Austin Podcasters - Week 11/12/2018

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Every week the Austin Podcasters share their latest episodes. Check out what Austin has to offer in this weekly playlist.

Yes But Why ep 132 Stephen Davidson wants to teach you how to improv like an ally!

  • 3 months ago

This week, Yes But Why talks to Stephen Davidson, trans improviser, music teacher and published author. In this episode’s chat, Stephen tells Amy about studying improvised music in Montreal, developing inclusive improv workshops in London, teaching theater abroad in Japan and Australia and SO MUCH MORE! After they chatted, Amy was so inspired that she bought Stephen’s book, Play Like An Ally! Look, it came this week! Buy your copy TODAY!

Bonus! - Our Fourth Anniversary!

  • 3 months ago

Four years of doing this show. Holy cow. Join us in this birthday celebration as we hand out our annual awards: The Embries and The Rousies! Also, The Gad. And a new addition to the Contrarians Awards Family, The Ruffalo! Don’t worry, we explain it all in the episode. It’s a fun walk down memory lane, and the last year worth of Contrarians episodes!**The Summer of Travolta isn’t included in the festivities** because it had its own awards ceremony in the Travolties episode.**That said, The Ruffalo does encompass our entire run, including The Summer of Travolta. PHOTO: They all got Ruffalos. PLUGS!- Hans Rothgiesser, the man behind our logo, can be reached at @mildemonios on Twitter or you can email him at in case you ever need a logo (or comics) produced. And you can listen to him talk about Peruvian politics on his own podcast, NACION COMBI.And now, a sincere THANK YOU. We wouldn’t still be doing this if you dear listeners weren’t out there, downloading our episodes, interacting with us online, making it all extra fun. Here’s to many more years to come!

Episode 29

  • 3 months ago

The Dummies Discover Vampire Porn, Talk Flat Asses And Failing Classes, and Como Se Dice Cancer En Espanol?

23: Reviews of: Blair Witch, Bohemian, El Royale, Beautiful Boy, and Christmas movies!

  • 3 months ago

Welcome to the Sotex Cinephiles Podcast! Where we talk about all things Cinema! This week we discuss All kinds of movies and spoiler free reviews!  We even get into talk about Christmas time and our favorite films.  We hope you enjoy our talk!  Check us out on facebook!  Have a great week!

Ghosts of Games Past - Team Chat Podcast Ep. 144

  • 3 months ago

All gamers usually plan to finish every game they start. However, some games are abandoned for one reason or another. This week, Jerrett and Mogan each share 3 games that they never completed and why these games didn't make the cut.

Ep3 Dying Alien Equals Hero?

  • 3 months ago

Look!  Up in the sky!  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s… the Fantom Zone's episode on heroes!  This week Kayla, Jered, and Noah discuss superheroes and superheroism. Get ready to stop a comet hurtling to Earth, halt an armed bank robbery, foil a terrorist plot, and maybe even tip more than 20% even when the service isn’t that great… on this week’s episode of the Fantom Zone.Support the show

Austin Film Festival Review

  • 3 months ago

This week's episode includes our review of our time at the Austin Film Festival including an interview with Jason Mantzoukas, a Q&A with Larry Wilmore and tips about socializing for the Socially Awkward!

Episode 21 - Wayne's World

  • 3 months ago

This week we're time traveling back to the 90's with a journey to Wayne's World, which Hannah confessed she's never seen. Is it still funny? How do the references hold up 26 years later? Can an SNL sketch ever be a decent movie? Let's find out!

Eatin' Locally In (Philly) PHILADELPHIA

  • 4 months ago

Trip to Philly Podcast Movement -Meeting Terry Gross, NPR Fresh Air Philly Food Blogger When you travel, check out other foodie people on Instagram Check out these two Podcast Shows: Shannon Carson, Homemade Stories John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneurs On Fire The Best Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches. Geno’s Steaks Pat’s King Of Steaks Max’s Cheese Steak When in Philly be sure to eat at : Dinic- Best Roast Pork Sandwiches. Fourth Generation. Shown on Man VS Food. The Reading Terminal Market- America oldest farmers, indoor, market. 30 different restaurants. So much to see. Take the tour Dim Sum Garden in Chinatown   APP OF THE MONTH WFCHEF- My friend James Powers’ new APP is called WFCHEF. This App is not out yet what James is during right now is building the heart of the App. He is looking for Chef entrepreneurs, who want to work for themselves and create a strong base within WFCHEF. Now accepting application send resume and BIO information to CHANGES TO THE SHOW Eatin’ and Sippin’ Locally will be on the air once a month, not twice a month until I learn how this podcasting thing works.  WHAT’S HAPPENING NEXT MONTH Interview with Austin Food Blogger Farmers Market Do’s and DON’T APP of the Month Check out this Podcasts Show   “You are listening to Eatin’ and Sippin’ Locally.” Leah Churner Andresa Guidelli Noam Liz  Questions, Comments or Be on the Show Email:   Social Media Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: @eatinandsippin Show Credits Eatin’ and Sippin’ Locally is produced by Yolanda Nagy at Yolanda Nagy’s Studio in Texas Visit me at Music: Market Spices by Simon Wolfe Sound Effects: Photo By: Marley Lira

Top 20 Songs of 1994 Part 1 (#20 - #16)

  • 3 months ago

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