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99 - Trekspectres 1 “Shallow Space”

  • over 1 year ago

We hack the Inspectres system for Star Trek   Kate: Bev Borschtstormer Biddy: T'Nol Paul: Q  

56 - Dark Heresy The Hidden Hand 1: “Human Brisket”

  • almost 3 years ago

Dark Heresy 1  The first session of our Dark Heresy 2nd edition campaign Be warned: Its Grimdark.  Joe: Gaius - Syker Paul: Elvis - Heretek Biddy: Hack - Assassin Adam: Thrynn - Mutant Simon: Ivy - Seeker Dave: GM Battlebards.com https://incompetech.com/ The Colour of Trust by the Chamber Pots https://reflectionsofsound.bandcamp.com/album/threads-from-the-pattern

55 - Dark Heresy: The Hidden Hand - Character Creation

  • almost 3 years ago

Dark Heresy Character Creation Paul and Dave sit down to create a character in detail Intro Music - The Colour of Trust by the Chamber Pots https://reflectionsofsound.bandcamp.com/album/threads-from-the-pattern https://incompetech.com/

42 - D&D5e Doors 14: “Invisigimble”

  • over 3 years ago

Part 1 of our new dnd 5e episode Biddy - Ruh the Human Fey Pact Warlock and Phus, a psudodragon familiar Adam - Gimble Gallowglass, Gnome Lore Bard Tom - Carahad, Dwarven Battlemaster Paul - DM Sound effects by Battlebards https://battlebards.com/ "Bumbly March" Kevin Macleod www.incompetech.com Title music "Shards of Glass" Louis Barrabas and the Bedlam Six. http://bedlamsix.com/

33 - Dread Ep.2 “Helen My Love”

  • over 3 years ago

Biddy takes the helm again for the concluding part of our Dread storyline.  Feedback is after the game Biddy - GMPaul - Carl Husenhoff/RobertMike - Jake PerryTom - William "Bill" JacksonAdam - Norman GalbraithJen - Bobz

32 - Dread Ep. 1 “Insert Clever Title”

  • over 3 years ago

In this episode, Biddy takes the reigns for a game of Dread. Paul apologises for his accent.      Biddy - GMPaul - Carl HusenhoffMike - Jake PerryTom - William "Bill" JacksonAdam - Norman Galbraith

30 - FATE: Doors 9 “What Happened to Your Face?”

  • over 3 years ago

Episode 9 of our Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Campaign. In this episode, we use the Fate Accelerated system to look at the trials and tribulations of the captives      Email: swordnutradio@gmail.comTwitter: @swordnutradio Adam: Hetty - Elderly Owner of the Gauntlet TavernBiddy: "Barrel" Bill - Stoic Dwarf LabourerPaul: GM

Unwritten, ep 03: The Acrobat

  • over 2 years ago

DWM presents Unwritten, episode 3 "The Acrobat" Written by Grace Poppe Directed by Chris Burnside In this episode, Elaine confronts Mike, who she suspects is the Acrobat. August asks Elaine out. Chelsea and Dr. Lemon encourage Elaine to go speed dating. For more Unwritten, visit unwrittenpodcast.com, where you can support the show and get exclusive, supporter-only Unwritten merchandise. Connect with us: Facebook: dwmpresentsunwritten Twitter: @dwmpresents Instagram: dwmpresents Unwritten is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, places, and/or events is purely coincidental. Copyright © 2016 Dayton Writers Movement ltd. All rights reserved.

70 - Dread Slippers 3 “A, B+, AB, O, Pumpkin”

  • over 2 years ago

Biddy runs a DREAD rpg actual play. Sci-fi shenanegins  Biddy - GM Adam - Harry Paul - Tom Dave - Dick Riverhouse Games Podcast https://www.patreon.com/RiverhouseGames Intro "Matilda and claude" by Louis Barabas and the Bedlam Six Get in touch at swordnutradio@gmail.com or @swordnutradio on twitter Get your own swordnut swag here:http://shop.spreadshirt.com/swordnutradio

