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Yes But Why ep 183 Michael Monsour wants you to have a good life.
Yes But Why Podcast
This week, Yes But Why Podcast talks to comedian and actor, Michael Monsour!Michael Monsour is a hardworking and passionate comedian who currently produces the standup show, “A Comedy Show LA.” Before he moved to Los Angeles to act in movies and TV, I knew him from the standup circuit in Austin. Michael used to perform and produce shows at my theater five or so years ago. As you can hear, he is a kind soul, and so we kept in touch! In this conversation, we talk about show promotion magic, insecurities and the gig economy. Michael shares stories about his experience on Richard Linklater’s “Everybody Wants Some.” We talk about the celebrity impressions we both did for our parents when we were kids. We discuss the importance of making connections and maintaining a good attitude. There is also a #Nebraska tangent that happens suddenly and just as quickly fades away! We had fun. Enjoy!Support Michael Monsour by attending his monthly standup show, “A Comedy Show LA”! You can also see Michael play a fun and wild character in HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones! Yes But Why Podcast is a proud member of the HC Universal Network family of podcasts. Download the FREE HC Universal Network app for Android and iDevices or visit us at and join the fun.This episode of Yes But Why podcast is sponsored by audible - get your FREE audiobook download and your 30 day free trial at
Hyperfocus & Scatterfocus
The Productivity Lab
Everything comes to a head for a final look at the book Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey. In this episode, Kyle & Mark put the book to the test by executing the methods put forth by Chris Bailey and seeing how it impacts their day-to-day. Find out how things went and what they learned in this episode! Resources and Fun Stuff: Hyperfocus BookHyperfocus Book ReviewBy the Book PodcastAustin PodcastersChilled Cow YouTube130 Mood YouTubeAstral Throb YouTubeFreedom.toAtomic Habits More from The Productivity Lab TheProductivityLab.showFollow us on Twitter @ProductiveLabCheck us out on Instagram @ProductiveLab More From Mark & Kyle Mark’s personal website: askmark.ioMark’s Instagram & TwitterKyle’s personal website: quadrantnine.netKyle’s Instagram & Twitter Credits Logo & BrandingDesign for The Productivity Lab is provided by Adam Dodson DesignsMusic“Getting it Done” by Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Winter Blues & Feeling SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
F*CK Anxiety & Get Sh*t Done
Listen to learn why we have winter bllues and what you can do about it. Winter is a huge opportunity for growth, if you want to find out more set up a time to talk with me here -
NaPodPoMo #4 -- Space travel rehash and listeners Q&A
Friends With Deficits
It's National Podcast Post Month! The is episode 4 of 30 for the month of November. Your host discusses his last transmission from outer space and well as answers questions from listeners of the podcast.     
Episode 6 - Greg Bontempo
Trail to Austin
Meet Greg Bontempo and find out about his deli and live music venue. Check out more info on the NeWorlDeli and full music schedule at .
Why Most Meetings Suck
In this episode, we're going to talk a little bit about meetings. Meetings are one of those things that, just by their nature, people think that they're inherently bad... and that if you have too many meetings it means that meetings are useless, and if you could have ZERO meetings then everything would be great. I'm here to tell you that, when it comes down to it, a belief like that is naive and idiotic. If you follow along in this episode, I'll go into the aspects of meetings -- in the execution, the intent, the desired outcomes -- where the REAL problems are that lead to meetings that you find to be boring, ineffective, and useless.
Killer Fish (1979)
Customers Also Watched
Erica is joined again by Emily and Neil as they discuss Antonio Margheriti's Killer Fish. Get a full breakdown of the film, recommendations, and fun facts about piranhas. Follow on Twitter @CAWPodcast, Facebook or Instagram under Customers Also Watched, or Letterboxd under AlsoWatched
IDK, That's Perfect Episode 13 Feat, Isis Payne?!
IDK, That's Perfect?!
As we get close to the end of the season, listen up to our 13th episode before we take some time off for scorpio szn! This episode we have the very versatile local music scene lover, Isis Payne! Tune in as we introduce Isis Payne (8:28), bring back the water topic (10:24), talk new music (24:20), question Kanye's greatness [mario] (26:47), fan girl over drake (36:05) and talk about much more!! Remember, take care of yourself, your close ones, strangers and DRINK WATER!!INTRO SONG:Isis production - Isis PayneOUTRO SONG:Dungeon Feat. The Teeta - TEDDYTHELEGACYTwitter:@IDKTHATSPERFECT@ISISPAYNE_Instagram:@ISISPAYNE_@IDKTHATSPERFECT@LUNATICKX13@_SOLEMARKS@FLAKONIMALEnjoy this episode while we enjoy our short break! We're close to the end of season 2 but we still have more to come! Stay tuned, SHARE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT!!
Q&A with a Chemical Engineer
The K12 Engineering Education Podcast
What does a chemical engineer do? What makes a good one? What should young people know about the field? Chemical engineer Will Mullen helps us answer these questions and more. Will is a Process Engineer and Engineering Manager at a manufacturing plant for specialty chemicals in North Carolina. Before that he managed facilities and worked in chemical plants in Texas and Georgia, and he has been involved in youth leadership for many years. Related to this episode: • NC State Chemical Engineering: • Skype a Scientist: • NC State Engineering Ambassadors: • Engineering Grand Challenges from National Academy of Engineers: • Cradle-to-Grave Assessment (Life Cycle Assessment): • Solar sails: • Educators, you can contact Will about chemical engineering: • South by Southwest EDU: Subscribe and find more podcast information at: Support Pios Labs with regular donations on Patreon:, or send one-time contributions by buying us coffee: Thanks to our donors and listeners for making the show possible. The K12 Engineering Education Podcast is a production of Pios Labs:
Corrections and Discussion V
History in a Hurry
It's History in a Hurry's 50th episode! Join Jack and Lauren as we correct & discuss the past ten episodes. We also review movies based on some of the topics we've talked about, including Waterloo and Operation Finale.
