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Creation Date September 7th, 2018
Updated Date Updated March 12th, 2019
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28: Ep 28 - Colin Cantwell and also The Future of Star Wars
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Star Wars Stuff Podcast
Welcome to the Star Wars stuff Podcast! A Podcast about all things and everything Star Wars! This week we give a shoutout to Colin Cantwell, and the amazing contributions he made to Star Wars. Check him out on Instagram as well as his website: Also in discussion this week is The future of Star Wars. The television show as well as Episode IX and all the fans who loved and hated The Last Jedi. We discuss a Star Wars Celebration and what we expect to happen there and whether or not Rian Johnson and J.j. Abrams will be there together.  We hope you enjoy our episode. Please subscribe, comment, and like.  MTFBWY!
Ep. 56: Finding opportunity and good java at Empowered Coffee
Episode of
I Love You So Much: The Austin360 Podcast
The co-founder, Jonathan Davis, and employees of Empowered Coffee talk with co-host Tolly Moseley about running a radically inclusive coffee shop, where employees of all abilities pour you a cup of joe. Davis explained why he wanted to create meaningful employment for a segment of population that wants to work hard but doesn’t always get the opportunity. 101X radio host Deb O’ Keefe didn’t always have dreams of becoming a bodybuilder, but when she found out the mission of a local competition called Make A Vet Sweat, she decided to compete. Last week, Peter Dutton, a 30-year-old Austinite, found himself caught up in a case of mistaken Twitter identity with an Australian politician bidding to become the country’s prime minister. He explains why this mix-up has turned out to be a blessing. In A Toast, we recommend: Netflix new Matt Groening series “Disenchantment,” H-E-B’s curbside pickup and two movies: Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman” and “Christopher Robin.” More info: 
Yes But Why ep 122 Talking to Chuy Zarate, Edi Patterson and Dan O’Connor is pure improv bliss!
Episode of
Yes But Why Podcast
Today’s episode is the final segment of Yes But Why’s showcase of Out of Bounds talent and it is yet again an amazing double feature! This week, we are presenting our chat with local Austin improv powerhouse Chuy Zarate followed by our great conversation with comedy power couple Edi Patterson and Dan O’Connor! Amy had a great time talking to Chuy Zarate! They couldn’t believe they had never met each other before as they are clearly cousins (just look at that photo)! In this chat, Chuy talks about how his stubborn nature has kept him going in improv, how #representationmatters in all aspects of theater, and how to navigate an active performance schedule when you have kids. Support Chuy’s show TONIGHT on the final night of Out of Bounds! (All info on An Evening With... With Tyler and Chuy Feat. Tosin Mon, Sep. 3rd, 8:00pm at the Hideout Theatre (Downstairs) In our 2nd interview, Edi Patterson and Dan O’Connor tell Amy all about how they met when Edi was taking classes at the Hideout and Dan came into town to teach a workshop. Listen in to their fun trip down memory lane as well as their deep discussion of improv as a calling and a lifestyle. Oh and also, we got attacked by wasps during the interview! Enjoy!
Episode 19
Episode of
This is so Dumb
On This Episode of TISD: Will Goes Fur Trapping, We Talk Chunky Bitches, Shredded Meat Monsters, And Why Rick Springfield Can Go F Himself.
Episode 11 - The Big Lebowski
Episode of
Pop Culture Confessions: A Show About Movies We Missed
In our chillest episode yet, we discover that Ryan somehow got through college without seeing The Big Lebowski. Let's fix that. (Stay 'till the end for a surprise appearance from our first-ever guest!)
15: The Babadook (w/ Ashley Leisten)
Episode of
We Are Definitely Afraid of the Dark
Comedian Ashley Leisten (Second City, Two Kids in a Trenchcoat) brings The Babadook, a movie about a mother coping with the trauma of her weird kid wanting to be a magician. Grab your dead husband's violin, draw up a fully-clothed bath, and try your best not to scream mean things at children because that's (apparently) not cool!   Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
1993 Season Finale: Treatzza Pizza Road Trip
Episode of
Shot Thru the Chart: Music Review Podcast
Intro and Outro Music: Trapish by DJ Show!Pow! Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Subscribe on Youtube: Email us:
Episode 6: School Health Initiatives
Episode of
MDs Without Degrees
We're throwing it back to our grade school days and discussing some of the healthy living initiatives that schools provide. Do things like DARE, school lunches or the FItnessGram do any good?
