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 August 17th, 2018
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E7 – The Idea To Podcast

  • almost 2 years ago

You want to podcast, great! But what will you talk about? What is your Idea To Podcast? The post E7 – The Idea To Podcast appeared first on ApexThis.

E8 – The Format

  • almost 2 years ago

We talk about podcast formats and help you to define yours. The post E8 – The Format appeared first on ApexThis.

E10 – Music

  • almost 2 years ago

In This Episode I talk about how music is used to set the mood of your show as well as where and how to get music for your podcast. Links Creative Commons Creative Commons – Podcasting Legal Guide Creative Commons – Legal Music for Videos Creative Commons – Licenses Music Directories Free Music Archive Instant Music Now Neo Sounds (pay) Free Play Music Archive.org Featured Artist Nina d.o.t. Ross Episode Credits This episode is hosted, edited, scored and written by Mark W. Additional songs, “Character” and “Whats Her Face”, provided by local Kansas City songwriter, singer, & rapper Nina d.o.t. Ross. Transcript Intro Welcome to ApexThis.Podcast. A chronicle of my journey to start a publishing side business. This will be a behind the scenes look at what I’m doing to make that happen. I’ll share tips and best practices that I learn along the way. Tips that you can use to start your very own podcast and share your voice with the world. Coming up… Music. Many want to know how and where to get it. If they need it? And what style of music should they choose for their podcast? The answer to such inquiries is with another…what mood are you trying to set? Or what story are you trying to tell? Mood Music can play as little or as major of a role in your show as you want. I gave a speech on creating a podcast last year, one of the questions that was asked was ‘what type of music should my podcast have?’ My answer? Anything you want, so long as it sets the proper mood and tone you want for your show. Ask yourself, are you a high energy group that riffs quickly off one other? Then you may want something with a faster tempo that brings that energy and mood to the music, something to match the tone of your hosts.