Ep. 19: Matthew Bede Murphy & the artists of LAND Gallery
Beyond + Back Podcast
LAND Studio & Gallery is a unique nonprofit day habilitation program that teaches life skills through the modality of art. Located in Brooklyn, NY, LAND was founded in 2005 and serves 16 adult artists with developmental disabilities. I spoke with six of the artists at LAND before visiting the co-founder Matthew Bede Murphy at his home in Brooklyn. This is an episode for close listening.  In my conversation with Matthew, we discuss how art can have a role in our discovery of Self. He shares his struggles in understanding his own identity as a young gay man, and how art therapy helped him to know his whole self. Trigger warning, there is a very brief mention of suicidal thoughts, but the bulk of our discussion explores the healing potential of having a creative practice and a safe space to express yourself. I’m so grateful for Matthew’s candor and inspired by his empathy, and I was truly honored to visit with these six artists at LAND: Rudy Bansraj, Michael Pellew, Kenya Hanley, Stephon Bryce, Robert Lachman and Myasia Dowdell. I’m so grateful for Matthew’s openness in sharing his metamorphosis as a natural art child who had a long journey to meet his destiny as a free thinker.  I’m inspired by how he survived his own traumatic struggles with identity, to continue on to create a safe space for sixteen artists to be exactly who they are.
Episode 76: The List (Revised)
Women In Caskets
In 2015, Jen and Dawn sat down to list out their choices for the 10 most feminist-friendly films for new horror fans to watch. It was a good list. A fine list. A fine and goodly list. It is now an outdated list. Join the Women In Caskets as they look back and realize mistakes were made and update their list to reflect many of the amazing films that have come out in the last four years, and pay homage to the ones that came before. NOTE: Due to a scheduling glitch, this podcast and the next regular podcast are being played out of order so there are references to a "previous episode" that hasn't been released yet. That podcast will be released in the next month. Now for some links to the episodes we've done on the films: The Original List - Episode 13 Alien - The Rants Macabre Nov. 9th, 2015 Teeth - Episode 22 The Babadook - Episode 5 The Final Girls - Episode 32 The Love Witch - Episode 45 (with Director Anna Biller) Raw - Episode 55 Revenge - Episode 74 And last, but not least, a shout-out to this years' honorable mentions. Not everyone can make the team, but they played on heck of a game: You're Next, The Craft, Gerald's Game, The Ranger, The Shape of Water, American Mary and Prevenge. Wanna wear us? We now have shirts available on ColorWorldBooks. You can find then HERE! Thanks always to The Shape for the intro and outro music. Now also featuring intro backing via OCRemix. The Women In Caskets are part of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network. You can find our podcasts on their website, or on the app! We are also available in iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and all your favorite podcatchers. Click on the links, or get our RSS feed on LibSyn! Please rate and review us, we love to hear from you all.
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35: American Judaism with Jonathan Sarna
Jewish History Matters
We’re pleased to welcome Jonathan Sarna to the podcast to discuss American Judaism: A History, which recently was published in a second, revised edition. Listen in for a wide ranging conversation about American Jewish history in big terms, about Jonathan’s work at large and the book American Judaism in particular. As we discuss in the episode, American Judaism is one of a series of books which have been published in recent years that has tried to synthesize American Jewish history, so we will look closely at how the landscape of American Jewish historical studies has developed, how we tell the history of America’s Jews, and why it matters. Jonathan Sarna is University Professor and the Joseph H. and Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History at Brandeis University’s Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, and he also serves as the Director of the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies there.He is one of the leading scholars of American Jewish history and we are very excited to share this conversation with him. Purchase American Judaism: A History (second edition) on AmazonOther books of Jonathan’s we discuss or mention in the episode include:Lincoln and the Jews: A History (2015)When General Grant Expelled the Jews (2016)Jacksonian Jew: The Two Worlds of Mordecai Noah (1981)Also see the 2003 essay, which we discuss, “Jews in the New Millennium“ Support Jewish History Matters
Episode 136 - Forgive the Intrusion
Featuring my friend DanWe talk forgivenessWhat to do with Kaep and ABBlackfaceand play a few rounds of Guess the Ethnicity. Great conversation!
South Kongress #87 - Bang! Bang! Bang!
South Kongress Podcast
This week, the guys talk about the passing of John Witherspoon, The Nationals winning the world series, 'Watchmen' as a revelation, Beto O'Rourke's big decision, No Nut November, WWE's Saudi issues, Deadspin's mass exodus, Trent Williams surviving the R___skins, and more!
The Rage Select Podcast: Episode 323 with John and Jeff!
Rage Select's Podcast
The Rage Select Podcast is herding ALL THE NERFS this week as John and Jeff go Star Wars crazy talking about Galaxy's Edge, The Mandalorian, and YOUR QUESTIONS!!! MP3 here - RSS feed here - iTunes here - Email address for your questions: FOLLOW Matt on Twitter! - FOLLOW Brian Salisbury on Twitter! - FOLLOW John on Twitter - FOLLOW Grant on Twitter - FOLLOW Jeff on Twitter - LIKE Rage Select on Facebook - Listen to our podcast and if you enjoy it, SUBSCRIBE! Check out the full website at
The Letter from The Axeman of New Orleans - 100th Anniversary
Trueish Crime
On this bonus episode recorded exactly 100 years to the day after the Axeman's last murder, we are talking about the letter supposedly written by The Axeman of New Orleans who claimed he would spare the lives of those who played Jazz music. We talk about the theories surrounding the letter and if the murderer was the actual writer? Thanks for listening. Please subscribe, rate and review us wherever you are listening. It really helps us out. Sources are credited and available on main episode page.  
