14 Doses of Canadian Awesomeness

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Creation Date July 1st, 2020
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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There has been a lot of great Canadian content on the Big Idea Big Moves Podcast. Here are just a few of the best!.
  1. Victoria Bach is being touted as the next big superstar sniper in international hockey.  She has already played in the 4 Nations Cup, won Gold with the Under-18s and was named to the Team Canada roster for the recently cancelled 2020 World Championships.  She was awarded the CWHL Rookie of the Year award, trailing only legend Marie Philip Poulan in the league goals race that year.  In that rookie season she led a talented Markham Thunder team in both goals and points. Before that, she was a stand-out in NCAA tier one play with Boston University.  She holds many of the team's records including all-time points leader.  She now has her eyes set on the Olympics and talked to us about her path to success.  She details how she gets past challenges and barriers.  She lets us in on how she has taken critical words about her perceived lack of size and strength and turned them into determination and resilience.   She is already a strong advocate for her sport and takes pride in her job as a role model and example.   www.bigideabigmoves.com  JazzHR - awarded the most UserFriendly ATS    https://www.jazzhr.com/?utm_source=partner-epitomehr.  www.epitomehr.com
  2. Nina Purewal faced an unexpected childhood tragedy which inspired her mindfulness and meditation journey twenty years ago. After climbing the corporate ladder for nearly a decade, she took a year sabbatical and moved to California to completely unplug and continue her pursuit for happiness.  Since then she has dedicated her work to helping others in that pursuit.  She founded Pure Minds, a company that conducts mindfulness and meditation workshops for the public and corporate sector. She also co-wrote the massive hit book "Let That Sh*t Go" In this episode, host Jamie Allison asks Nina to talk about her own path from personal tragedy, corporate success and personal transformation.  She shares tactics and tool you can use to put your life in perspective, take each day one step at a time and steal moments of calm amid the chaos..
  3. Jamie chats with Jake Gold about how he discovers and develops talent,  Jake's distaste for the word "branding" and how he found, signed and managed rock icons The Tragically Hip.  The discussion also contrasts that with evaluating talent as a team when he was a judge on Canadian Idol with contestants like Carly Rae Jepsen and Jacob Hoggard of Hedley.   Whether you are in the music industry, general business or looking for top talent in your industry you will take something away from this conversation with an entertainment legend.  Jake Gold is one of Canada’s most successful artist managers, and for its 6 season run, a judge on the television hit Canadian Idol. In 1981, Gold started his artist management company, The Management Trust, through which he is best known for his role in establishing and transforming The Tragically Hip into a national icon.  Gold has three times been recognized by the annual Canadian Music Industry Awards as Manager of the Year and was the 2013 MMF Honour Roll Award recipient for his lifetime work in the field of Artist Management.  www.bigideabigmoves.com
  4. In this episode, Jamie talks with Jana Webb about how she quickly changed her business model during the COVID-19 quarantine, how she broke down barriers and stereotypes in pro sports and yoga and how being on a reality show impacted her. Always an athlete, Jana Webb is the founder and CEO of Joga, a unique blend of yoga and sport that has revolutionized how people, including elite athletes, strengthen their mind and bodies. Joga was fuelled by Jana’s personal journey of rehabilitation after a car crash left her severely injured. Before this chapter of her life, Jana was a successful television host and advertising executive, but after a severe car accident required her to undergo serious rehabilitation — a yogi was born. Since then, Jana has worked with elite athletes from across North America — including Olympians and players from the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, and CFL — helping them to enhance their performance and excel at their sport. Joga has grown to having more than 350 Joga coaches around the globe. Jana was a cast member on The Real Housewives of Toronto reality series and has been featured in high-profile media outlets including The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Inside Fitness, CBC, CityLine, and Breakfast Television, and has spoken for TedTalks, Optimyz, CanFit Pro, and Veg Expo. Please consider leaving a rating and review on your favorite  podcast platform. Tell Jana and Jamie what you think about this  episode.   www.bigideabigmoves.com   Need Help Getting Back to Work? Visit:  https://mailchi.mp/f53826f39bca/careercoaching  JazzHR - awarded the most UserFriendly ATS  https://www.jazzhr.com/?utm_source=partner-epitomehr.