20 - Inspectres “Task Force Narnia” Knights of the Night Crossover

  • almost 4 years ago

In this episode of Inspectres, the Narnia Branch go to Cleveland Ohio to cover for the local team. This is a crossover with the Knights of the Night, episode 224. thanks to Tom and the Knights for letting us play with your stuff.   Any feedback, or random facts are greatly appreciated.Email swordnutradio@gmail.com   Twitter @swordnutradio  and search facebook. whats the worst that could happen? Mike - GMBiddy - The BossTom - The Brains http://www.twitch.tv/encounterroleplay

17 - D&D5e: Doors 3 - “Effing Bagpipes”

  • almost 4 years ago

Episode 3 of our Duneons and Dragons 5th Edition Campaign.  In this episode, the party deal with some fallout, help out a family and do some shady things Email: swordnutradio@gmail.com Twitter: @swordnut Tom: Carahad - Dwarf Fighter Adam: Gimble - Short, damaged Bard Biddy: Ruh - Human Warlock Mike: Malorn "Bleak" - Half-breed Rogue Paul: DM  

16 - D&D5e: Doors 2 - “This never goes to plan”

  • almost 4 years ago

Episode 2 of our Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign, "Doors"  In this episode, the party decides to be diplomatic. Sort of.   Email: swordnutradio@gmail.com Twitter: @swordnut Tom: Carahad, dwarven fighter Adam: Gimble, short bard Biddy: Ruh, completely normal human Mike: Malorn "Bleak", Half-breed rogue Paul: DM

15 - D&D5e: Doors 1- “There is no door”

  • almost 4 years ago

The first part of our new Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition adventure; "Doors" Adam - Gimble: Short guy with a harp Tom - Carahad: Huge dwarf Biddy - Ruh: Completely ordinary human. Sort of. Mike - Malorn "Bleak": Pale, unsociable half-breed Paul - DM Contact us with your thoughts and a random fact! email: swordnutradio@gmail.com twitter: @swordnutradio

46 - Warrior Chapter 6 “The Wolf’s Teeth”

  • about 3 years ago

This short story follows after episode 45 "Fec Ka Fiv Bopieth". It is set in Banahgar, a mountinous country north of Kotev    Written by Paul Bennett and Robert Sanderson. Copyright 2015.   Email: swordnutradio@gmail.com   Twitter: @swordnutradio

11 - Dungeons and Dragons System Spotlight

  • about 4 years ago

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition System Spotlight This episode is a system summary for people who want to get the rules with a discussion on how to implement them, either for your own game or to understand ours better without us having to explain the rules in-game and slow the story down. There are also some hints and tips Any questions, comments or other feedback - swordnutradio@gmail.com

101 - Swordnut 101

  • over 1 year ago

Paul, Adam, Biddy, Kate and Dave look back on the last 100 episodes  as well as unrecorded games past and future

111 - DnD5e: Doors 32 "Its a Trap"

  • over 1 year ago

We get back on the mission, whatever that is..... Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition Actual Play Biddy - Ru, Human Fey Pact Warlock/Druid and Phus, a velociraptor familiar Adam - Gimble Gallowglass, Gnome Lore Bard/Cleric Kate- Jaska Josen, Human Wild Druid Paul - DM Title music "Shards of Glass" Louis Barrabas and the Bedlam Six. Blooper music. "Re-ignition" Bad Brains Additional music and Sound effects by: Battlebards at https://battlebards.com/ Tabletop Audio at https://tabletopaudio.com http://www.freesfx.co.uk/ http://www.freesound.org/ https://incompetech.com/

109 - DND5e: Doors 30 "Talking to Seamen"

  • over 1 year ago

More boats! More Story! Optional D and/or D! sound and tunes by battlebards.com

107 - DND5e: Doors 28 "Grunt and Squeeze"

  • over 1 year ago

We rejoin the gang in the aftermath of the battle in the castle Kate: Jaska - Human Druid Biddy: Ruh - Human Warlock Adam: Gimble - Gnome Bard Paul: DM Thanks to battlebards and kevin macloud for the noises and tunes. https://incompetech.com/ Battlebards.com Title music "Shards of Glass" Louis Barrabas and the Bedlam Six.

