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Creation Date September 10th, 2018
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Film Fracas Season 4 Episode 1: Best Production Design

  • 8 months ago

In our premiere of season 4 we are looking at the "meticulous" ways that these films are designed! We are bringing back a Film Fracas classic category, Best Production Design! Follow us on all of our social media! Twitter: @FilmFracas Facebook: Instagram: @FilmFracas Please remember to give us a rating and to subscribe so that new episodes are sent to you each week! Merch is now available! Just go to Become a supporter of this podcast: Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor

Bonus! - The Travolties

  • 8 months ago

One Travolta, thirteen movies and a whole bunch of made-up awards. It's The Travolties!!!! Listen as Alex and Julio recap The Summer Of Travolta while doling out recognition to the best and the worst of the past four months. Also: a "Where is Travolta now?" segment, the promised "Travolta Taco Bell Menu" and more! PHOTO: He ain't going nowhere. TIMELINE:00:00:00 - 00:04:16   Welcome to The Travolties00:04:17 - 00:10:05     Where is Travolta now? The People VS O.J. Simpson00:10:06 - 00:18:57     Where is Travolta now? Gotti.00:18:58 - 00:26:02     Most Forgettable/Memorable Movie00:26:03 - 00:36:34    Best/Worst Supporting Performance00:36:35 - 00:39:15     Best Travolta action sequence00:39:16 - 00:43:49     Best Travolta musical number00:43:50 - 00:50:26    Best/Worst Travolta performance00:50:27 - 00:58:16     Worst Summer of Travolta movie00:58:17 - 01:03:32      Hottest Travolta/Thurman01:03:33 - 01:07:35      Top Five Travolta Penises01:07:36 - 01:11:57        The Travolta Taco Bell Menu01:11:58 - 01:17:14         Best Summer of Travolta movie01:17:15 - 01:30:41        Closing thoughts01:30:42 - 01:34:16     The Future and See Ya LatersPLUGS!- Hans Rothgiesser, the man behind our logo, can be reached at @mildemonios on Twitter or you can email him at in case you ever need a logo (or comics) produced. And you can listen to him talk about Peruvian politics on his own podcast, NACION COMBI.Up next: The Summer Of Travolta is over, but the show must go on. We get back in the swing of things by taking on the mobster Johnny Depp & Al Pacino vehicle DONNIE BRASCO! Until then, please rate/review/subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify, you know the drill. And let us know what you thought about The Travolties and The Summer Of Travolta. Did we miss your favorite movie? Did we award the wrong nominees? E-mail us at or tweet at us or facebook us. Thank you for listening!

Episode 7: Robin Erickson

  • 9 months ago

Robin Erickson of Bersin by Deloitte is the VP, Talent Acquisition, Engagement, and Retention. She has spent the majority of her career as a Talent Research Analyst – dissecting like a scientist would what the rest of us in Talent Acquisition do every day. She shares her interesting and surprising background and as well as her industry research and insights. If you’re a TA geek, you will love what Robin has to say.

Guacamelee! 2 Review - Team Chat Podcast Ep. 135

  • 8 months ago

Jerrett reviews Guacamelee! 2, the sequel to the smash hit platformer Guacamelee from Drinkbox Studios. He and Mogan also discuss the Battlefield V beta. 0:00 - Introduction 3:17 - Moment with Mogan 7:10 - Battlefield V beta 19:43 - Guacamelee! 2 Review 54:03 - Soundrack Spotlight LINKS: Subscribe to watch new episodes every Tuesday: Subscribe on podcast services: Join our Discord: Support the show and get perks: Like our Facebook: Follow TCP and the hosts on Twitter: - TCP: - Jerrett: - Mogan:

Episode 12 - Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

  • 8 months ago

This week we're joined by special guest J. Keith van Straaten, avowed sci-fi disliker and host of Maximum Fun's Go Fact Yourself! podcast, to watch and then just totally dunk on The Phantom Menace. If you like your comedy unfunny, your serious dialogue hilarious and your characters super racist, this movie's for you!Check out J. Keith's show at and follow the show on Twitter: @gofactyourpod

‪Episode 20

  • 8 months ago

Mentally prepare yourselves to hear the dummies talk about Aruban woodpeckers, rat ‘staches and sweet rides, and Dennis puts his oversized testicle in your hands. Listen to this weeks podcast, then take the survey. Remember – Dennis’ testies are in your hands… Check us out at, and @sodumb_podcast on twitter and instagram.