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Interview Special with Destrage and John from Incantation

  • almost 2 years ago

It's the rock show with Gully and Joe We have a special show for you people this week! We talk about what gigs we have been to recently and have two great interviews lined up! First up it's backstage with Gully in London talking to his album of …

How Trauma Gets “ Stuck” in Your Nervous System with Irene Lyon

  • 6 months ago

Irene Lyon is a nervous system specialist and in this episode she talks about what trauma is, types of trauma, stress, autonomic nervous system and how to tell whether you have experienced trauma. You may not have physical symptoms per se.    FULL …

Food Anthropology (FEASTS) with Katherine Spiers

  • 5 months ago

Loosen your belts and tuck a napkin under your chin because feasting season is here. Katherine Spiers -- journalist, food anthropologist and host of the wondrous culinary history podcast Smart Mouth -- lets Alie belly up for a buffet of questions a…

Rhinology (NOSES) with John Craig

  • 11 months ago

Allergies. Nose jobs. Smell nostalgia. Street drugs. Septum piercings. Snoring. Hang on to your faces because Dr. John Craig goes deep and shares why he's so passionate about rhinology. You'll have a whole new relationship with your whiffer, apprec…

Paradise Lost? Island Living in Thailand (2.47)

  • over 1 year ago

Today we compare living in Bangkok vs a tropical island paradise in Thailand. Also, we share how you can participate in our upcoming one year anniversary show, and give yet another reminder about the big Bangkok-wide I Love Podcasting In Bangkok ev…

FiveThirtyEight 2-01 News/Politics Podcasts

  • almost 2 years ago

You are listening to Podcast Playlist, a podcast about podcasts, where I, Brendan Hutchins, share what I’ve been listening to, and why you should listen, too.@ThePodPlaylist on Twitter. @PodcastPlaylist on Facebook. ThePodcastPlaylist@gmail.com. ht…

‘Point Break’ With Bill Simmons, Shea Serrano, Jason Concepcion, and Mark Titus

  • over 1 year ago

Hot takes fly as The Ringer’s Bill Simmons, Shea Serrano, Jason Concepcion, and Mark Titus dive deep into 1991’s 'Point Break' by debating which scenes have aged the best and worst, where 'Point Break' ranks among bank robbery films, and who won th…

'Face/Off' Live With Bill Simmons, Shea Serrano, Chris Ryan, and Jason Concepcion

  • over 1 year ago

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons, Shea Serrano, Chris Ryan, and Jason Concepcion all undergo “experimental surgery” to assume each other’s identities and execute the perfect live show as they dive deep into 1997's action-sci-fi blockbuster 'Face/Off,' sta…

News and Politics Wrap Up 2-05

  • over 1 year ago

Briefly covering the rest of the political podcasts I recommend: 5 on 45 by The Brookings Institute, The New York Times ’ The Daily, WNYC’s The United States Of Anxiety, WNYC’s On The Media, Primary Concerns by The New Republic , and Radiotopia’s W…

16 - The Rules of the Ghost Library

  • 10 months ago

We're going to talk a lot about VidCon...how it went and also how it has affected me since. Toenail mistakes, senatorial encounters, live concerts, unicorn hats, book reviews, and turkey beds. We're gonna have a good ol' time.

19 - bop heyYOP...BOP!

  • 9 months ago

Lets talk about good snake friends and sound checks and the fact that YOU ARE THE MEDIA. It's Delete This! And this week wasn't too high stress, for a 2018 week, so we get a little silly and even a bit personal. Tour information is at hankgreen.com…

46 - Missoula Montana's Bar Scene

  • about 1 month ago

I mean, who knows where we're going to go next? Apparently a focus on the bad Mexican food and bar scene of Missoula Montana! But also...summoning circles, Ellen DeGeneres, and being led to enlightenment by you two year old. Join us...it's fun.

