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Creation Date July 4th, 2019
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Happy Independence Day! Celebrate your Fourth of July with a podcast that explores the history of the United States of America! From the Constitution to the Supreme Court, from Narrative to True Crime, there's something for everyone!
Star Spangled
Switched on Pop
Did you know the melody to the Star Spangled Banner was once a British drinking song? In preparation for the Super Bowl, we uncover how the national anthem has been co-opted and reinterpreted by mega pop-stars. Our understanding of how this song sounds has been shaped by sporting events and the spin pop artists put on it has altered our conception of the national song. FEATURING Beyoncé, Jose Feliciano, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Whitney Houston – The Star Spangled Banner Iceland Symphony Orchestra – Finlandia, Op. 26 Ensemble Almageste – La Mantovana Songs from the the Star Spangled Music Foundation Sura Yako – Sauti Sol Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Statue of Liberty | 6
American History Tellers
The Statue of Liberty is one of America’s most iconic monuments to freedom. As we head into the Fourth of July holiday, we’ll look back on the amazing effort it took to get Lady Liberty built.Beckett Graham is co-host of The History Chicks podcast, a show that explores the legacies of women throughout history. Beckett joins us to talk about her approach to telling women’s stories and we’ll also play a portion of The History Chicks podcast episode on how the Statue of Liberty came to be. It’s a story that includes New York’s first ticker tape parade, some challenging construction issues and suffragists on a boat protesting the statue’s dedication.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Sleep Number - Don’t miss Sleep Number’s 4th of July Special.  Find the one nearest you at - Use promo code TELLERS for $5 off your first order from DoorDash.   ZipRecruiter - listeners can try ZipRecruiter FOR FREE at Jack- Cayman Jack provides premium prepared cocktails for those with good taste and little time. Find Cayman Jack at a store near you by visiting Please drink responsibly. Premium malt beverage. American Vintage Beverage Co. Chicago, Illinois.
Ep.01 ‘We choose to go’
13 Minutes to the Moon
With no idea how to get there, the race to the moon begins – "we intend to win". To understand how the story ends, we need to start at the very beginning. With Kevin Fong. Starring: Michael Collins Steve Bales Margaret Hamilton Jim Lovell Charlie Duke Theme music by Hans Zimmer for Bleeding Fingers Music #13MinutestotheMoon This episode was updated on 14 May 2019.
Harriet Tubman
Historical Figures
Born into slavery during the early 1800s in Maryland, she survived a tragic, violent childhood before ultimately escaping and gaining her own freedom. Unsatisfied, Harriet Tubman embarked on a mission of liberation, freeing slaves and shepherding them to the North via the Underground Railroad. Sponsors!Robinhood - Robinhood is giving listeners of Historical Figures a FREE stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint to help you build your portfolio. Sign up at
John Adams: The case of the missing monument
In the second episode of Presidential, biographer David McCullough as well as noted art and architecture experts explore why there's no monument to John Adams in Washington, DC -- and how that omission shapes our sense of his legacy.
Nell Donnelly Reed
Stuff You Missed in History Class
Nell Donnelly Reed built a successful business starting before women even had the right to vote in the U.S. Her story combines fashion, education, workers’ health and safety, kidnapping, and marital scandal. She is, like any historical figure, complicated.  Learn more about your ad-choices at
In the premier episode of “Constitutional,” we go back in time to that hot Philadelphia summer in 1787 when a group of revolutionary Americans debated, drank and together drafted the U.S. Constitution.
A conversation with culinary historian Michael Twitty about the history of American Barbecue.
The Remarkable Life Of Frederick Douglass
Fresh Air
David Blight's Pulitzer Prize-winning biography describes Frederick Douglass' escape from slavery, his passionate leadership in the abolitionist movement and his gift as a writer and orator. Blight spoke with 'Fresh Air' in December of 2018.Aretha Franklin has been awarded a posthumous "Special Citation" Pulitzer Prize. We'll hear an excerpt of her 1999 interview with Terry Gross. Also, film critic Justin Chang reviews 'Long Day's Journey Into Night,' the second feature from the Chinese writer-director Bi Gan.
