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 September 7th, 2018
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The TV podcasts on the Electric Sweater network. Visit ElectricSweater.com for more.

The TV Dudes Podcast

The TV Dudes discuss all things TV from news, to reviews, and general podcast discussions. Tune in!

Star Trek Discovery Pod

Join us in celebrating Star Trek! We’ll begin by diving into every episode of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS: All Access, parsing theories, themes, and giving our hot takes on every new episode. And that’s not all! Star Trek Discovery Pod also makes room for deeper synthehol-soaked discussions about previous Star Trek TV shows and movies, plus the franchise’s extended media.

Mr. Robot, Oh!: A Mr. Robot Podcast

A recovering TV critic, a web security expert, and a special guest cover every episode of Mr. Robot, analyzing the show's themes, characters, tech, and social commentary, and sharing listener and fan feedback.

This Is Us Podcast with Kei & Clyde

A unique This Is Us Podcast by husband & wife podcasters Kei & Clyde. We review each episode of NBC TV Drama This Is Us.

The Good Die Young

The Good Die Young is an ongoing series exploring the best in cancelled television, with deep-dive commentary and interviews. Each season we'll select a different short-lived television show. Season 1 will spotlight the 2008 ABC Family show 'The Middleman'.

Fem TV: Celebrating Women in Television

TV critic Melissa Girimonte, also known as The Televixen, hosts Fem TV, an interview series featuring real stories of women working in the TV industry. Created to celebrate women in television, Fem TV aims to inspire, educate and entertain.

Gilmored: A New Gilmore Girls Podcast

Gilmored covers the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, in-depth, with analysis and discussion of every new Gilmore Girls episode streaming on Netflix. Your hosts, Kei Haynes and Mike Moody, are joined by guests from the Permanent RCRD podcast network and others to discuss the show. It's a new Gilmore Girls podcast!

Beach Cop Detectives: A 'Terriers' Podcast

Beach Cop Detectives is a podcast dedicated to 'Terriers', the one-season beach noir series co-created by Shawn Ryan and Ted Griffin for FX in 2010. Beach Cop Detectives provides episode-by-episode analysis and original interviews with many of the cast and crew who helped make the show. Ain't we got fun?

TV Pilot Watching

Kei & Clyde fell in love watching good TV. His passion for captivating content and her industry experience bring two different perspectives as they discuss what makes a great pilot. She is the Batman to his Superman.