wolf 359 has just released a brand-new audio drama anthology series called Zero Hours.  We think it's pretty neat, and so we wanted share the first episode, which features a couple other voices you're probably familiar with...  We hope you enjoy, and you can check out the rest of Zero Hours at 
Zero Hours: A New Show From The NBI Crew
No Bad Ideas
Greetings, friends! There is no new episode of No Bad Ideas this week. In its place, we're sharing the first episode from the new fiction anthology podcast that we've been producing for the last month and a half, the entirety of which is now available fine podcasts are acquired! Zero Hours is a seven episode anthology series, where every story is a different take on the end of the world - or at least something that feels like the end of the world. Each episode is organized around a kind of apocalypse, whether the cataclysm is planetary or personal. The stories are also set in succeeding centuries, with 99-year intervals separating each episode. The show begins in the past, catches up to the present, and eventually overtakes it. Some installments are darkly comedic, others grimly contemplative, and others still thrillingly contentious. But they all explore the same question: how do we keep going when the world is crashing down around us? We think it's pretty neat. We hope you enjoy this first episode, written by our very own Gabriel Urbina, directed by equally our own Sarah Shachat, and starring both actor extraordinaire Ariela Rotenberg and The Bad Ideas Bat™ himself, Zach Libresco. We'll be back with a brand-new episode of No Bad Ideas next week. Support the show.
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