6 Best Legend of Zelda Podcasts

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Creation Date July 25th, 2019
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This is a list of the top podcasts about Nintendo's action-adventure video game franchise "The Legend of Zelda". These podcasts break down everything Zelda, from games and books to the folklore of the Zelda universe. You'll also find discussion around Zelda news and upcoming installments of the series.
Tandem Legends: a Legend of Zelda Podcast
The Hyrule Historia presents hosts Shannon and Joe a roadmap to play the Legend of Zelda games in a whole new way. Join in as they play, discuss, and theorize their way through the Zelda series in timeline order. New episodes of Tandem Legends: a Legend of Zelda Podcast released every other week. More or less.
Another Zelda Podcast
It’s a secret to everybody. | A podcast wherein David Geisler and Kate May talk about all things that have to do with The Legend of Zelda.
Chat of the Wild
A Video-Game-Book-Club Podcast that follows the Legend of Zelda series as well as "Zelda likes"
The Champions' Cast - Zelda Dungeon Podcast
Join Zelda Dungeon's weekly Zelda podcast show, The Champions' Cast!
Zelda Informer Podcast
The home for Zelda Informer's weekly podcast.
Breath of The Wylin': A Zelda Podcast
Welcome, adventurers, to Breath of the Wylin', a Zelda podcast mini-series dedicated to sharing stories from our journey through Nintendo's latest adventure, Zelda: Breath of the Wild!