Episode 18: Toxicity
Listen while Kristin coughs and sniffles and tells you all about Gloria Ramirez and how one California county attempted to possibly turn her into a monster to cover their own butts. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
The Shining (1997 Miniseries): The Stephen King Retrospective (Podcast Review)
Castle of Horror Podcast
This week we return to the world of Stephen King with the 1997 miniseries written by King based on his own novel, The Shining directed by Mick Garris and starring Steven Weber and Rebcca De Mornay.
Stop the Self-Sabotage In ONE DAY! with Kelly Resendez
LIKE A BOSS with Heather Havenwood Chief Sexy Boss™ Insights with Influencers: Rise To The Top
Hi Boss! Have you ever felt days where everything you did - if felt like you were self-sabotaging?   In this very fun interview, I got a chance to do an exercise with Kelly Resendez, how she overcame her own self-sabotage.  >As a single mom of two kids and a successful businesswoman, she shares how challenging it can be to not spiral into self-sabotage.  Join us as we dive into helping you overcome self-sabotage and find more joy in your life! Be You! Be REAL! Be the BOSS of your LIFE! Like A Boss! Insights With Influencers! Helping You Rise To the Top! Heather Havenwood Follow Heather on Instagram for all of her stories: @HeatherHavenwood
Sandy Armstad - 34 Years in the Classroom
In this episode, Sandy Armstad, a retired teacher from rural Montana, shares the joys and challenges she found in teaching, how she worked five jobs to support her three children, and tells us what she really thinks thinks of all the fancy, new acronyms that keep surfacing in education.
Screener Squad: The Longest Night (La Mala Noche)
Highly Suspect Reviews
THE LONGEST NIGHT (LA MALA NOCHE) MOVIE REVIEW It took us a little longer than expected to review this movie, but we’re finally ready to discuss Equador’s submission for the Best International Feature Oscar, The Longest Night. The film follows a woman named Dana (Noell Schonwald), who has resigned to prostitution as a way to… Read More »Screener Squad: The Longest Night (La Mala Noche)
Digital Noise Episode 237: Man of 1000 Shatners
Digital Noise
DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 237: MAN OF 1000 SHATNERS Chris and Aaron have a stack of movies while not exactly great, are certainly fun to talk about. Check out the latest Digital Noise right here! All titles were sent to Digital Noise by the distribution companies in question for the purpose of review. No other compensation… Read More »Digital Noise Episode 237: Man of 1000 Shatners
S02 E08 - Blacula and Love at First Bite
Remake, Reboot, Recycle
Well hello there, children of the night. We've got two unconventional films for you this week: 1972's "Blacula" and the 1979 horror-comedy, "Love at First Bite." Tune in for iconic costumes, wholesome and loving relationships, and an absolute trash fire QUEEN.
66. Reset button
Ready, Get Centered, Go! with Jess G
We get to reset everywhere we want.  Friendships, career paths, attitudes, wellness goals, breaking habits, testing new waters... Now (inhale), yoga begins (exhale). This week's podcast sets the intention of RESET on the mind and the breath.  (And there's some happy baby pose thrown in, so if you can, find some floor space and join in!) May you remember that every moment is a chance to reset, whatever it is that needs it. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Journey Through the Chakras
That's Pretty Woo
We are taking a journey through the chakras in today's episode. Our conversation covers topics from food and crystals to aura portraits and Ayurveda. We chat about the ancient, universal wisdom in the chakra system... and we ask ourselves how it overlaps with newer systems like Human Design and Enneagram? Do you have a chakra that needs a little more love? Listen in to find out!Visit our website for show notes + good vibes: thatsprettywoo.comWe'll be back next week for Beauty Woo Part 2! Connect with us on Instagram @thatsprettywoo and Facebook.Subscribe to our monthly newsletter with episode previews, playlists, and inspiration delivered with each new moon: Woo Letter.
Episode Eleven: Everything's Gucci for Gaga
Keeping Mum
This week, Molly checks in on the impeachment, or lack thereof. She's also talking about the true leader of our nation, Kim Kardashian West, as well as celebrity birthdays and a real DIY tip for your home.  Molly also doesn't know what that weird echo is. Apparently there are still some ghosts hanging around in the pod room post-Halloween.  Take a listen, leave a review, let me know if you're watching Apple TV+. 
How to Deal with Long-Term Guests in Your Rental Property, S01, E21
TenantCloud: Property Management Podcast
What's the difference between a tenant and a long-term guest? They both occupy the rental and take advantage of apartment amenities. But only one of them is on the lease and is fully responsible for rent payments. The question is: "Who's this other person? And what are they doing in my rental property for a month or so?" Find all the answers in our blog at --- Send in a voice message:
E85 - Global HR Extraordinaire George Randle
Knucklehead Podcast
Situational Awareness. How would you define that? Would you agree different departments at your company define it differently? When it comes to Human Resources, learning from someone that assess "high-performers" and expertly created systems to generate more situational awareness for talent and talent retention would be a good thing for business. George Randle, Global Talent Acquisition Expert for over 20 years, details some missteps that have led to his perspective and leadership opportunities. Buckle up, as you'll laugh and be surprised at what companies do in the hiring process and what happens behind closed doors during the talent planning process. Find out more and connect with George on LinkedIn - Check out more also at
Episode 72- Silence with Friends
Words for Wednesday
Don’t just talk to friends. Be with friends.