American Pendulum Reprise
Radiolab Presents: More Perfect
What happens when the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, seems to get it wrong? Korematsu v. United States upheld President Franklin Roosevelt’s internment of American citizens during World War II based solely on their Japanese heritage, for the sake of national security. In this episode, we follow Fred Korematsu’s path to the Supreme Court, and we ask the question: if you can’t get justice in the Supreme Court, can you find it someplace else?
Nomology (THE CONSTITUTION) with Franita Tolson
Ologies with Alie Ward
If you've never read The Constitution, you're like most of us. What does it even say?! Most Americans aren't law scholars, which is why we sat down with a Dean of USC's Gould School of Law, Professor Franita Tolson, to have her give us the crib sheet on the most important document in the free world. What's up with the amendments? What are the articles? What does it mean to be an American? What rights do we have? How did we get them and how do we keep them? We also discuss what it was like having Barack Obama as her law professor, if she reads the Apple Terms & Conditions, the Civil Rights Movement, Hamilton, whether Trump can be impeached, how to get familiar with the best SCOTUS gossip and Shonda Rhimes. By the end of the episode, you'll be able to wink at the Constitution and say "I get you" and you also might be engaging in more peaceful protests or applying to law school or hanging Professor Tolson's portrait on your wall.Follow Franita Tolson at and read more about her work here.More links at donation went to the American Civil Liberties Union. Learn more at www.aclu.orgSponsor links:;;; a patron of Ologies for as little as a buck a month: has hats, shirts, pins, totes!Follow or or editing by Jarrett Sleeper of MindJam Media & Steven Ray MorrisTheme song by Nick Thorburn
Joey'll Fix It
The weekend of July 18, 1969 was meant to be a special occasion, a reunion for those who worked for Bobby Kennedy’s presidential campaign. But the gathering quickly turned into a night shrouded by secrets and mystery. Hear about the one witness who Ted Kennedy’s team feared the most, and the surprise revelation that turns the Senator’s story on its head. To continue the discussion, join our Facebook group to share your thoughts and theories or reach us directly at And for more on the case, go to
Obama 1: The Man In The Background
Making Obama
Before he was the 44th President, Barack Obama worked as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago. Hear how the city shaped his political ambitions.
THE FLY GIRL Ruth Nichols
Ruth Rowland Nichols was a pioneer of early aviation, the only woman yet to hold simultaneous world records for speed, altitude, and distance, the first woman to attempt a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean, the founder of the Relief Wings branch of the Civil Air Patrol and one of the most famous pilots of the 1930’s (even more famous than her friend and rival Amelia Earhart). Her courage and daring made her a national icon, but she is barely remembered now by the country that once praised her as its most famous “fly girl.” Our guest is Keith O’Brien, New York Times Bestselling Author of Fly Girls: How Five Daring Women Defied All Odds and Made Aviation History. Thanks to Highbridge Audio for generously allowing us to use excerpts from the Fly Girls audiobook, read by Erin Bennett.         photo by Erik Jacobs New York Times Bestselling author Keith O’Brien is a former reporter for the Boston Globe and a frequent contributor to National Public Radio. His work has appeared on shows such as All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and This American Life. He has also written for the New York Times Magazine, Politico, and Slate, and is the author of Outside Shot: Big Dreams, Hard Times, and One County’s Quest for Basketball Greatness. He lives in New Hampshire.           Music featured in this episode includes   The post THE FLY GIRL Ruth Nichols appeared first on What'shername.
Season 1: Episode 8: Dear Abby
Making Gay History | LGBTQ Oral Histories from the Archive
A generation ago, tens of millions of people turned to  “Dear Abby” in her daily  newspaper column for advice.  Long before others did, and at considerable risk, she used her platform and celebrity in support of gay people and their equal rights.
Star Spangled Indicator
The Indicator from Planet Money
Flags: symbol of a country, patriotic rallying cry, and a telling economic indicator. Today on the show, a factory in China that makes American flags, and what it tells us about the modern economy.
Episode 95: Something Is Missing
The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe
He did everything a hero and patriot ought to do... almost.