  5. "I think there has been a backwards motion, if anything, around how much women get a seat at the table"  Former VP of Media, Twitter North America,  founding head of Twitter Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, TribalScale and now Media Committee Head at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Kirstine Stewart shares her views on the impact of the #metoo movement and how men can support #genderparity and #diversity in the workplace.  Stewart is regarded as one of the most influential leaders in technology and consistently is mentioned on Most Influential Lists around the world. She is the bestselling author of "Our Turn: Time for a New Kind of Leader" 
  6. Host Jamie Allison talks with Jill Bunny about her mission to improve  mental health and fitness worldwide. Jill is an advocate for total body health with her extensive background in Functional Nutrition, Psychology  and Body Composition Training.  Jill's road to understanding health and fitness on a deeper level began  with her own health crisis. At the age of 30, she went from being the  highest ranked IFBB Competitor (with two Arnold & Olympian Titles)  in the world and internationally renowned cover model to an MS and Cancer fighter.  Her journey through MS and Cancer, has taught her that we are all unique  when it comes to our health and fitness. What makes one body sing,  might make another sick.   Jill believes in looking at the whole person;  including feelings, thoughts and behaviours for optimal health and  happiness. For the video version check out the YouTube Channel version at  https://youtu.be/H9hPoPmF12g JazzHR - awarded the most UserFriendly ATS    https://www.jazzhr.com/?utm_source=partner-epitomehr.
  7. Jamie Allison chats with Kris McCarthy about the rollercoaster life of a start-up entrepreneur, entering and winning pitchfests, customer segment pivots, building an advisory board and disrupting a traditional and relatively change-averse market. Kris is a Co-Founder and COO of FanSaves, a sponsorship and marketing app. After a career in professional hockey was derailed, Kris turned to sports management as a new career.  In that field he saw an opening for a new business and has moved quickly to change how sponsorships in general show ROI.. 
  8. Saijal Patel is the Founder and CEO of Saij Elle, a financial consulting and education platform with a mission to help client create financial independence and security.  She also works with companies to build effective financial wellness and inclusion programs for their employees. Saijal is a CFA with over 20 years experience in the financial industry in both North America and Asia.  She is a former business anchor and correspondent for Business News Network and CNBC Asia.  She has been named one of the most influential South Asian Women Executives in the Media and Entertainment industry.  She also led Manulife's public relations activities and brand build across Asia. In this episode she speaks with host Jamie Allison about taking stock of your financial wellness, behaviours that impact our finances and how organizations can address financial stress in the workplace.   Please consider leaving a rating and review on your favorite podcast platform. Tell Saijal and Jamie what you think about this episode.   www.bigideabigmoves.com     Need Help Getting Back to Work? Visit:    https://mailchi.mp/f53826f39bca/careercoaching    JazzHR - awarded the most UserFriendly ATS    https://www.jazzhr.com/?utm_source=partner-epitomehr. LinkedIn @Saij Elle/Saij Wealth Consulting,  Instagram Facebook @saijelle Saij Elle's Corporate Wellness Program: https://saijelle.com/workplace-financial-wellness/ Women can sign up and get 40% off as an introductory offer for her online finance for women program. https://saijelle.com/master-your-money/
  9. Natalie Spooner is a member of the Team Canada National Hockey team and is the first player to compete for the National Women’s Team, the National Women’s Under-22 Team and the National Women’s Under-18 Team. She competed in her first Olympic Games at Sochi 2014 where she scored the first two goals in Canada’s 3-1 semifinal victory over Switzerland en route to the gold medal. She was also a member of Canada’s silver medal-winning squad at PyeongChang 2018. In addition to her hockey pursuits, she has been a contestant on both Amazing Race Canada and Battle of the Blades.  She is a strong advocate for women's hockey and girls in sport. Jamie and Natalie talk about tenacity, resiliency, her Big Blue Quarantine Couch and women in sport.  Listen to her insights into building a strong team based on diversity of personality, strengths and thought.  Hear what it is like to intensely train for the Olympics and also how Natalie finds joy in teaching and inspiring young girls.    www.bigideabigmoves.com JazzHR - awarded the most UserFriendly ATS    https://www.jazzhr.com/?utm_source=partner-epitomehr. www.epitomehr.com
  10. Shawn Matthias played 10 years as a professional hockey player in the National Hockey League.  Less than two seasons removed from leaving the sport that consumed most of his life he has reinvented himself and begun building a new career and life on his terms.   On this episode Jamie talks with former NHLer Shawn Matthias about how reflection, planning and developing his own personal brand helped ease his transition from professional sport to the business world.  His candid talk about struggles, challenges and personal development on this episode are not to be missed!  If you are looking at a big change in your own life, be sure to check this one out.