Episode 1 - Introduction to Wild Health

  • 4 months ago

Mike:  Jody, why are we here? Matt:  And why there microphones in front of our faces? Jody:  Simple. Guys, we've had a ton of conversations where afterwards I feel like "man I wish I recorded that" or "the world should hear this". I'm a normal guy.  You two are trained as docs, and I'm not obsessively reading about human performance enhancement, longevity, and all the stuff you like to do, so it's a pretty sweet hack for me to be able to talk to you. Whether it's email, text, or phone calls and say like "Hey just summarize the stuff you've been reading and tell me what I what I can do." Matt:  Well, talking about that stuff, that's fun for us. Mike and I we live and breathe this. We basically won't quit talking about when anybody asks us about it. We've done a lot of things in our life like adventure races and stuff where were obsessed with constantly figuring out how to optimize our bodies for those things and push the limits of what we can do. Especially since we have very little of what they call "talent" and now that we're getting older we've really become obsessed with longevity also and how we're going to be around for our kids, grandkids, are great grandkids. We want to kind of do both. Absolutely crush it now and live forever or at least close to forever. Mike:  Yeah all that stuff for sure Matt, but what you're talking about Jody just sounds like a bunch of fun.  I mean if you're talking about having us do a podcast I assume, that's why we have the Mics here, right?  So let's be honest: man I love making fun of my Matt and if you're giving us the opportunity to record it and make fun of you as well then man sign me up.  I mean I've been his podcast thing for like 7 years now so the idea of recording some of that doesn't sound weird. Jody:  Right. So, the medical community already knows you guys as the Ultrasound podcast guys, so why pivot to longevity and performance optimization? Matt:  Well first off, I think you're the one asking us to record this but if you're asking why are we interested in those things instead, well we've always been interested in them.  I mean we're just super curious in general and love exploring new ideas and kind of pushing the limits, which I think is why people enjoy listening to the ultrasound podcast. We've done a lot of courses and taught a lot of Physicians and we love that, but as you know as soon as we turn off the mics and leave the lecture stage all we really talk about with each other is optimizing performance and whatever longevity hacks we found recently. Mike:  Exactly. I mean you should see some of the text messages about all the crazy self-experimentation stuff that we are doing with fasting, different diets, taking Ketone salts and Esters and how it affects our individual BHB levels in conjunction with different weight training interval sets and then correlating that with max effort running trials and super nerdy stuff but that's what we're into.  I mean, granted, debating the methodological flaws of calorie restriction studies may not be super great listening but we're really into all this stuff so I could see how some people might benefit from hearing are conclusions on how to apply this stuff to their lives. Or who knows, maybe they'll hate it but they'll enjoy some of this banter. Jody:  I get it, but I mean you guys are Er docs.  Why not just double down on that if you're going to do another podcast.  Why teach people about this stuff Matt:  So, on my last shift, this guy came in and we intubated him.  We saved his life by putting a breathing tube in for him when he couldn't breathe.  He was a morbidly obese guy with cancer and was a really difficult intubation, and I'm  thinking afterwards how cool it was that we were able to use cutting-edge technology, video laryngoscopy in this case, to save this guy's life and how that just came out in the last decade.  So it's really amazing how technology is progressing and allowing us to do things like that and then I thought about this poor guy a little more deeply and realized that I may have added 3 to 6 months to his life at best.  What if he was equipped with the knowledge that I have about healthspan, nutrition, and longevity, though. Would even have cancer? Would he be obese? I mean I went into emergency medicine because I really loved it. The adrenaline that comes from a save like that or the privilege of getting to meet people in their darkest hour and help them out is truly amazing.   But honestly, 90% of the people I see I just shake my head and think if only they knew some basic things that aren't hard to implement they wouldn't need me. They wouldn't be in the ER.  