Episode 49: Vibe Check
Demon Trash
Welcome to a brand new episode, trashlings! This week we talk setting our priorities straight, and learning to say NO. Does that mean we're going to stop bailing on our workouts to buy makeup? Meh, we'll see. Avery also teaches Papa Carol the power of manifestation, and the subject moves Avery in ways she's never known to be possible. Check your vibes, demons. Be sure to send us your #DemonTrash moments/memories! If you love what we do here you can support us for as little as $0.99/month at Have a question or topic you want us to talk about? Let us know! --- Support this podcast:
Interview With The Vampire (1994)
Horror Queers
With the start of November's cold weather, Trace and Joe head south to Mississippi to visit our favorite bickering gay couple: Louis and Lestat and their ADORABLE adopted daughter, Claudia. That's right, we're back in vampire territory as we tackle Neil Jordan's infamous adaptation of the iconic first novel in Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles just in time for its 25th anniversary! This movie is super duper gay (for 1994). The boys ponder the film's weird development cycle, including bizarre casting decisions (Julian Sands? Cher?!), question whether Rice ruffled studio feathers and lament Pitt's snooze-inducing performance. Joe and Trace bat heads over Cruise, but both are head over heels for Kirsten Dunst, which inspires a lengthy diatribe about her lack of recognition! Also up for discussion: Trace's dislike of long hair on men, the "Britishness" of Stephen Rea, prostitute tits, Letterboxd reviews of the Theatre des Vampires, and the real reason that Louis is so appealing (a HUGE dick). In this week's game: what would your vampiric "dark gift" be? Questions? Comments? Snark? Connect with the boys on Twitter using the hashtag #HorrorQueers or like our Facebook Page or join our Facebook Group. > Trace: @tracedthurman > Joe: @bstolemyremote Support the boys on Patreon Check out the online articles on Bloody Disgusting
Giganticast Ep 19: Ultra Q and Ultraman on Blu-Ray
GIGANTICAST EP 19: ULTRA Q AND ULTRAMAN ON BLU-RAY Matt and Aaron go through Mill Creek’s acquisition of the Ultra Series, starting with the first two shows in the franchise! Giganticast is now available on iTunes, Spotify and more in its own feed. Subscribe now and leave us a rating! You can also use the… Read More »Giganticast Ep 19: Ultra Q and Ultraman on Blu-Ray
TbT: Chapter 14 - A Dubious Map
Tales by Tabletop
Tales by Tabletop is a series supported by a dedicated team. They make this project happen, and infinitely more fun. Laeran is played by Jim Cook and voiced by Jay DeGraff. Rosjen is played by Misty Harper and voiced by Jazlyn Pintar. Tem is voiced and played by Phil Boelche. Your narrator is David Nailing. Guest voice acting by Gabrielle Galluzzo. Story coordinators are Mike Becker, Chris Hultin, and Zac McAuley. Sound effects provided by and music provided by Tabletop Tales by Tabletop theme created by David Vass. This show is edited and directed by Zac McAuley and Travis Nellor, and produced by Michael Blackard.
Wonderful! 107: Deep Hug Stink
Griffin's favorite cooking programming! Rachel's favorite kid's clay! Griffin's favorite bitpop band! Rachel's favorite stink! Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus -
#093: How to Grow Enormous Facebook and Instagram Pages in Two Years
The Blogger Genius Podcast
Have you heard that blogging is dead? Or that regular folks can’t build large social media followings anymore?  Well, today’s guest on the podcast is a blogger and entrepreneur who has proved what can be done quickly -- in under two years -- with some hard work and a belief in herself.  Andrea Scalzo Yi is the owner and content creator of the blog, Raising Dragons.  Andrea creates STEAM/STEM projects for kids and makes videos of her 4 sons completing them.  And she has built her entire business very quickly, in under two years. So we are going to talk about how she did it, and where she plans to take the business in the future.  Beginnings a Blog by Making Videos for Facebook After working in retail her whole adult life, when Andrea began staying at home with her 4 young sons, she was at a loss as to how to fill her time. She knew she enjoyed design, she had a degree in engineering, and she loved art. So she began creating projects to work on with her sons. She considered starting a blog because she had a friend making a full-time income blogging, but she wasn't a natural writer, and so she wasn’t sure she could make it work. But one thing she did enjoy was making videos. And so, in 2017, Andrea bought the domain, Raising Dragons.   And instead of blogging, Andrea began posting 1-minute videos on Facebook of her sons doing the projects. These videos had no sound and were really meant for the busy parent who was scrolling and looking for something simple to do with her kids.  Viral Facebook Videos As Andrea began adding more and more of her videos, Facebook began sharing them to more and more people.  Friends and family were sharing them, as well, and before long, she had a video go viral. She kept creating videos in the same style, and as of today, she has had over 20 videos go viral. One of her viral videos has over 30 million views on Facebook.  At the same time, she was posting her videos on her blog, but she didn’t even know what SEO was. So, each blog post was just the video, a short paragraph on how to do the project, and that was it. What Andrea did was build an audience with her videos and then she began to find out how to best serve that audience. Utilizing Social Media Because the algorithms change on social media platforms all the time, bloggers have to be ready to make adjustments. But Andrea tries to stay true to her original form of content by creating and releasing 1-2 new videos each week. Since Pinterest recently allowed video content, Andrea uploaded all of her content to her Pinterest account.  Andrea is also working to grow her Instagram account (using MiloTree!) because brands are more interested in IG, and want to see an active presence and audience engagement there before they work with you.  How to Monetize Your Social Media Accounts Andrea’s prime revenue source is sponsored content, but she only promotes brands that fit in with her STEAM content.  Andrea likes to work with smaller brands that are just getting started. She does have a business partner who helps her with the business side of marketing and brand contracts.  Brands can get different packages when working with Andrea, from a simple blog post to across the board social media marketing.  To monetize, she also takes advantage of Amazon’s affiliate program, as well.  