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27: Ep 27 - Prequels and Leaked photos from IX!!!

  • 8 months ago

Welcome to the Star Wars stuff Podcast, a podcast all about STAR WARS! This week we discuss the prequels and if George Lucas messed them up? Or did exactly what he set out to do.  Also we speak about the leaked photos from IX that made their way all across the internet. Are they authentic? Or are they fake? Thank you so much for listening to us this week! Please like, comment, and subscribe. Also, please share with other Star Wars fans you know! MTFBWY!!

Episode 7: We Do Goal Setting

  • 8 months ago

In this episode of I Do, We Do, we talk about one of our favorite subjects… Goal Setting. We share why we set goals and how. We believe setting goals together ensures that we are always growing together rather than apart. Billy has a long history with goal setting. Ashley drank the kool-aid and together we consider setting and achieving goals one of our greatest and most important collabs. Download a free goal setting lesson for partners at Music “Sunny” by What We Talked About in this Episode: Billy went through his first goal setting program when he was just four-years-old He has continued learning about goal setting and teaching others about the subject ever since Paul J. Meyer, the founder of the personal development industry said, “If you are not making the progress you would like to make and are capable of making, it is simply because your goals are not clearly defined.” Goals bring out the best in us. Ashley shares the story of Billy asking her about her goals and sharing his goals when they first met Some companions from Billy’s past were turned off by this, but Ashley was intrigued and of course stuck around to learn more Ashley shares more about her own personal thoughts on goal setting and how they have changed with Billy Ashley is go with the flow, Billy is the planner But we both enjoy setting goals. The goal setting process begins with a Dream List This is how we got started goal setting together and they continue adding to their list every year. A Dream List is exactly what it sounds like. Some call it a bucket list. This is simply all the things you want to do in your life together. Next comes creating a short list of goals - no more than 10 We do this every year as well. We start by setting individual goals and then coming together for a date night to share the goals and work on our combined list. Through this process especially, it is important that we fully support one another. There are no stupid goals. This should be a real discussion. What do we really want to accomplish together over the next year? What are the benefits of the goal? What obstacles stand in our way? What steps need to be taken to achieve it? Set challenging goals together that are realistic There are no unrealistic goals just some really bad target dates. Goal setting is supposed to be uncomfortable. Goal setting begins with an awareness of where you are right now and a desire to change your future together Goals are a prelude to action, they are a course to take; they are an expression of your strengths; they are an exercise of your desire for becoming better together Growing together is a choice all partners must make Growing apart is an excuse.

S4N 031 Rusty Shelton on Authority Marketing and Writing Books

  • 8 months ago

"Author" is the root of "authority". In this episode, young media mastermind Rusty Shelton shares tips for gaining authority and control over your own marketing channels, moving beyond other people's social media platforms, plus mistakes people make with their marketing. Plus, he gets me to commit to write a book.

Yes But Why ep 121 Get to know Joe Liss & Molly Brenner before you watch them perform at OOB 2018!

  • 8 months ago

This week, Yes But Why Podcast features the talent of Joe Liss & Molly Brenner! To celebrate the Out of Bounds Festival happening in Austin (Tues 8/28-Mon 9/3), Yes But Why is interviewing some of the performers and workshop instructors that are coming to town! In the first interview, we talk to actor/writer/improviser Joe Liss about his adventurous life of performing and creating comedy. Joe Liss is a really nice guy. He will be teaching a workshop during OOB weekend and he will also be performing with his duo improv troupe Liss N Sams! Joe shares stories about getting his Equity card at Second City, writing a movie for Chris Farley and immersing himself in the San Francisco improv scene. Joe has written and created many amazing characters during his career and he can help you find yours in his workshop! In our next interview, Amy talks to comedian and content creator, Molly Brenner. Molly’s the kind of person that doesn’t let anything get in the way of her dreams. Listen in as Molly tells stories of overcoming her fear of public speaking, pulling herself out of the doldrums of writing endless lists and creating comedy from personal, vulnerable material. This was a great conversation with Molly about figuring out what you love most as an artist and focusing all your passion and drive on that! Check out Molly’s one woman show about sexual identity, “Molly Brenner Is Not Coming!” Support these wonderful artists while they are in town for Out of Bounds! (All info on Joe Liss’s Shows Liss N Sams Sat, Sep. 1st, 9:15pm at the Hideout Theatre (Upstairs) Fri, Aug. 31st, 10:30pm at the Fallout Theater Joe Liss’s Workshops Saturday, September 1st, 11:00am -- Creating Character, Not Caricature Molly Brenner’s Shows Molly Brenner Is Not Coming Fri, Aug. 31st, 7:00pm at the Hideout Theatre (Downstairs) Sat, Sep. 1st, 7:00pm at the Hideout Theatre (Downstairs)

