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A Real Man Would...

The Real Man podcast is a place where RotoWire's Chris Liss (@chris_liss) and Yahoo Sports' Dalton Del Don @daltondeldon illustrate the difference between a "real man" and Dalton Del Don. Chris also has some rants, and the two talk politics, fantasy sports and gambling.

RotoWire College Football Podcast

Mario Puig and John McKechnie discuss college football each Wednesday throughout the season. NOTE: This is a Wednesday-only feed of the RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast.

RotoWire DFS Podcast

Members of the RotoWire Staff -- including Joe Pisapia, Todd Zola, Derek VanRiper, Mario Puig, John McKechnie, Scott Jenstad, Vlad Sedler, Paul Bruno, Joe Bartel, Ben Miller, and AJ Scholz -- discuss all things DFS throughout the year.

RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Podcast

The RotoWire baseball staff covers fantasy baseball year round, including draft prep, strategy, and much more! Hosts include: Jeff Erickson, Derek VanRiper, Clay Link, James Anderson, Scott Jenstad, Todd Zola, and Tim Heaney! Intro Song: "Not Too Old" by Lawr Michaels from the album 'Downward Facing Dog'

RotoWire Fantasy Basketball Podcast

Listen to Nick Whalen, James Anderson, Shannon McKeown, Ken Crites, Alex Barutha, and NBA team beat writers from around the league talk fantasy basketball throughout the season.

RotoWire Fantasy Football Podcast

John Halpin talks strategy with the award-winning RotoWire staff and the top fantasy football minds around the industry. In season, John will be joined by Derek VanRiper, Jake Letarski, Tim Heaney, and other special guests! Scott Jenstad and DVR host a DFS preview each week throughout the season.

RotoWire Fantasy Hockey Podcast

The RotoWire Fantasy Hockey Podcast is hosted by Paul Bruno and AJ Scholz. This podcast covers all angles of fantasy hockey from training camp through the playoffs.

Fantasy Soccer Podcast

A two-time finalist for the Fantasy Sports Writers Association podcast of the year, the RotoWire Fantasy Soccer Podcast covers daily fantasy and season-long soccer contests from multiple leagues, including the English Premier League, Major League Soccer and the UEFA Champions League. Hosted by Andrew Laird, who is joined regularly by Jordan Cooper, Schuyler Redpath, JD Bazzo and Luis Pacheco, the show includes match previews and reviews, as well as standalone strategy discussions to help listeners better understand the ins and outs of fantasy soccer.