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Creation Date January 18th, 2019
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Yes But Why ep 154 Missy Finnell loves filmmaking and she loves being a part of the process!

  • 7 days ago

This week on Yes But Why Podcast, Amy interviews casting agent, Missy Finnell. Missy talks about her experience building her career at Donna Belajac Casting agency in Pittsburgh. Missy studied cinematography and producing film in school but her education didn’t teach her the business part of film. In her working life, Missy has done casting and costuming and she has learned a lot more from her real world experiences. Listen in as she shares what it was like for her to cast her first film, Love and Other Drugs. Missy shares with us a story about how an offhand comment from her father about movie credits inspired her to make film her full time career. Tune in for stories about graduating on ice, meeting crazy actors, and worrying like a millennial! In this episode, Missy talks about how hard it was for her to take the leap into working in the film industry. She did it and you can too! For anyone local to Pittsburgh who is an actor looking to be cast in films, TV and digital series or, if you are interested in starting your journey to become an actor and want to take acting classes, check out the Donna Belajac Casting agency website! Also, check out the most recent movie that Missy and the Donna Belajac Casting team worked on, Where’d You Go, Bernadette? , coming to theaters soon! Yes But Why Podcast is a proud member of the HC Universal Network family of podcasts. Download the FREE HC Universal Network app for Android and iDevices or visit us at and join the fun. This episode of Yes But Why podcast is sponsored by audible - get your FREE audiobook download and your 30 day free trial at

Ep. 38: Give Me All the Bacon and Eggs You Have

  • 11 days ago

We're packing our bags and headed to Indianapolis in an episode filled with good quotes, good food, and terrible smells. We cover steaks, talk about The Rock hosting SNL, get interrupted by a phone call, and pay homage to Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki, who played his final game last night. What fun! We always share some things we discuss on our social channels, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Episode S3, E6: Indianapolis Drink of the Episode Original Dark Horse Merlot

Unsung Heroes in Video Games - Episode 161

  • 6 days ago

Many characters in video games play a big role to either help the protagonist on their quest or impact the game's world but don't receive a lot of praise for their actions. This week, Jerrett & Mogan highlight a few of these unsung heroes and provide them with the recognition they deserve. 0:00 - Introduction 4:43 - Moment with Mogan 6:21 - PSN IDs Can Now Be Changed! 9:49 - Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order 13:00 - Unsung Heroes: Patron Picks 18:41 - Hudson - Breath of the Wild 23:23 - Uncle - Red Dead Redemption 27:38 - Cornifer - Hollow Knight 33:27 - Jan Ors - Star Wars Dark Forces 37:08 - Soundtrack Spotlight LINKS: - Subscribe to watch new episodes every Tuesday: - Subscribe on podcast services: - Join our Discord - Support the show and get perks! - Like TCP on Facebook - Follow TCP on Twitter - Follow Jerrett - MoganSupport Team Chat Podcast: A Video Game Podcast

Born of Fire (1987)

  • 6 days ago

Erica gets thrown a curveball by Amazon Prime Video with this latest film, a vast departure from other films covered in this podcast, but in a good way. Listen as Erica and guests Cody and Lance Schibi talk through all of the spectacular visuals and try their best to understand the plot, which the director himself has said is open to interpretation.  Twitter: @CAWPodcast Instagram and Facebook: Customers Also Watched Letterboxd: AlsoWatched Theme song by Silent Partner

Episode 44

  • 6 days ago

The Dummies look over their shoulders at Astronomers Named Zane, Puppy Pounding Perverts, and Fast Flying Karate Crickets. THIS WEEKS DUMB SH*T Drunk Man Sexually Assaults Fiance’s Dog ‘Out of Anger’ . Florida Man Stabbed His Father, Hit Mother With Mug Because His Pork Chop Was ‘Too Acidic’ Florida Man Tries to Start Naked Fight Club at Chic-Fil-A

