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Creation Date July 31st, 2018
Updated Date Updated March 12th, 2019
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Rob Reid Speculative Fiction and Sci-Fi (Ep 94)

  • over 1 year ago

Host of Matt's new favorite podcast "After On" Rob Reid, joins to discuss his new Sci-Fi book of the same name and themes including: augmented reality, consciousness, government privacy, artificial intelligence, Fermi paradox, synthetic biology, and belief and terrorism. Links & Sponsors:breakitdownpod.comFacebookAfter OnLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

Josh Zepps of #WeThePeople LIVE (Ep 86)

  • over 1 year ago

Josh Zepps is an Australian media personality, political satirist, actor, and TV show host. He and Matt discuss the importance of context and heart behind offensive words, topics off limits to people of majority race or gender, and how shutting down conversation by those people doesn't equal progress. They also articulate how both journalism and science are incomplete processes. Links & LIVEThat's It: with promo code DOWN for 10% offLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

JB from August Burns Red on Guitars, Amps, and Pedals (Ep 85)

  • almost 2 years ago

August Burns Red's guitarist JB Brubaker joins today to discuss his process switching from mic'd amps to DI for live shows, share tour stories, and the frustrations of traveling with a rig. Matt also plays a clip of a solo JB wrote on an Emery album and get into arranging, style, and tablature. Links & Sponsors:breakitdownpod.comEmery shows: emerymusic.comJB's Instagram: @jbburnsredCasper: with promo code mentioned in episodeLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

Cyber Security with Alison DeNisco Rayome (Ep 128)

  • 9 months ago

After reading some of Alison DeNisco Rayome's articles in TechRepublic, I wanted to have her on and talk more about where cyber security is right now, and see where it's going in the future. What are some best practices to keep yourself secure, and how are companies taking advantage of AR/VR?Links & Sponsors:breakitdownpod.comFacebookEmery Tour: emerymusic.comRockabilia: code PCJABBERJAWTechRepublicLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

What Can We Do with Blockchain? (Ep 127)

  • 9 months ago

A good friend connected me with Alex Linebrink, who is the CEO of PassageX, a secondary ticketing venue that utilizes blockchain technology to promote industry accountability and transparency. It's exciting to hear about other uses of the system and get a glimpse at the tip of the iceberg of what can be done in the future with such a powerful tool as blockchain.Links & Sponsors:breakitdownpod.comFacebookEmery Tour: emerymusic.comRockabilia: code PCJABBERJAWPassageXLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

Pedals with Matt Hoopes of Relient K (Ep 125)

  • 10 months ago

Being a band guy on the road, gear heads tend to find each other. For me, Matt Hoopes of Relient K is always on the top of my list for guys I like to talk about pedals with. Now he's creating his own pedals, so we go in-depth about the technical aspects of what distortion is and the components inside pedals.Links & Sponsors:breakitdownpod.comFacebookEmery Tour: emerymusic.comRockabilia: code PCJABBERJAW1981 InventionsLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

Underoath's Tim McTague on the Process of "Erase Me" (Ep 117)

  • about 1 year ago

Tim McTauge, Underoath's guitarist joins for a conversation about their inner-band dynamics and how it applied to the songwriting process and production, specifically with their new album "Erase Me."   Links & Sponsors: Facebook Emery Tour: Rockabilia: code PCJABBERJAWLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

Resilience with Author Steven Southwick (Ep 124)

  • 10 months ago

Steven Southwick is a professor at Yale University of Psychiatry, PTSD, and Resilience. He is also the author of "Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life's Greatest Challenges," which I was eager to talk with him about, since we seems to share similar philosophies on the power of the mind effecting the body.Links & Sponsors:breakitdownpod.comFacebookEmery Tour: emerymusic.comRockabilia: code PCJABBERJAWLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

Angel Giuffria the Bionic Actress (Ep 116)

  • about 1 year ago

Hunger Games actress, Angel Giuffria, was born missing half of her arm, but has embraced the life of a "cyborg" using augmenting prosthetics to enhance her life. We go in depth about the mechanics of and customization of her arm. She's also heavily involved in the transhumanism movement, and interested in how humanity is progressing to a higher level of human-machine integration.   Links & Sponsors: Facebook Rockabilia: code PCJABBERJAWLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

Johann Hari: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression (Ep 113)

  • about 1 year ago

Johann Hari is a best-selling author and has given a most-viewed TED talk on addiction. His latest book, "The Lost Connections" has been hit with some controversy as it explores deeper causes and alternative treatments to depression beyond anti-depressants.  Links & Sponsors:breakitdownpod.comFacebookAway: code DOWN more about your ad choices. Visit