Hoser Horror - A Podcast Subseries Aboot Canadian Horror Films

A curated episode list by Carlo Vanstiphout
Creation Date September 21st, 2019
Updated Date Updated October 14th, 2019
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Ep#25 - Hoser Horror: A Fruet Duet (Spasms & Blue Monkey)
Notes From the Back Row
In the latest Hoser Horror, it’s a duet of movies by William Fruet: the snake/telepathy thriller of Spasms (1983), and the sci-fi throwback with a modern twist that is Blue Monkey (1987).
Ep#24 - Hoser Horror: US, Eh? Canadian American Horror
Notes From the Back Row
Hoser Horror goes a little bit south of North America and dips into the ol’ U.S.A. with this week’s two Canadian horror films–Red Blooded American Girl and American Nightmare.
Ep#23 - Hoser Horror: My Bloody Valentine & Visiting Hours
Notes From the Back Row
Carlo, Dan and guest Adam Eisentrout discuss My Bloody Valentine (1981), and Visiting Hours (1982) and their place in the pantheon of blood-soaked Canadian stab-’em-ups.
Ep#22 - Hoser Horror: Revenge in the Great White North
Notes From the Back Row
This week, Hoser Horror goes into the backwoods to find two of the meanest, sleaziest revenge movies this side of the great white north.
Ep# 20 - Hoser Horror: When Animals Attack, Eh?
Notes From the Back Row
Animals are attacking on Hoser Horror, eh? Giant rats, killer fish, oh my! Carlo & Dan discuss Psycho Pike and GNAW: Food of the Gods II - and live to tell the tale!!
Ep# 18 - Hoser Horror: The Mask & Cannibal Girls
Notes From the Back Row
This week Dan and Carlo take a look at two firsts for Canadian horror: The Mask & Cannibal Girls.
Ep# 17 - Hoser Horror: Science Crazed & The Pit
Notes From the Back Row
This week on the podcast, Dan and Carlo get their toques on and don some flannel… it’s time for HOSER HORROR!
Ep#27 - Hoser Horror: Jon Mikl Thor's Nightmares
Notes From the Back Row
This time on another Hoser Horror episode of Notes from the Back Row, Carlo and Dan watch a double-feature of Canadian horror films featuring the one, the only: Jon Mikl Thor.
Ep#28 - Hoser Horror: Two Good Doggos (The Gate & Watchers)
Notes From the Back Row
This episode of Notes from the Back Row’s Hoser Horror finds Dan and Carlo watching Watchers and The Gate with two very good boys: Furface and Angus!