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Creation Date January 18th, 2019
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Yes But Why ep 167 Top Disney author Chris Lucas has been keeping audiences engaged and laughing for over 30 years!
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Yes But Why Podcast
This week’s Yes But Why episode features actor, author, and Disney enthusiast, Chris Lucas. Chris is a lifelong fan of all things Disney. His admiration for Walt led Chris to create a one person show about Disney called “Of Mouse and Man,” and to write the book, “Top Disney: 100 Top Ten Lists of the Best of Disney, from the Man to the Mouse and Beyond.” Chris has also written two other books, “Seeing Home: The Ed Lucas Story”, the critically acclaimed book about his father, and “The Guide to Writing Letters to Celebrities: The secrets to getting in touch with your favorite stars.” Also a professional actor for over thirty years, Chris has been seen on the big screen and in television shows in supporting, recurring and featured roles. In this episode, Chris talks to Amy about learning comedy rhythm from cartoons. Chris shares the story of his first acting gig in 9th grade – on Broadway! Chris shares how a sketch writing gig at Gotham City Improv landed him an associate writer job on Saturday Night Live (yes, that is him with Adam Sandler in 1993 and then again in 2018). Chris talks about vaudeville, writing advice, and opening for Lisa Lampanelli. Tune in! This guy has had a lot of adventures! Support Chris Lucas by buying one of his books! And checking out the Top Disney blog where he updates his Disney obsession! Yes But Why Podcast is a proud member of the HC Universal Network family of podcasts. Download the FREE HC Universal Network app for Android and iDevices or visit us at and join the fun. This episode of Yes But Why podcast is sponsored by audible - get your FREE audiobook download and your 30 day free trial at
Episode 2.5 - Pre-Mortem Discussion: Banned Books
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Trueish Crime
To lead us into episode 3, where we are talking about Stephen King's banned book Rage, we go into details on three other books that have inspired crime. We talk about the Rushdie Riots brought on by the 1988 release of Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses, the book that inspired the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski and The Anarchist Cookbook.  Thanks for listening. Please subscribe, rate and review us wherever you are listening. It really helps us out!
86 - Little Miss Sunshine
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The Contrarians
The second stop in The Contrarians Summer Road Trip is a movie that celebrates quite possibly the worst parenting in the world. Listen to Alex and Julio as they try to figure out what’s more harmful to Abigail Breslin in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE: a creepy Child Beauty Pageant or her toxic family! Is it okay for Greg Kinnear to be absolved from his sins just for doing a silly dance at the end? Does anyone buy that Miss California actually eats ice cream? And why is Toni Collette still together with her monster of a husband? PHOTO: Superfreakeeeeh. TIMELINE:00:00:00 - 00:48:01 Contrarians Corner (#CC)00:48:02 - 00:49:25    Parental fat-shaming00:49:26 - 01:23:39       Real Talk01:23:40 - 01:24:26 The Future01:24:27 - 01:35:44 Plugs and bye-byesPLUGS!- Alex loved the new CHILD’S PLAY.- Julio waited too long to plus LIFE IN PIECES and now it’s been cancelled. Watch it anyway!- Hans Rothgiesser, the man behind our logo, can be reached at @mildemonios on Twitter or you can email him at in case you ever need a logo (or comics) produced. And you can listen to him talk about Peruvian politics on his own podcast, NACION COMBI. Aaaaand you can also check out all the stuff he’s written on his own website. Don’t know Spanish? He also did a podcast in English called LIVING IN PERU, about immigrants in - where else - Perú.Up next, the third stop in The Contrarians Summer Road Trip: CROSSROADS, a Britney Spears vehicle. Until then, let us know how you feel about LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE! Were you inspired by Kinnear’s Nine Steps? Are we wrong about Child Beauty Pageants? Are you a winner? E-mail us at or tweet at us or facebook us and share your thoughts!