Running a Business from Your Phone  One of the things I was most interested in talking to Andrea about was going from “end-to-end” on her phone. She basically runs her entire business from her phone. and I’m not so great at that.  To shoot her videos, Andrea uses a sunroom in her house that gets great light. Lighting is everything when it comes to video, and this room has plenty of windows.  She tries to keep activities set up in the room so that when her son wants to work on something, she can film it for content.  Andrea cuts the volume from most of her videos, adds music, and keeps them close to one minute.  When posting her videos, Andrea puts a branded watermark in the bottom corner of her videos.  Andrea’s Team  Andrea is truly a one-woman show.  She has her partner that helps her interface with brands and has used a contractor to rewrite some of her blog posts for SEO purposes.  Otherwise, she runs her business all on her own.  Thoughts on YouTube  Andrea posts her videos on YouTube but she isn’t currently monetizing them on there.  Andrea believes that her videos aren’t the best for YouTube because they are very short, do not have volume, and are designed for the busy parent.  Andrea caters to the busy mom scrolling through her social media and wants to see something inspiring. She does not cater to the person wants to dig into the meat of her projects on YouTube.  Take note - it’s perfectly okay to figure out what works for you and then jump into that. You do not need to be doing amazingly well in every single area or do everything that everybody else is doing. Blogger Burnout  Andrea has been experiencing burnout this year. Writing her book, figuring out the marketing plan for it, and creating more content for her blog, all on top of creating new video content has been a lot to manage.  So, she scaled her videos back to once a week and she’s also batching the video work.  It is okay to recognize that your business is in a new season and to change things up to reinvigorate yourself.  Andrea’s Book  At the beginning of 2018, Andrea made the goal to write a book, which became 100 Easy STEAM Activities.  Andrea submitted her idea to PageStreet Publishing and they told her they were interested, but wanted to go for 100 projects instead of the 40 she had suggested.  The publisher covered the photography since Andrea’s strong suit is making video. But the photographers worked with Andrea to make sure it was in her style and fit her ideas.  Andrea’s Advice  If you’re a blogger still trying to figure out the landscape of blogging, and how to grow your blog into a business like Andrea, she suggests you start by focusing on providing value to your audience. Andrea feels like what has served her well is giving people exactly what they want and how they want it, without worrying about monetizing. You can focus on monetizing in the future, once you know what best serves your audience.  Andrea completely focused on putting out content for two years; that was her sole focus. The money and audience grew from that.  I’m so impressed with what Andrea has built with her business. She has built her audience by serving them exactly what they want and in the style they want it, which is short and sweet videos.  This is Andrea’s first foray into entrepreneurship and she’s having a blast. Can you say the same? If you need help with your blogging journey, come join us over on Facebook where I am doing live video every Monday!  TIMESTAMP Intro 2:31 Beginnings of a Blog  6:36 Viral Video 8:35 Utilizing Social Media  10:27 Monetizing Social Media  17:15 Running a Business from Your Phone   24:15 Andrea’s Team  26:45 YouTube  31:47 Burnout  33:55 Andrea’s Book  37:01 Andrea’s Advice  TOP 4 TAKEAWAYS  Build an audience with what you know and continue to serve them the content they want in the style they want it. Don’t sweat social media algorithm changes; stay true to your content creation and trust your audience to follow you. Simplify by using less to accomplish more. (Andrea runs her entire business from her phone!) Focus on providing tremendous value to your audience and the money will come naturally from that.  Read the podcast transcript for “How to Build Enormous Instagram and Facebook Pages in Two Years” Imagine a world where growing your social media followers and email list was easy… It can be with MiloTree! Try the MiloTree pop-up app on your blog for 30 days risk-free! Let your MiloTree pop-ups help you get to that next level by turning your visitors into email subscribers and social media followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube. Sign up today! Install your MiloTree pop-ups on your site in under two minutes. Sign up for MiloTree now and get your first 30 DAYS FREE!
Parenting School-Aged Kids
The Top Knot Squad
On today’s episode, we’ll be talking about Parenting School Age Children. Between the ages of 5 and 12, children expand their horizons and spend more time away from their parents. It can be tough to see your child go from baby to child – going to school, making friends, and learning more about the world. It’s an exciting time in your child’s development, but can also come with a multitude of stressors as both you and your child learn to navigate new systems, routines, and relationships, not to mention concerns about inclusion, bullying, violence, sex ed, and more. We are thrilled to have Dr. Eboni Lunsford Calbow join us for today's conversation and hopefully provide us with some tips and tricks on surviving the journey through the school years. Eboni Lunsford Calbow, LCSW, PhD, is a clinical assistant professor in the Steve Hicks School of Social Work at The University of Texas at Austin. Her current research and teaching interests include school social work, trauma informed care and intervention, educational equity and social justice, multidisciplinary and collaborative practice, and evidence-based interventions for children with disabilities. Prior to teaching full time at the Steve Hicks School of Social Work, Calbow was a school social worker for almost a decade, working with over twenty school campuses in Austin ISD. She has experience working with children and adolescents ages 3-22 and is a Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Practitioner. Her professional practice covered topics like trauma informed intervention, culturally responsive practice, drop-out prevention, sociocultural influences on academic progress, school ethics, crisis and critical incidents, non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), and suicide prevention and intervention. Resources: Eboni's practice: Eboni on IG:
S3E0 The Holiday Buffet
From Left Field
New hosts Ronnita Miller and Trumaine Bradley sit down with JJ and Morgan to pick out some holiday movies to watch for this season’s podcast.