Episode 41: Valerie Fowler - Layers of Meaning

  • 8 months ago

"For me it only becomes an artwork if it has the potential to have a lot of layers of meaning. I have my themes that I always want to emphasize and I’m always looking for ways buoy those themes and so I’m on the look out. The aesthetics are never the thing that get me. It’s if there is something out there that I see that will speak to what I am already thinking about. Memory plays a big part when I come back to my studio in what I want to infuse back into my paintings. So I know that it was a beautiful waterfall but its not about just a beautiful waterfall. Its about family, and trust, and memory of that beautiful walk. I’m probably the only one that knows that. But while I’m painting I’m definitely thinking about that and hoping I can infuse that kind of depth into my paintings." Drawing and painting are a way for Valerie Fowler to be in the moment, to relax, and to get into the flow and journey of her art. She starts with an idea and then reacts to what happens next as the details evolve. It’s not just about the aesthetics but about her and the stories, memories, feelings, and themes, that she hopes to infuse into the work in a deep, honest, and meaningful way. Early on in her career the work was more narrative, portraying dramatic scenes and psychologically charged persons and props, that often were representations of herself. As someone who was very shy it was a way for her to explore and talk about miscommunication and other issues important to her at the time. With the happiness of starting a family and raising children her work became more botanically inspired, complex, and thematic, based on her garden and the nature surrounding her home. Initially what she captured was more a recording of what she saw in person but then it matured into mostly creating from memory. With clean and precise edges and colors that pop she continues to create works that are intensely detailed and beautiful with layers of meaning beyond the obvious, but definitely relatable and understandable. The subjects are relevant to her past and present life and also reflect her concern for the state of nature and man's effect on the planet. Valerie also collaborates with her husband Brian Beattie who is a musician and producer. Together they create storytelling performances that use a “Crankie” to display a long linear scrolled drawing that is accompanied by music. Her current project is based on a historic home in west Austin that is being turned into a museum. See the details below for this most recent project and how to see it in person. Some of the subjects we discuss: Her work Artist parents Fathers influence Early work/school Narrative paintings Figures and themes Deer series/story Nature and death Raising kids/gardening Botanical work Screen paintings Negotiating safe passage Working from memory The agave painting Layers of meaning Lake George Waterfall Teaching/advice Fine art/commercial Art at Flower Hill The Crankie The following text courtesy of the Facebook event page. Valerie Fowler: Art at Flower Hill Sept 1st-15th, 2018 The Neill-Cochran House Museum 2310 San Gabriel St, Austin, Texas 78705 Valerie Fowler has created a body of artworks: paintings, drawings and mixed media works, all inspired by the land and historic Austin home that is The Flower Hill Foundation. Formerly home to three generations of the Smoot family, now The Flower Hill Foundation (an Urban Homestead Museum) is striving to open its doors by Spring of 2019. A percentage of all artwork sales will go to the Flower Hill Foundation. The Neill-Cochran House Museum will graciously be hosting the artworks - placed thoughtfully throughout its historic rooms - as well as all associated events. The Opening Reception: Saturday, Sept 1, 6-8pm Including a "Crankie" performance by Fowler - "Flower Hill Crankie #1" - and accompanying live music - "The Flower Hill Suite" - written and performed by Brian Beattie and with a special guest vocalist - Plus Poetry! Please join us! Light refreshments will be served. $10 suggested donation benefits The Flower Hill Foundation -RSVP for opening reception: Artist Talk with Crankie Performance: Wednesday, Sept 12, doors, 5:30, talk and performance, 6-7pm Note: All events take place at the Neill-Cochran House Museum, regular hours: Wed - Sun 1-4pm, $5 admission. Limited parking is available at the museum. Additional parking can be found at University Towers. There is an associated parking garage fee. This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department and Big Medium. Here are a few of the paintings mentioned in the interview. Negotiating Safe Passage | oil on canvas | 36"x36" | 2008 Lake George Waterfall, Dedicated to C. Bruce Beattie | oil on canvas | 43"x37" | 2015 This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Intro music generously provided by Stan Killian Support this podcast.Links:Valerie Fowler - websiteValerie Fowler (@ivy1938) • InstagramValerie Fowler - FacebookValerie Fowler: Art at Flower Hill - Facebook eventValerie Fowler's 'Art At Flower Hill' | KUT Arts EclecticFlower Hill Foundation | Urban Homestead Museum | SmootBrian Beattie - Website

Episode 18

  • 8 months ago

The Dummies Discuss Receptacles and Rear Admirals, The Hilarious Death of Aunt Emma, and How The Inuit are Into It.