So, I have no idea if anybody would listen to this if you recorded but if they do and it makes a difference then I'm going to be really really grateful for that. And if they don't, honestly I just like talking about this stuff. Mike:  Yeah I mean pretty much same here.  I still love emergency medicine but that doesn't mean it's the only aspect of medicine I'm interested in.  The thing that got me interested in medicine in the first place was actually biochemistry. I know, nerdiest statement ever, but I was in college for chemical engineering at the time and trying to lose some weight. I was actually a fat kid until I was about 20 and I never learned anything about healthy eating or dieting as I grew up in the Deep South and had terrible Fitness and a terribly diet.  I was like 260 lbs around year 2000 and I finally got fed up and started learning about the biochemistry and some of the metabolic stuff. I got serious about it, started working out, lifting, cardio, and learning about metabolism, cortisol, and insulin responses to foods and exercise. I was pretty obsessed and eventually it pushed me into medicine.  But you can't really go into residency for longevity or performance science so I ended up in what excited me the most, which was emergency medicine.  But that doesn't mean I ever give up my personal obsession with human performance which has recently morphed into this idea of healthspan and Longevity. Matt:  We still love emergency medicine, but our real obsession is longevity and performance optimization.  We constantly talk to our friends and family about it any time they ask and if we can help some strangers by you hitting record when they give you advice, then I'm all in.  I think as doctors we definitely have a responsibility to use your training and knowledge to help people whenever we can. Jody:  Sweet! So how are we going to do this?  I'm thinking I could ask you guys a question that I'm wondering cuz I'm sure other people wondering it also.  Like, should I take vitamin D? What's the best way to get super strong and super ripped? What the hell is a float tank and should I do it?  Can I live forever? What's the best diet? Does cryotherapy work? You know I've have got thousands of questions Matt:  Yeah, that's awesome.  All that stuff. I mean that's exactly the type of stuff we love talking about so I'm getting pumped just thinking about the crazy argument Mike and I are going to have about this stuff. Jody:  Yeah, about that.  I know you and Mike tend to go overboard sometimes and super deep into the studies and those kind of things, so we got to keep this applicable and simplify in the end. Matt:  No, I agree.  So what we need to do is make this be useful, not esoteric crap and just droning on about biochemical pathways.  At the end of each podcast episode we should do a 96% Pareto squared summary. Jody:  Perfect.  Exactly. That's what I was thinking.......except what is that?   Matt:  So Pareto's principle basically says that 80% of the benefit comes from 20% of the causes or inputs.  So for example, if we talk about how to get you caveman strong, then we'll talk about the two to three simple things you can do that the biggest bang for the buck.  The the 20% that gets 80% of the benefit. Then if we do that one more time and give the most important things in top 20% we get 80% of the remaining 20% Then we're squaring Pareto and giving you 96% of the benefit.  Then Mike and I can fight over the last four percent but who really cares? Maybe somebody, but we're going to try to break it down and get you benefit without having to dig for that last four percent. Pareto Square it. Mike:  We'll be publishing Matt's math here at the bottom of the podcast because I'm sure nobody actually followed that. Jody:  I'm going to trust you for now on the math.  Let's do this though Mike:  Jody that we're getting ready to have some fun too so I agree I'll answer your questions but I want to get to torture you a little bit on the back end so after each time we get to test on you you going to be our guinea pig will do a super scientific in of Jodi study where we test our conclusions and we test them on you so for example we test your testosterone and then you let us [0:07:56-0:08:15] you try some four methods that we give you to increase it and then we retest and see how you respond we got to do as many lab test as we want before and after we put you through the different diets the cry therapy protocols all that stuff have I ever back down from ridiculous challenge that can endanger my life that's why we love you and we got to find some sweet after music right now  

