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Creation Date June 21st, 2019
Updated Date Updated July 3rd, 2019
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Little by little, one travels far.
Only Backpacking delivers the most in-depth and relevant content for the backpacking community. We discuss everything about backpacking, interview backpackers and hikers, gear reviews, and trail information.
Phia Griffin talks one on one with viewers of her films and readers of her blog to answer any Travel Related worries to give them that push they need to start travelling the world!
Der Backpack Stories Podcast ist für Backpacker und Reisende, die gerne Reisegeschichten aus aller Welt hören. Backpack Stories - das Reise Event tourt durch Deutschland, ergänzend als virtuelle Bühne gibt es jetzt den Reisepodcast. Das Motto lautet "Mit Rucksack los - mit Geschichten zurück!" Carla Vollert nimmt dich mit, wenn sie reist, interviewt spannende Globetrotter und findet für dich die besten Tipps & Tricks zum Reisen. Mehr Infos auf - abonniere jetzt den Podcast und hinterlasse eine Bewertung auf Itunes.
A couple of newbie Backpackers talking through their peaks, pits and tips as they travel through South East Asia. Check out our Insta @backpackpod_
Podcast by BackpackBros
Podcast by BackPack Voyage
More Than Backpacking is a Personal Development Podcast that strives to show you the value in conversations with people you meet, in every walk of life. Some people go backpacking, some start a business, some start a sport, some learn an instrument. These are all vehicles of personal growth. Your attitude & mindset to what you do can determine how much growth you can gain from an experience & when you realise we are all playing the same game, I believe you can start to enjoy it more! Follow on Instagram @doneill05 & @JustThreeAmigos for updates & inspiration for growth! #ilovethisgame
A podcast for newbies to grizzled veterans of the trail. Each week a new themed episode is released addressing a range of camping, hiking, and backpacking topics.
The Practical Backpacking™ Podcast features informative interviews with adventurers and leaders in the outdoor community. More episodes are available at
The Backpacking Light Podcast explores the technology, gear, skills, and philosophy of backcountry wilderness travel through stories, interviews, and investigative reports.
Thoughts and Stories from DJ FreedomTrain as he adventures across the US and the world. The Footsteps of Freedom Travelcast is recorded and edited fully on the go, on an iPhone in an organic and intimate way. Season 1: A Thru Hike attempt of the 2,400 mile Hot Springs Trail Season 2 : Montana, India, Nepal. The group heads to India as part of a Wilderness EMT course and then heads to the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.
Iain Stewart takes a walk through some of Scotland's most intriguing landscapes, revealing how human activity has shaped the land we see today.
This collection provides a number of hiking tips along with discussion of several hiking trails that can be found in national parks.
Love to get outdoors and discover nature's treasures? Hiking Treks is the show for you. We review hikes and excursions, review outdoor gear and interview a variety of naturalists and adventurers. Look for new episodes each week.
A weekly podcast in which I speak with experienced thru hikers about their stories from the trails and strategies for a successful thru hike.