Castle Talk: Frank Sabatella, Director of The Shed (Interview)
Castle of Horror Podcast
Tonight we’re chatting with Frank Sabatella, writer and director of THE SHED. The Shed is a new movie in which bullied young man Stan (Warren) and his best friend Dommer (Kostro) discover a murderous vampire living in Stan’s shed. Seeing the bloodshed and destruction the monster is capable of, Stan knows he has to find a way to destroy it - but Dommer has a much more sinister plan in mind. It’s directed by Frank Sabatella and stars Jay Jay Warren (“Bosch”), Cody Kostro (“City on a Hill”), Sofia Happonen (Woman of a Certain Age), Frank Whaley (Pulp Fiction), Siobhan Fallon Hogan (Men in Black) and Timothy Bottoms (The Last Picture Show).  THE SHED comes to theaters and VOD and Digital HD on Nov. 15, 2019.
53: Power Rangers with Jerod Espinosa-Setchko
Shame Watch
IT'S JAMES' BIRTHDAY! To celebrate, it's a James pick! James (aggressively) loves the Power Rangers, so it's a blast from 2016! Jared stops by to celebrate and we talk about toys, flashbacks, and Bryan Cranston! Happy Birthday, Jamesy! Donate to our Patreon to get exclusive access to even more episodes, including our new Movie Marathon episodes. Rate, review, and subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts.
Leslie Nuss Fights Back with Random Acts of Grace
Backstage Chats with Women In Music
In this episode, Leslie Nuss covers:-- Why she took a 10+ year hiatus from songwriting/recording-- How an innocent trip to the movies turned into a traumatic, life-changing turning point-- An unexpected cover of "Eye of The Tiger" by Survivor -- Making her own clothing and applying for the hit TV show Project RunwayThank you to the Ritz-Carlton Chicago for hosting this episode at their architecturally captivating Water Tower Place location.  
44. How to Create Healthier Habits
Fit Over 40
Why do we struggle at times to make changes? We know we want to shift our habits. We think about it. And yet we invariably find ourselves still repeating the old ways. This week on the Fit Over 40 podcast, we explore why we get stuck in that old loop and how to break out! In Episode 44, we pick up the conversation about habits: why we have them and how to change them. In case you missed Episode 43 on triggers and cravings, take some time to go back and listen. It helps set the stage for this week’s show. We look at 3 ways to help create new, healthier habits, especially as we head into the holiday season and a new year.   Download the FREE Holiday Guide! Worried about holiday weight (wait) gain? This free guide offers 7 simple tips on how to navigate holiday eating. So you can stay mindful, enjoy the fun, and still show up to the New Year ready to rock! Click here to learn more. Resources Mentioned in this Episode Atomic Habits by James Clear   Join Our Community for More Support Like the ZulaFit Facebook Page   Ready to Start Lightening Up This Week? Are you DONE with the diets but not sure what to do next to lighten up? Then check out ZulaFit’s Jumpstart Program. It’s a FREE 3-part video course, which comes with a workbook packed with ideas and activities. All designed to help you heal that old diet mentality, get clear about your relationship with food, and feed your true hunger. So you can start letting go of the weight (wait) for good! Learn more and sign up>>   Leave a Rating & Review I’d love to hear what you think about this episode or the podcast in general. Please take a minute to rate & review the Fit Over 40 Podcast at iTunes. Simply click here to head to iTunes. Also please share with any other women who might enjoy it!