Thought Sauna 30: "Candy: The Movie" Starring Sly Cooper and Friends!
Episode of
Thought Sauna Podcast
On this episode we talk about horse drag racing, how to advertise our future children, hide n' seek, our new candy-based full-length feature starring Sly Cooper, Conker, every other animal video game mascot (and Cole MacGrath), and much more!   Email: Facebook: Twitter: Discord: Spotify: iTunes:
Ep. 57: Gray Haddock and Evan Narcisse on Rooster Teeth’s new ‘gen:Lock’ series
Episode of
I Love You So Much: The Austin360 Podcast
When Austinites Gray Haddock and Evan Narcisse booked “Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan for their new series, “Gen:Lock,” they couldn’t tell anyone. In this episode you can hear the story of how Haddock, the head of Rooster Teeth’s animation studio, and Narcisse, a writer on the “Rise of the Black Panther” comic, attracted such a celebrity-studded cast for this show, which launches in January, PLUS: Austin’s first immersive selfie museum, the FOMO Factory, opens in downtown in mid-September, and creator and Austinite Rachel Youens chatted with us about how a colorful, whimsical selfie-friendly space can help us reconnect with the best parts of childhood. AND: Ben Milam Whiskey, a woman-owned distillery based in Blanco, is where Kentuckian Marlene Holmes, who previously worked for Jim Beam for more than 25 years, and longtime Austinite Marsha Milam are now making whiskey inspired by Ben Milam, a hero of the Texas Revolution and Marsha's ancestor. And in "A Toast," we recommend stencil artist El Federico,  "Three Identical Strangers," a documentary about triplets who were separated at birth, a new Netflix show "Dark Tourist," which explores the hidden side of cities we love to visit, and the late summer hit movie "Crazy Rich Asians." More info:
67 - Be Cool
Episode of
The Contrarians
Is there anything cooler than being meta? Yes: being John Travolta and being meta at the same time. Alex and Julio arrive at the last stop in The Summer of Travolta as they contend with a sequel that wasn't content to be a sequel. BE COOL is a sequel about sequels. And understanding that is what makes the difference between actually being cool and being someone who gave this movie a bad rating in the Tomatometer. Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace get together on the dance floor, for crying out loud! James Woods gets shot! Repeatedly! And don't even get us started on the gone-too-soon career of Obvious-Travolta-Heir Christina Milian... PHOTO: They can't believe it either. TIMELINE:00:00:00 - 00:39:53   Contrarians Corner (#CC)00:39:54 - 00:41:05    The one cool moment in Be Cool00:41:06 - 01:11:55      Real Talk01:11:56 - 01:21:54        Plugs (spoilers for A Quiet Place) and bye-byes01:22:26 - 01:22:36    Paparazzi?PLUGS!- Alex is way behind on showing A QUIET PLACE some love. Better late than never!- By now, the EPIC FILM GUYS episode about MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT has been out for a few weeks. Julio is still a big part of it. So find it, listen to it, enjoy it - and tell your friends! (and tell the Epic Film Guys, so maybe they'll invite us back).- I'd be surprised if you can find UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB playing anywhere these days, but if you do, don't hesitate and go watch it! If not, check it out as soon as it hits streaming.- Hans Rothgiesser, the man behind our logo, can be reached at @mildemonios on Twitter or you can email him at in case you ever need a logo (or comics) produced. And you can listen to him talk about Peruvian politics on his own podcast, NACION COMBI.Up next, THE TRAVOLTIES! We'll wrap up The Summer Of Travolta with an Awards Ceremony worthy of the past four months. Until then, please rate/review/subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify, you know the drill. And let us know what you think about BE COOL. Does it sully the legacy of GET SHORTY or improve on it? E-mail us at or tweet at us or facebook us. Get your tuxes ready!