112 - DND5e: Doors 33 "Flirting with the Rock"

  • over 1 year ago

Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition Actual Play Tomb of Horrors baby! Biddy - Ru, Human Fey Pact Warlock/Druid and Phus, a velociraptor familiar Adam - Gimble Gallowglass, Gnome Lore Bard/Cleric Kate- Yaska Yosen, Human Wild Druid Paul - DM Sound effects by: Battlebards at https://battlebards.com/ http://www.freesfx.co.uk/ http://www.freesound.org/ https://incompetech.com/ Title music "Shards of Glass" Louis Barrabas and the Bedlam Six. misc background music by Battlebards and Tabetop Audio

Aliens (1986)

  • over 1 year ago

It's Tom verses newcomers Farrell and Cookie as we tackle Aliens. Let's just say that one of the contestants pulls out into an early lead, and then secures that s**t - not bad for a human. Well whoopy-f**king-do, I'm impressed. It's game over man for the others. Game over! Maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events, but they just got their asses kicked. They're in some real pretty s**t now, man. They're dog-meat, pal.

CRE177 Commodore 64

  • about 8 years ago

Der populäre Heimcomputer als universelles Lernobjekt für Hacker Der Commodore 64 ist der meistverkaufte Homecomputer der 1980er Jahre, der bei seiner Einführung mit für damalige Zeiten beindruckende Leistungsdaten bei einem vergleichsweise niedrigen Preis aufbieten konnte. Der C64 prägte damit eine ganze Generation von Computer-Früheinsteigern und hielt sich noch lange im Markt. Heute ist der C64 interessant, weil er gut dokumentiert ist und sich noch als ganzes System verstehen lässt. Michael Steil redet im Gespräch mit Tim Pritlove über den C64, seine technischen Details und lässt uns teilhaben an der Faszination, die so ein altes System auch heute noch entfachen kann. Themen: Computerindustrie und der Homecomputer-Markt Anfang der 1980er Jahre; über den Reiz, sich mit alter Technik zu befassen; MOS Technology; die Innereien des C64; Sound- und Grafikfähigkeiten des C64; die Geschwindigkeit des Systembus; Grafikmodi; Commodore und das Microsoft BASIC; Programmieren in Assembler; 3510 Transistoren; Instruktionen und Taktzyklen; Grafikprogrammierung; Zweierpotenzen; Floppy-Laufwerke; Mucke rausziehen; C64 Emulatoren; Demoszene; C64 Reimplementierungen mit FPGA. On Air Tim Pritlove Michael Steil Shownotes: Links: Michael Steil WP: Commodore 64 WP: Commodore Amiga WP: Atari ST WP: Commodore International WP: VC1541 Amstrad CPC WP: Sinclair Research WP: Zilog Z80 MOS Technology 6502 MOS Technology WP: Read-Only Memory (ROM) WP: KIM-1 Random-Access Memory (RAM) WP: Bootloader WP: Composite Video WP:S-Video Commodore 1702 Colour Monitor MOS Technology VIC-II MOS Technology SID VC20 MOS Technology VIC ADSR WP: The Great Giana Sisters Sinclair ZX Spectrum WP: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) WP: Sprite WP: Commodore Plus4 Commodore 16 WP: Texas Instruments TI-99/4A WP: Bank Switching WP: BASIC WP: Microsoft BASIC WP: Apple II WP: GEOS WP: Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) WP: Datasette WP: Baud WP: Dynamic Random Access Memory WP: Memory refresh MOS Technology 6522 (VIA) MOS Technology CIA 25C3: Jacob Appelbaum: Advanced memory forensics: The Cold Boot Attacks WP: Magic Disk 64 WP: Input 64 64’er WP: Assembler WP: Register WP: Easter Egg WP: PET 2001 WP: Terminator Visual Transistor-level Simulation of the 6502 CPU WP: Motorola 68000 WP: Motorola 6800 WP: Virtual Address eXtension WP: Seymour Cray WP: Doppelkreuz WP: X86-Prozessor WP: Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) WP: ARM-Architektur WP: Zeropage WP: Arithmetisch-logische Einheit WP: Tearing WP: POKE Commodore 128 WP: Hexadezimalsystem Super Mario WP: Rasterzeileninterrupt WP: Bewegungsparallaxe WP: Hardwareinterrupt WP: Interrupt WP: Austastlücke (VBLANK) WP: Wagenrücklauf WP: Avogadro-Konstante WP: Opcode WP: Data Becker 64 intern WP: Emulator Power64 Frodo The VICE Emulatorcc CCS64 – A Commodore 64 Emulator Hoxs64 Commodore 64 Emulator High Voltage SID Collection WP: Competition Pro WP: C64 DTV The Turbo Chameleon 64 25C3: Michael Steil: The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk 27C3: Michael Steil: Reverse Engineering the MOS 6502 CPU