5 – Know Your Counselor
Your Truth Revealed podcast
Episode 5 is the first part of an interview with Sharon Bien, MA, LPC about counseling. Having a relationship with a counselor can help you overcome personal challenges and be empowered with Erika Marcoux, MA. Sharon has a masters degree in counseling from St. Edwards University in Austin. As a licensed professional counselor with a private practice, she is trained in CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, and EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. She has also worked as a social worker in schools, foster care, and homeless outreach. Subscribe to YOUR TRUTH REVEALED weekly videos on YouTube – ➤RESOURCES Free Worksheet: A New View Counseling: Store: ➤ SUMMARY What is Counseling? Counseling psychology specifically focuses on how you function personally, meaning as an individual, and how you function in your relationships with other people. In the 1960s, an American psychologist named Carl Rogers helped shape counseling. It addresses issues that include emotional issues, social issues, problems at work and school, and physical health. Overall, it helps people improve your overall sense of well-being. What are 5 common myths about counseling? Seeking counseling is a sign of weakness. The truth is that seeking counseling is a way to proactively manage your problems. Counselors will try to put you on medication. The truth is they don’t prescribe medication. Counselors work with psychiatrists, who are medical doctors, when creating collaborative treatment plans for clients who do take medication. Mental health issues are not real problems and counselors are not effective. The truth is that mental health issues are real problems—1 in 5 people are impacted by mental health issues every single day. Counselors can address these problems and help clients find relief. Counseling is a quick fix for all your problems. The truth is that strengthening your brain through counseling is like strengthening your body through exercise. It takes time, practice, patience, and persistence. If you go to counseling, you will be judged negatively. Going into counseling shows that you are willing to learn about yourself and ways to improve your life. It takes courage to contact a counselor. They do not judge their clients—counselors welcome you. What is a typical counseling session like? The session is a place where you can find a new perspective about something with which you’re struggling. You can share your situation and your feelings about it, and then get your counselors perspective from a professional standpoint. Counseling is a cooperative exploration and problem-solving process aimed at reducing distress, improving your relationships, and helping you achieve your goals. Some counselors take notes to mark down something important that you said. It’s a different kind of conversation and you would typically have with most other people. Your counselor may even give you homework to do between sessions. This may include taking action steps towards reaching your goal. What is attachment theory and why is it important? It’s a model that describes the dynamics of interpersonal relationships between people. Secure attachment occurs when you can rely on someone to attend to your needs of emotional support and protection. It’s the most advantageous attachment style. Anxious-ambivalent attachment occurs when you feel anxious when separated from someone and don’t feel reassured when they return. Anxious-avoidant attachment occurs when you avoid someone close to you. Disorganized attachment occurs when when you lack the ability to attach to someone. What is the best advice for finding a counselor? Step 1: Think about who you need If you are looking for someone to talk to, then look for a counselor. If you want someone to prescribe medication, then look for a psychiatrist. Most people treating a mental health condition need at least two professionals, a counselor and a psychiatrist. Get a physical exam to address your biology.   Step 2: Gather referrals If you have health insurance, call your provider. Get at least 3 names and numbers. You can also try Step 3: Make the call If you’re reluctant to call, ask a friend or family member to call for you. Make an appointment. Step 4: Ask questions In your first visit with a counselor, you’re seeking advice and you’re “shopping around.” It’s reasonable to ask questions. Be honest. Step 5: Build a Relationship Sometimes the first person you visit might not “feel right.” With a little persistence, you’ll find the right person for you. ➤CONNECT WITH ME All Episodes: Podcast: Instagram: Facebook: Business Inquiries: ➤ABOUT YOUR TRUTH REVEALED video podcast. Sharing the Power of Self-Knowledge. Be Truthful. Know Yourself. Then Flourish. This original video podcast series offers resources for living your truth that generates an informed and empowered relationship with yourself. Decisions become clearer. Health is easier to maintain. And life feels good! Season one helps you to Be Your Own Health Expert as I interview industry professionals to explore your hidden mental and physical health potential.
This Song: Matt and Kim
This Song – KUTX
Indie electronic duo Matt and Kim talk about how “The Mullet Burden” by The Dillinger Escape Plan showed them how intense music could be. Matt: “I did not even realize that music could be as extreme as that was. Like if I thought that music could be turned up to 10 , it was like, oh wait, you could actually turn up to 12 — there’s like 2 more notches on this thing that I didn’t even know existed.” The couple also explores how they’ve tried to bring that same kind of intensity to their music, especially their live shows, the toll that intensity has taken on their bodies and what they see as the next phase in their musical lives. : Caleb Kuhl Listen to This Episode of This Song Matt and Kim are on tour celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their record Grand. Check out Matt and Kim’s Tour Dates, and see if their is a live podcast taping of The Matt and Kim podcast at the show in your town. Check out The Matt and Kim Podcast Watch the video for GO GO Listen on The Apple Podcasts App, iTunes Spotify or Stitcher Listen to Songs from this episode of This Song
We made it to 100 episodes, talking almost entirely about real movies! That's right, that's over 100 years of Ash and Avery talking about all 100 presidents, all 100 super bowls, and all 100 movies that have ever been released.  We talk about the future of the content that we're producing, and most importantly, Terminator: Dark Fate!
U.S. Senate Candidate Amanda Edwards on education, healthcare, and getting results | Why EVERYONE should care about schools | Justice for Rodney Reed | Are YOU The Next Wendy Davis??
The Rabble | Texas Politics for the Unruly Mob