Simple Employee Retention Strategies Nobody's Talking About
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Employee Turnover has become an epidemic.Every single year, Retention rates drop and Turnover seems to find a way to set a new record high.Companies finally seem to be taking notice, too, and implementing so-called "Employee Retention measures" to reduce the costs and pain associated with high turnover. But are these tactics really effective? One could easily argue that, by the time these companies admit they have a retention problem and finally take action to address the issue, much of the damage has already been done.In this episode, we'll go over a handful of strategies that, when implemented, are pretty much guaranteed to improve Employee Retention and reduce Turnover. These are NOT, however, the kind of half-measures most companies implement, which is why nobody is talking about them.
Ori and the Blind Forest & Owlboy - Episode 174
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Team Chat Podcast: A Video Game Podcast
In the third entry of our series on platformers, Jerrett shares the emotional journey of Ori and the Blind Forest while Mogan takes to the skies in the high-flying adventure of Owlboy. 0:00 - Introduction 2:47 - Moment with Mogan 12:16 - Ori and the Blind Forest 37:06 - Owlboy 1:04:22 - Soundtrack Spotlight LINKS: - Subscribe to watch new episodes every Tuesday: - Subscribe on podcast services: - Join our Discord - Support the show and get perks! - Like TCP on Facebook - Follow TCP on Twitter - Follow Jerrett - Follow MoganSupport Team Chat Podcast: A Video Game Podcast
Episode 19 - Nessie’s Girl
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When the circumstances of previous events force the Zoo staff onto the wrong boat in the middle of Loch Ness, they come head to head with a mysterious new group in a yellow submarine.  Zoo is created by C.J. Housh, Coni Kitts, and Codi Phillips.  This episode is written by Coni Kitts The voice of McKayla Kespar is Coni Kitts The voices of the Mothman and Amos provided by C.J. Housh The voice of Alexander Beckett is Nathan Gandy The voice of Barnes is Chris Meier The voice of Titanium Violet is Lucille Valentine  The voice of Phineas Seagate is Robert Chauncey  The voice of Normandy is Fox Cooper  Opening narration by Jack Pevyhouse of Forest Guide. Follow him @aSpecificJack or @ForestGuideAD Directed by Codi Phillips.  Sound Design by C.J. Housh Original Music by Nathan Gandy  The Aquarium track in this episode is The Crypt of Boone Helm Remastered by TechnoAxe  Follow us on twitter @zoopodcast.
19: Organic Agriculture, Part 4
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One to Grow On
In the final episode of our organics series, Hallie and Chris discuss both large and small scale economic impacts of organic agriculture, how organics impact consumers, and how much paperwork is too much paperwork. We learn how international trade is impacted by organics, and what this means for the choices you make at the grocery store. Connect with us! with About usOne to Grow On is an agriculture podcast that digs into the questions you have about agriculture and tries to understand the impacts of food production. One to Grow On is hosted by Hallie Casey and Chris Casey, and is produced by Catherine Arjet and Hallie Casey. Music is “Something Elated” by Broke For Free licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. The post 19: Organic Agriculture, Part 4 appeared first on One to Grow On.
#080 Expectant: Jimmy & Staci
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Stories from The Austin Stone
“This process has helped me realize that any human being that I see is a straight-up miracle from God.” Jimmy and Staci were parents to a healthy toddler when they got pregnant with their second child. The arduous process of growing their family taught them that above all, their children belong to God and that no matter what, He is good and worthy of their praise.
Episode 50 - Steel Magnolias
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Pop Culture Confessions: A Show About Movies We Missed
Ladies and ladies, start your weep engines. It's time for our first TRIPLE confession, which just so happens to be approaching the 30th anniversary of Steel Magnolias!
36: Fast & Furious 6
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Shame Watch
The gang is back and they are AMPED about Wild Speed. They take Fast & Furious 6 for a spin and discuss Wonder Woman, crystals, The Rock's baby oil and MORE! Rate, review, and subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts! Also visit us on Youtube and donate to our Patreon! Also, show some love to our sponsor: Wild Speed Summer is brought to you by Moviehouse and Eatery.