Episode 19: Ross Newell (The Mulligan Brothers)

  • almost 2 years ago

Wedding season is here! This week on episode 19, Beau recaps his weekend of wedded bliss and the loss of one of his musical idols, Chris Cornell. And we'll hear from Ross Newell of Mobile, Alabama's The Mulligan Brothers, a fantastic folk/Americana…

Episode 17: Mother's Day with Mama Cephus

  • almost 2 years ago

On the heels of Mother's Day 2017, learn what it was like raising Beaucephus when Beau sits down with his mom, Kathy, for a chat featuring stories of mischief management, worries and fears, and pride. Plus, Beau learns the origin of his name, what …

Shan-Lyn Ma from Zola gets married to New York

  • 11 months ago

On the second episode of Converge, Zola co-founder and CEO Shan-Lyn Ma comes on to tell us why she’s building her company in New York. Zola runs a popular online wedding registry that couples have saved more than $1 billion worth of merchandise to,…

'The Dark Knight' With Chris Ryan, Sean Fennessey, and Jason Concepcion

  • over 1 year ago

The Ringer’s Chris Ryan, Sean Fennessey, and Jason Concepcion are the heroes we need right now, but not the ones we deserve, as they dig deep into Christopher Nolan’s gripping 2008 'Batman' sequel, ‘The Dark Knight,’ starring Christian Bale and Hea…

Building an Electric Home Brewery with Short Circuited Brewers

  • about 1 year ago

There are many things that one must consider while setting up an electric brewing system at home. Brian Huntley runs one of the best resources for electric brewing information on YouTube. Short Circuited Brewers (Youtube.com/shortcircuitedbrewers) …

Podcast Playlist Episode 0

  • about 2 years ago

Please share your podcast story on twitter, I’m @ThePodPlaylist or record an audio message and email ThePodcastPlaylist@gmail.com. You can also leave a comment on the post at PodcastPlayl.ist and see the show notes. I can’t respond to all feedback …

'Scream' With Bill Simmons, Sean Fennessey, Shea Serrano, K. Austin Collins, and Jason Concepcion

  • over 1 year ago

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons, Sean Fennessey, Shea Serrano, K. Austin Collins, and Jason Concepcion take a stab at analyzing the 1996 meta-horror classic ‘Scream,’ starring Neve Campbell and Drew Barrymore. They go deep on the shocking nature of killi…

Skype Cloud Recording Just Released - The Podcast Report SPECIAL EPISODE

  • 8 months ago

Going live to talk about Skype Cloud Recording and the Podcaster. Questions about the topic will be answered, if possible, live. Answers not about the topic won't be answered. All will make sense soon ;-) Video On YouTube - https://youtu.be/vXpXFLa…

07 - Viral Butt Wiggles

  • about 1 year ago

Hank discovers a new part of the internet, and they shrekbearded him. Orin's butt goes viral, Hank poops the Webb Space Telescope's journey, and we talk about, and we get surprisingly serious about a zoo for weird deer.

20 - That's a Booby!

  • 9 months ago

Hank makes some mistakes...at McDonald's and on Twitter. Wikileaks is mad at him, which isn't fun. We'll talk some about how Twitter makes us feel like not having an opinion isn't acceptable, and also we get to have some Harry Potter fun. Welcome t…

Episode 18: Carter Wilkerson of #NuggsForCarter

  • almost 2 years ago

16-year-old Carter Wilkerson has the world by the nuggets -- quite literally. With one tweet and a viral hashtag (#NuggsForCarter), he took the world by storm. And along the way, he broke the record for most retweets (previously held by archrival E…

Beaucephus Buddies: Neil Gau and Mark Hopwood

  • almost 2 years ago

Episode 21 is the first Beaucephus Buddies episode of The Beaucephus Broadcast. On this episode, Beau is joined by two of his college friends, Neil Gau and Mark Hopwood. Recorded shortly after Mother's Day 2017, Beau, Mark, and Neil occupied a hote…

Episode 22: Theunis Wessels

  • almost 2 years ago

When the world could have taken him by storm, he did the opposite, and with one photo taken by his wife, Canadian homeowner Theunis Wessels was a viral sensation overnight. He's the man you've seen circulating the internet, mowing his yard with an …