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Ep. 53: Lilly Rockwell on Austin's surprising real-estate market

  • 9 months ago

Austin’s real estate market continues to boom, but what does that mean for homebuyers and renters? Former Statesman reporter Lilly Rockwell, who is now a realtor at Coldwell Banker joins us for a conversation about what it takes to buy a house in Austin these days, what it's like to switch careers to real estate and which neighborhoods are still considered affordable. ALSO: The hottest month of the year is upon us, but we’re staying cool all over Austin. We share the best spots to stay cold that won’t cost you much (if anything) to enjoy. PLUS: highlights from our one-year anniversary happy hour, which brought together podcast fans from all over the city to share their love of audio storytelling and the community around it. AND: In this week’s Webb Report, social media editor Eric Webb joined Addie and Omar to share reader reactions to a recent story about possibly renaming Austin. In our "A Toast" recommendations: the inflatable obstacle course at Waterloo Adventures on Lake Travis, the new podcast “Everything is Alive,” from Ian Chillag, and the 2007 James Ivory novel "Call Me By Your Name" that inspired an Oscar-nominated film version. More info:

25: Ep 25 - Episode IX, two movies?!

  • 8 months ago

DISCLAIMER (We apologize for the sound, our technician tried their best to fix the recording, but sadly it didn’t work. The problem was fixed and next week will sound like normal. Again, sorry for the sound quality this week)  Welcome to the Star Wars stuff Podcast! A Podcast all about Star Wars! This week we discuss the possibility of Episode IX being split into two movies as well as what Kylo Ren's outcome might be. We also discuss whether or not the hype for Episode IX will be the same as VII. Talk of the live action Star Wars budget as well as our hopes for it. We also discuss some of the emails we have received and have a cool story about a crew member from A New Hope! We hope you enjoy this weeks episode, thank you so much for listening! Please, like, subscribe and share with everyone you know! MTFBWY!

Yes But Why ep 119 Screenwriter Bradley Jackson talks about his lifelong love for making movies!

  • 8 months ago

This week on the Yes But Why Podcast, Amy talks to screenwriter and film producer, Bradley Jackson about what it takes to “make it” in a creative career. Amy has been a fly on the wall on a couple of projects Bradley has worked on so she was very excited to speak to him about his life in film. Bradley tells the tale of his first ever filmmaking experience, made in his dentist’s office as a kid; he talks about the formative education he got from UT’s Radio Television & Film program; and, he shares the trial and error of developing a narrative in the documentary film, Dealt. Get on the path to success with Bradley’s advice on identifying your creative focus and finding your team! Watch Bradley’s recent films, Balls Out and Dealt on VOD and find his sci-fi series Crunch Time on Rooster Teeth! And keep your eyes peeled for anything produced by Bradley and his team at Ralph Smyth Entertainment because it will definitely be good!!

Episode 5: Inspiring Duos - Bill and Rose Moyer

  • 8 months ago

In this episode of I Do, We Do, we interview our very first duo, Bill and Rose Moyer. They are one of the duo’s we admire most and they happen to be Billy’s parents. We chat with them about their different careers, interests and styles and how they have been better together for 40 years! We also discuss the important of growing together rather than growing apart. About Bill and Rose Moyer: Bill and Rose have been married for 40 years. They have four grown kids and eight grandkids. They have always had different careers and interests, but they have made the choice to grow together. Bill works with Billy in SOS Leadership, that they founded together. He has written four books and is one of the top leadership minds in the world. Rose has dedicated her life to social work, mostly serving the elderly. She spent 20 plus years working at Meals on Wheels. What We Discussed in this Interview: Since we’re about to hit our seven year anniversary, we had Bill and Rose reflect on where they were at their seven year anniversary We asked if they consider themselves a couple that’s very different from each other or if they’re more like two peas in a pod In response, Bill and Rose claim that at first, early in their relationship, they were opposites in terms of personality, behavior, and styles based on the DISC Assessment. Now, they are two peas in a pod that finish each other’s sentences. We asked them how they built their relationship from being complete opposites to now being two peas in a pod “Through the years, you get to the point where you just want to be together and so you kind of figure out that by being together sometimes you may do things you may not want to do and sometimes you may try something new and you may think ‘Oh my gosh! That’s really good. I want to keep on doing that.’” We asked them to provide some examples of things that they use to not be crazy about that the other was crazy about in the early years of their marriage and are now crazy about because of the other Rose did not care about sports at all in the beginning years, now she loves sports. Bill use to not be crazy about symphonies, quiet walks, theater, etc and now enjoys all of those things. We how they collaborate with each other within and outside of their careers They support each other in the work they do. They also have worked closely together outside of their careers when they collaborated as youth ministers at their church. This was something they were both passionate about and that they made the decision to do together even though it was like a second job. They loved it! We asked them to describe their process of how they make crucial decisions together “We use the Ben Franklin method,” Bill said. “Where you draw the a line in the middle of a piece of paper and list the pros and cons and talk it out through there; even though one side may be bigger than the other, sometimes things are weighted in a different way, so we look at the importance of that.” They consider logic more so than emotion when it comes to decision-making. “We’re always going to have different ideas, opinions, desires, but it all comes down to why we exist and what our purpose is, and how can we walk that journey together to work it out.” We discussed how Bill and Rose choose to grow together rather than grow apart “If you don’t pay attention to where you are going together, it’s so easy that when you go one degree off and go too far down the road to where you and your partner can have “irreconcilable differences,” which leads to a split. They want to resolve and work through their differences no matter how many differences they may have with each other. Music "Sunny" from Learn more about Billy and Ashley at

Overcooked! 2 & Far Cry 5 Reviews - Team Chat Podcast Ep. 131

  • 8 months ago

Let's cook! Samantha White-Wilson joins Jerrett & Mogan to review Overcooked! 2 and Jerrett shares his final thoughts on Far Cry 5.

Episode 08 - Jaws

  • 8 months ago

This week we dive into a movie that both Ryan and Hannah have never seen: Jaws! Did they hate it? Will they ever go back in the ocean? Does this episode reveal all or just some of Amanda's deepest fears? What IS the best way to kick a shark's ass?

Top 10 Songs of 1993 Part 1 (#10 - #6)

  • 8 months ago

Intro and Outro Music: Trapish by DJ Show!Pow! Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Subscribe on Youtube: Email us:

Thought Sauna 27: Pentagram Fohawk

  • 8 months ago

On this episode, we talk about the ever-evolving life of a bean bag, the ever-unchanging format of The Voice, demon summoning haircuts, and much more!   Email: Facebook: Twitter: Discord: Spotify: iTunes:

Texas Steampunk Connection 3.0 Episode 6

  • 8 months ago

This week we discuss Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Upcoming events up to the end of September