CRE175 Hackerbrausen

  • about 8 years ago

Über die koffeinhaltige Ernährungskultur der Hackerszene Koffeinhaltige Getränke gehören zum Hacker wie das Keyboard. Die große Experimentierfreude der Szene führt aber dazu, dass man sich natürlich weit über den Coca-Cola-Standard hinausorientiert und auch andere Gesöffe probiert, konsumiert und zelebriert. Im Mittelpunkt des Gesprächs mit den Autoren des Hackerbrause-Blogs Jens Ohlig und Sebastian Vollnhals steht dabei natürlich die besonders im Umfeld des Chaos Computer Clubs schon fast mythisch verehrte Club-Mate, doch kommen auch viele andere Getränkeexperimente und Grundlagen zur Sprache. Themen: Mythos Hackerernährung; Soziale Funktion der Kaffeemaschine; Coca-Cola und das Kokain; Coca-Cola Light als Verhütungsmittel; Hamburg, Hauptstadt der Hackerbrausen; der Niedergang von Afri-Cola und die Interessengruppe Premium; Kola-Kommunismus; Koffein-Grenzwerte und die EU-Harmonosierung; Experimentelle Colasorten; Jolt Cola und die Hacker; die Entdeckung der Club-Mate; Club Forschung; die Matekrise; Mate; Bombilla; Club-Mate-Export in die Restwelt; Kochen und Backen mit Mate; Club-Molli; Brausehacking der Zukunft. On Air Tim Pritlove Tim Pritlove @ CRE175 Hackerbrausen Jens Ohlig Jens Ohlig @ CRE175 Hackerbrausen Sebastian \"yetzt\" Vollnhals Sebastian \"yetzt\" Vollnhals @ CRE175 Hackerbrausen (function() { var s = document.createElement('script'), t = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src = 'https://api.flattr.com/js/0.6/load.js?mode=auto'; t.parentNode.insertBefore(s, t); })(); Shownotes: Links: CTV055 Die Mate-Orgel Jens Ohlig @ Twitter CRE121 Internetmeme Sebastian Vollnhals @ Twitter Hackerbrause Hackerbrause @ Twitter Hackerbrause @ Flattr WP: Jargon File Chaos Communication Congress WP: Demoszene alt.drugs.caffeine Newsgroup FAQs WP: Afri-Cola WP: Bluna WP: Coca-Cola WP: Vin Mariani WP: Kokain WP: Kolanuss WP: Rotholz WP: Cocastrauch WP: Ätherische Öle WP: Gewürzvanille Zitronenöl WP: Limette Open Cola WP: Mecca-Cola WP: Cola Turka WP: Cuba Libre Hackerbrause: Schlucki Cola fritz-cola Mojo Cola Hackerbrause: Mojo Cola Premium Cola Interessengruppe Premium Hackerbrause: Wie es zur Premium kam 1337Mate Hackerbrause: 1337Mate WP: Club Cola WP: Vita Cola WP: Red Bull WP: Guaraná WP: Taurin WP: Adenosin WP: Maissirup WP: Pessach (Passah) WP: Placebo WP: Jolt Cola WP: Club-Mate Entropia: Tschunk WP: Chaos Computer Club WP: c-base Hackschiff ICMP WP: Mem WP: Gerbstoffe WP: Mate WP: Bombilla WP: Gaucho Sol Mate WP: Make Magazine Make: How-To: Homebrew Club-Mate Hackerbrause: Zick Zack Mate Aktivbrause WP: Eric Corley WP: 2600 magazine WP: Nutrition facts label Oslo Hacker Space Hack Bergen Spiegel Online: Kokainspuren – Vier Länder verbieten Red Bull Cola Der Tagesspiegel: Drogen im Parlament?: Kokainspuren beschäftigen Bundestag WP: Cola Rebell Hackerbrause: Cola Rebell Hackerbrause: Skull Schwarztee-Guarana Bacchus D. Hackerbrause: >박카스D (Bacchus D.) Hackerbrause: Flora Power taz: Die Club-Mate-Nicht-Abmahnung: Keiner will’s gewesen sein WP: Streisand-Effekt Entropia Wiki: Leckeres mit Mate Entropia: Glühmate Entropia: Maffee Entropia: Fnord-Korea Entropia: Turbo-Mate Entropia: Tschunk Entropia: Mangria Entropia: Mackelpudding Entropia: ToMaten und Mozarella Entropia: Mate’n’Milk WP: Wostok Wostok WP: Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis CRE143 Biohacking CER088 Hackerbrausen