Best Podcasts about Crafts

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Creation Date October 20th, 2019
Updated Date Updated October 24th, 2019
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List of Best Podcasts about Crafts
Craft Industry Alliance
A recommendation show for creatives.
Two Ewes Fiber Adventures
Who are we and why are we podcasting? We are Kelly and Marsha.  We came at yarn and fiber from different directions, but we both love it. Marsha is an accomplished knitter, learning to dye yarn.  Kelly is a spinner who knits and weaves.  Fiber is one of the many interests we share after over 30 years of friendship. 
Planner Girl Chatter
Three planner gals that met through their obsession decorating their day planners share their adventures, friends, product reviews, and thoughts on all things planning. Covering real life adult topics, while talking about stickers, intentions, and sometimes the lack of having it together expect big laughs and adult language.
Just Wanna Quilt
Conversations with quilters, designers, tool-makers, all kinds of people connected to the quilting industry. Hobby quilters, famous quilters, and everyone in between. A research podcast from Tulane Law School hosted by Elizabeth Townsend Gard. Yes, some talk about copyright and intellectual property law too and how it connects to quilting.
Teaching Your Brain to Knit
Margaret and Catherine talk about what they are learning from their knitting, something about the brain or learning, Behind the Redwood Curtain, the area where they live along the Northcoast of California, and a knitting tip
Craft Cook Read Repeat
A bi-weekly conversation featuring crafty goodness, wonderful reads and tasty eats
Craft Hangout
Welcome to the artsy crafty inspiration destination podcast with an upbeat & fun edge. We exist to help our crafty tribe get better at whatever they’re doing, provide encouragement, inspo, & a fun listen. Let's hang out & get crafty!
Crafty Hands Club Podcast
Welcome to Crafty Hands Club podcast with host Carriece Jefferson. This podcast talks about all things jewelry making. Listen to learn about industry news, trends, tips, techniques, and more. Website: Facebook: Crafty Hands Club Instagram: @craftyhandsclub
Craft A Life You Love
Join craft maven and creative coach Amy Tangerine as she extracts juicy wisdom from tastemakers, experts, and entrepreneurs. Her guests have found their own unique voices and infuse creativity, fun, and intention into their daily lives– so can you. Listen for the freshest takes on how to build the life of your dreams at the crossroads of creativity, passion, and purpose.