Episode 39 - Rocky

  • 5 days ago

One third of the Confession Crew is on maternity leave, but we managed to steal a guest host from the past (don't ask) and she's got a secret to reveal: Missy has never seen Rocky! Join us as we revisit this tale of punch-drunk love and introduce Missy to the handsomest, dumbest man in Philadelphia. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @pcccast

Chapter 7: A Dragon's Gift (Part 1 of 2)

  • about 2 months ago

Bri and Myrtle journey across Wynhold in search of the legendary Dragon, Nurang the Black. In Bellar, Villadius copes with his failure, and settles with the remaining Voyagers.For updates and new installments check out our website, our page on the book of faces (or facebook). And send us a bird on our Twitter.Although, for those of you seeking more than mere social media, be sure to stop by our page on Patreon. Become a patron, and receive extended episodes and music.Speaking of, check out Adam Halpin and Stephen Cumberworth on their bandcamp pages.

82 - Birdman

  • 6 days ago

You know that awkward situation when you’re just making harmless small talk and suddenly the other person unloads years of emotional baggage on you? That’s what it’s like when you watch BIRDMAN and suddenly feel like you know waaaay too much about Michael Keaton. Listen to Alex and Julio discuss one more Best Picture Winner, one with gimmicks and pretension to spare! PHOTO: Who is the Bird and who is the Man? TIMELINE:00:00:00 - 00:54:57 Contrarians Corner (#CC)00:54:58 - 00:56:09    Rooftop Romance00:56:10 - 01:27:57       Real Talk01:27:58 - 01:33:25 The future01:33:26 - 01:36:44 Hudson Hawk and Walter Mitty feedback01:36:45 - 01:48:37 Plugs! (including a brief chat about THE DIRT) and bye-byes01:49:00 - 01:50:47 Spielberg and JackassPLUGS!- Alex doesn’t exactly recommend THE DIRT, but he had fun with it, as a Motley Crue fan.- Julio is halfway through the first season of YOU and, so far, it’s addicting.- The LIVESTREAM FOR THE CURE 3 is coming up! We’ll join the show on May 18th. from 5pm to 6pm, EST, and we’ll be doing our Contrarians routine with a movie that will be revealed closer to the event!- Hans Rothgiesser, the man behind our logo, can be reached at @mildemonios on Twitter or you can email him at in case you ever need a logo (or comics) produced. And you can listen to him talk about Peruvian politics on his own podcast, NACION COMBI.Up next, either GREEN BOOK, THE AFRICAN QUEEN or LONDON - a bonus episode no matter what! Until then, let us know how you feel about BIRDMAN! What do you think happened at the end? Did you like the gimmick? Do you feel like now you know too much about Michael Keaton? E-mail us at or tweet at us or facebook us and share your thoughts!

Hooka Hey on Comedians Interviewing Musicians

  • 10 days ago

Episode 33 – Interviews and performances with the best of Austin’s hard working musicians being interviewed by local comedians. Sometimes strange, sometimes serious, but always sincere. Brought to you by Music Firsthand. Streaming live every Tuesday, 7pm CT. This show is made possible because of generous patrons! Become a patron for as little as $1 and get access to rewards, bonus content and exclusive features. Join the club: Comedians Interviewing Musicians Vodcast Podcast Hosts: BeckiJo Neill and Melody Shifflet Hooka Hey blasted their way into 4th Tap Brewing Co-op for the final episode of Season 2 with co-host Melody Shifflet! A full on rockin’ performance! The band talked Transylvania Voodoo, The Blackheart, crazy fan questions and proposals, island life, temporal disorder, and pre-show rituals. Sponsored and hosted by 4th Tap Brewing Co-op! Enjoy y’all! Recorded March 27, 2018. **** Check out the live video and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Hire a local band with our live music booking app that matches you based on lifestyle and brand. Request the app here: Music Firsthand. Keep up with the Austin music news for free with the Austin Music Firsthand Magazine on Flipboard.