Best Podcasts for Kids

A curated episode list by EarBuds Podcast Collective
Creation Date December 9th, 2019
Updated Date Updated December 10th, 2019
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Here are the 5 podcast episodes chosen by Maggie McGuire, founder of Pinna, for the EarBuds' theme of *Best Podcasts for Kids.*
Glowy and the Friend Adventure/The Big Chance (feat. Jeremy Sisto)
Having successfully exited the Earth’s atmosphere, the Story Pirates are greeted by the captain of the Intergalactic Space Friends Alliance (Jeremy Sisto) who comes bearing unique gifts. Featuring two new stories: “Glowy and the Friend Adventure,” a laid-back beach ditty about a whale who needs a friend, written by two brothers from California named Clive and Silas, ages 9 and 7, and “The Big Chance,” the story of a girl who must endure a high stakes test in order to reach her dream of becoming a doctor, written by Isabella, a 10 year old from Maryland.
The secrets of the spectacular spacesuit
Never explore the final frontier without your trusty, white, puffy space suit! But why is it puffy and white? And why do astronauts need them? Turns out space is super dangerous and these suits can save your life. We’ll give you a tour of all the features of NASA’s iconic EMU suit and explain why it looks like a squishy marshmallow. Plus, we’ll interview an engineer working on the next generation of space suits and hear a funky new space jam by singer Jamie Lidell. Add in a mystery sound, a Moment of Um looking at knuckle cracking and some rad ideas for super suits of the future and you’ve got an action packed episode of Brains On. This episode is sponsored by KiwiCo (, Panama City Beach (, The Great Courses Plus ( and Quip ( You can support the show at
Mother Tongue: Italian
Learn Italian in our kids podcast Mother Tongue! Ciao means hello in Italian. Sirine’s guest is Mary who talks about language and culture including her favourite gelato flavour and a fun Italian card game.  This is a Kinderling Kids Radio podcast. If you love what you hear then please subscribe, rate and leave a lovely review! It really helps :) Here are the Italian words you'll learn in this episode: Ciao - HelloPianoforte - PianoScopa - Broom or Sweep (the name of an Italian card game, like Snap)Mortatella Panini - A tasty Italian snackBuono - YummyArivederci - Goodbye SONG:  Battiamo le manineche adesso arriva papa'gli porta I chocolatiniE Mary gli magera'  Battiamo le manineche adesso arriva papa'gli porta I chocolatiniE Mary gli magera' English translation: Clap your handsDaddy's coming home soonHe's bringing cholocate(Say baby’s name) is going to eat it.
The luckiest cat in the world
Have you ever seen a statue of a cat waving at you from a shop window? Sometimes they're white or gold and their paw goes up and down as if to say 'come here and check out my cool store!' The Maneki-neko is a lucky symbol in Japan, right across Asia and the world; all because of the tale of a cat, a big storm and a Japanese warrior.

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