  11. Melissa Boufounos is an elite obstacle course athlete, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and has been on the OptiMYz Magazine Top 100 Health and Fitness Influencers for the past three years. She helps other OCR athletes from around the world achieve personal bests. Melissa is able to share knowledge and personal experience with her clients and works with them to find real solutions to the roadblocks that are hindering their performance. She empowers them to build the essential skills needed to sustain a lean and strong body, athletic performance and good health for life. She has competed in over 30 races, including the 2016 OCR World Championships.. She played hockey for 17 years, but hung up her skates in 2015 due to Post Concussion Syndrome. She had been drafted into the CWHL. Please consider leaving a rating and review on your favorite podcast platform. Tell Melissa and Jamie what you think about this episode.     www.bigideabigmoves.com  Need Help Getting Back to Work? Visit: https://mailchi.mp/f53826f39bca/careercoaching JazzHR - awarded the most UserFriendly ATS
  12. Samantha Blandford is the Director of Strategy and Growth for Abacus, a Social Content and Advertising Agency. Prior to that, she was Head of Business Development for Canada at a Global Media Company.  She has a strong focus on digital and social advertising and shares that depth of experience in this DamnSmartSnippet.  Enjoy and take ACTION. Here is the free planning template link: https://mailchi.mp/b06303221385/bigideabigmovescom Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on your favourite platform, leave a review and sign up for the newsletter at www.bigideabigmoves.com  Live Better.  Work Better! www.epitomehr.com for your talent acquisition and HR transformation needs
  13. Phil Buckley is a change management superstar.  He has over 25 years experience enabling leaders and their teams through transformations across global businesses in Canada, the U.S and the U.K.  Phil co-lead the global change management for the $19.6B Kraft Foods acquisition of Cadbury which involved a team of 40 change leaders across 60 countries.  He is the author of Change with Confidence and his work has been featured in Forbes, Business Week and the Globe and Mail.  He is also an engaging public speaker, facilitator and consultant. In this episode Jamie Allison talks with Phil about navigating change in a time of crisis, tactics leaders can do to build trust and help employees through change, and making tough decisions through the lens of values and principles. www.bigideabigmoves.com www.epitomehr.com JazzHR - awarded the most UserFriendly ATS    https://www.jazzhr.com/?utm_source=partner-epitomehr. 
  14. Michaela Alexis has quickly become an influential  personal brand expert and sought after speaker.  Back in 2016 she wrote an article about landing her dream job and it went viral on LinkedIn.  Since then, she has authored dozens of articles receiving millions of reads on CNBC, Buzzfeed, Success.com, Inc. and more.  Michaela has managed the online presence of more than 100 businesses worldwide, has partnered and starred in brand campaigns with Crowne Plaza and K-Swiss, built her own online community to over 160,000 followers on LinkedIn, starred in an Amazon Prime reality show called "The Social Movement" and co-wrote a book.  She is an official LinkedIn Learning Instructor and regularly consults with clients on building their own brand.  In this episode, host Jamie Allison chats with Michaela about her own unique path to success.  They delve into the "double-edged sword" of authenticity and vulnerability in social media and how she approached major career changes in her own life. Please consider leaving a rating and review on your favorite podcast platform.  Tell Michaela and Jamie what you think about this episode.  www.bigideabigmoves.com www.epitomehr.com JazzHR - awarded the most UserFriendly ATS    https://www.jazzhr.com/?utm_source=partner-epitomehr. 

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