Let's Talk About Gamescom 2018 - Team Chat Podcast Ep. 133

  • 8 months ago

Gamescom 2018 may be over but there is still plenty of gaming goodness to talk about! Mogan and Jerrett pick some of their favorite announcements, games, trailers, and other news from the conference. 0:00 - Introduction 4:02 - Moment with Mogan 6:52 - Call of Cthulhu 13:12 - Man of Medan 17:45 - Biomutant 28:02 - Cyberpunk 2077 30:59 - Dying Light: Bad Blood 35:50 - Final Thoughts 42:43 - Soundtrack Spotlight LINKS: Subscribe to watch new episodes every Tuesday: Subscribe on podcast services: Join our Discord: Support the show and get perks: Like our Facebook: Follow TCP and the hosts on Twitter: - TCP: - Jerrett: - Mogan:

Episode 10 - Mission: Impossible

  • 8 months ago

This week we discovered Hannah had never seen the original Mission: Impossible! While trying and failing to not make fun of Tom Cruise, we reminisced about a simpler time when the Internet was young and also powered by magic, apparently. Join us, won't you?

Ep. 55: Riders Against the Storm; the return of Austin's Quesoff

  • 8 months ago

Chaka Mpeanaji and Qi Dada are so much more than a local hip hop group. The husband-and-wife team behind Riders Against the Storm come in to discuss RAS Day, the annual family friendly music festival happening Saturday at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard. With new music coming out this fall, the couple behind the monthly Body Rock dance party talked about their passion for bringing audiences and communities together through movement and music. ALSO: Since 2011, the Quesoff has drawn Austin’s best queso-makers to the Mohawk for the cheesiest party around. Ahead of this year’s contest, co-founder Adi Anand talked to us about why the event remains so popular. AND: in this week’s Webb Report, Eric Webb talks to us about a little-known government plot involving our very own Mexican freetail bats. In "A Toast," we recommend “The Good Wife,” Raul Garza’s new play, “There and Back" and the next ATX Flowdown, a jazz-and-freestyle spoken word show. More info:

What the Ritz Carlton Taught the Protector of the Dealer Dark Web

  • 8 months ago

Get some life experience after college, they say. Go and travel the world. Be a peon for a Fortune 500 company and learn from the best, they say. My guest today has taken the road less traveled. He did not take time off to get some life experience. What he did, he went from college to starting his own company. Erik Nachbahr is the President and Founder of Helion Automotive Technologies & Helion Trucking Technologies. After graduating from Loyola University in Maryland, Erik shortly thereafter started Helion, an end to end solution to handle any and all demands an automotive business needs in order to operate their information technology. Helion services more than 650 automotive and heavy-duty trucking dealerships, and 28K end users. The company handles an average of 300 help desk calls everyday and resolves more than 6K IT issues per month. Erik was a finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Award which recognizes entrepreneurs who are excelling in areas of innovation, financial performance, and personal commitment to their business and community. To that end, he also is a Board of Director for the Family Tree, an organization in Maryland which supports the prevention of child abuse, and helps build strong families to improve society. Featured Guest: Erik Nachbahr Related Episodes: The Most Important Customer Data Points The Dealership of the Future According to a VC What Dealerships Do With Customer Info   ***** Wisco Weekly ***** An automotive business podcast influencing and impacting the customer experience through sharing dealer executive voices, spotlighting automotive technologies, and inspiring the next best automotive startup. Visit our website and Listen to a Dealer. (-‿-)

#5 - CASE ERICKSON Owner of Trucklandia

  • over 1 year ago

Guest: Case Erickson - Owner of Trucklandia - --

Ep. 8: Cheeses

  • 8 months ago

Tom ends up in jail. Leslie goes on a date with Louie CK. A lot of burgers are consumed. Episode Highlights: Haleigh and Sean chat about standoffs with janitors. As mentioned, there a lot of burgers in this episode, so we talk about 'em. Sean wants to know your favorite cheeses. Episode Drinks: Joey: Hops and Grain Zoe Pale Lager Haleigh: Independence Brewing Co. RedBud Sean: Independence Brewing Co. Power and Light Pale Episode: S2, E2: "The Stakeout"