We're all about getting Texans to TAKE ACTION - but first we need to GET EDUCATED! This week we dove into recent developments in public school closures, and got lessons in the history of systemic inequity from the UT Institute for Urban Policy and Research. We also got to sit down with US Senate Candidate Amanda Edwards (in between her call-filled campaign road trips) to discuss the new generation of senators - electeds who are connected to their constituents, even all the way from DC. She's all about RESULTS, and we're here for it. COME TO OUR SEASON FINALE LIVE SHOW NOVEMBER 19!: Join us at The Riveter in Austin on Tuesday, November 19 from 7 - 9pm for our season finale live show. Special guests include Texas State Rep. Gina Hinojosa; Emily Ramshaw, Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Tribune; Royce Brooks, Executive Director of Annie's List; Dyana Limon-Mercado, Chair of the Travis County Democratic Party; and more! With surprise performances, jokes, sequins, prizes + more. This ain't Texas politics as usual! PRESENTING SPONSOR - THE RIVETER CO-WORKING The Riveter is a co-working space built by women for everyone. Rouser has been officing at The Riveter for the past couple months, and we literally cannot say enough nice things about it. The space is great, we love having events there, we love the free mentoring sessions they offer, and we love all the incredible folks we've gotten to meet at neighboring desks, from campaign staffers to entrepreneurs to innovators of every sort. If you're looking for an office or co-working space, check them out! ADDITIONAL SPONSORS PLANNED PARENTHOOD TEXAS ANNUAL PARTY Join us this Fall as we combine two of Austin’s signature events for Planned Parenthood into one spectacular evening. Funds raised will be used to help provide essential healthcare and health education services to women, men, and young people who rely on Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. The night will be filled with motivating and inspiring dialogue by two-time Emmy-nominated actress and Emmy-winning producer, advocate Laverne Cox. A trans woman of color, who is breaking boundaries ad making history. Following the Austin Annual Dinner, we’ll amp up the evening with dancing, drinks, desserts and entertainment at our Cocktails for a Cause After Party, where we'll bring together the current and next generation of PPGT supporters to mix and mingle while continuing to raise funds to enable us to provide our patients trusted, non-judgmental healthcare, No. Matter. What. SUPPORT ROUSER'S PATREON PAGE! Want to make sure The Rabble pod keeps coming? Help us pay for it! (We are making zero dollars on the pod and need your help to keep going.) ALSO, you get super fun perks when you pitch in to help us cover our costs (secret parties, GIF chats, even a prayer candle with your face on it!). Go to NOW NOW NOW NOW! Also, spread the joy of Ann Richards and The Rabble all across Texas on T-shirts, stickers, mugs, or whatevs: THIS WEEK’S GUEST: Candidate for US Senate Amanda Edwards FOLLOW ROUSER: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to our Friday newsletter, T-GIF: SH*T TO DO: If you care about the fact that Texas is dead last in providing healthcare coverage to its citizens, join us on a #SickOfItTX block walk this weekend: Half of registered Texas voters turned out in 2018. Just 12% turned out this year. Let's do better in 2020! RSVP to the She The People members strategy call: Watch and share the new video: Join the movement: LINKS WE MENTIONED: Need a beginner's guide to local government? That's where A Functional Democracy comes in: Want to listen to Kristen's first public address as The Next Wendy Davis . . . or become The Next Wendy Davis yourself?!? Come to We Are The Party, a mock city council meeting on December 11th: Bipartisan group of Texas legislators calling for Governor Abbott to stop the execution of Rodney Reed: Letter written by the bipartisan legislators to Governor Abbott: The Innocence Project has an easy way for you to ask Governor Abbott to stop the execution of Rodney Reed, currently scheduled for November 20: Austin ISD's plans to close four more schools based on budget concerns: Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis at UT Austin: A little Rabble Pod background on the history of systemic racism in Austin: Contact the AISD school board and find out who represents you: Amanda Edwards for U.S. Senate: The current landscape of the U.S. Senate race in Texas: More about Amanda Edwards from the Houston Chronicle: If you care about the fact that Texas is dead last in providing healthcare coverage to its citizens, join us on a #SickOfItTX block walk this weekend:
Episode 25 Lindsey Cunningham
Spoken Freely Podcast
The leaves are changing and falling, the air is icy cold, hot chocolate made with salted caramel (and oatmilk) is my new fave, my birthday and favorite holiday are fast approaching, and I have a heartfelt conversation with today's guest to share with you! What could be better?   I first learned of Lindsey Cunningham from her personal ministry on Instagram, @confessionsofapastorswife. A gifted writer, wife, mom, and church planter in South Carolina, Lindsey shares words of encouragement and hope to those weighted down by the heavy things of life.   We talk about the real truth of starting a church from scratch and the raw reality of running ragged while wearing all the hats. Lindsey describes the battle to resist comparison between mega church success and the small start-up experience.    Having walked a journey of pain from hurtful words and betrayal from serving at a church previously, we dig in to what living life in a glass house of a ministry role can be. Lindsey shares wisdom that every listener can use no matter their circumstances-release and let go. Hanging on to the residue of another's words can be destructive and God desires that we seek his truth; not someone else's thoughts.   Grab a blanket and a mug (or hop on the treadmill if you must!) and enjoy today's show!  
Top 3 Crucial Steps you need to do to work with an overseas VA with Barbara Tuley
LIKE A BOSS with Heather Havenwood Chief Sexy Boss™ Insights with Influencers: Rise To The Top
Hey Boss! When you are a business owner, you are consistently looking at 1) your marketing 2) your systems 3) costs. In comes overseas Virtual Assistants or Online Business Managers. HOWEVER, if you do not have your business systems and SOP set up, you are going to crash and burn! Here comes our savior, Barbara Turley, she is a master at systems, structures, and helping entrepreneurs outsource their life (and business) 😉   Enjoy! Heather Havenwood   Like A Boss! Insights With Influencers! Helping You Rise To the Top! Follow Heather on Instagram for all of her stories: @HeatherHavenwood
Austin Film Festival: The Ridiculous TV Interviews!
My TV Family
We have some ridiculously amazing interviews from the Austin Film Festival to share! Listen to David Mandel discuss found families, sticking to your creative vision and stories from his time at Seinfeld, SNL, and VEEP with us. We also share red carpet interviews with the talented Crazy Ex-Girlfriend cast and creatives, Rachel Bloom, Aline Brosch McKenna, and Katie Hyde. And to top it off, we talk about Working Mom's Catherine Reitman's enlightening panel at AFF. Come for the interviews and stay for our thoughts on current televisions shows like Elite, Succession, and Daybreak! **This episode contains explicit content**
The Battle of Midway
History in a Hurry
After the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, the Japanese ran wild and strung together victory and victory against the United States. But thanks to an intelligence break, Admiral Chester Nimitz took a big gamble to try and turn the tide of the war in the Pacific Theater. Join Jack and Lauren as they discuss one of the most important naval victories in the entire Second World War.
NaPodPoMo #9 - The Journey Thus Far
Friends With Deficits
It's National Podcast Post Month! Post an episode every day for the month of November and see if you're still crazier about the "podcasting" thing.  In this episode, we take an all too brief look back at what has made Friends With Deficits a podcast. IG: friendswithdeficits