Last Seen deep dive: December 2018 PBC playlist

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Creation Date November 29th, 2018
Updated Date Updated March 12th, 2019
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This month Podcast Brunch Club (PBC) is doing things a little differently. Rather than a curated thematic listening list, we're doing a binge listen of one serialized podcast. After a vote on the Podcast Brunch Club Facebook Group, we have decided to do a deep dive into Last Seen.

Episode 1: '81 Minutes'

  • 6 months ago

In 1990, two thieves stole 13 irreplaceable artworks from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. We take a closer look at what happened that night.

Episode 2: 'Inside Job?'

  • 6 months ago

On the night of the heist, security guard Rick Abath made the critical mistake of letting the thieves into the museum. In this episode, we ask if it was indeed a mistake.

Episode 3: 'Not A Bunch Of Jamokes'

  • 6 months ago

Was the heist planned in the belly of Boston's criminal underworld operating out of a Dorchester auto body shop?

Episode 4: 'Two Bad Men'

  • 5 months ago

Were George Reissfelder and David Turner involved in the Gardner heist?

Episode 5: 'The Bobbys'

  • 5 months ago

We trace the art's possible path from Boston to Connecticut to Philadelphia.

Episode 6: 'Befriend And Betray'

  • 5 months ago

This is a story about how to plot an art recovery, and then blow it entirely.

Episode 7: 'I Was The One'

  • 5 months ago

Was the world's greatest art thief the inspiration, or actually the mastermind, of the Gardner heist?

Episode 8: 'Flimflammer'

  • 4 months ago

After a parallel heist gone wrong, did Brian McDevitt succeed at the Gardner Museum?

Episode 9: 'The Big Dig'

  • 4 months ago

We follow a mobster's tip to excavate a lot in Orlando.

Episode 10: 'Last Seen' Live

  • 4 months ago

A behind-the-scenes conversation about how we investigated the most sensational unsolved art heist in history.

Roundup of Last Seen deep dive [Episode 38]

  • 3 months ago

In this roundup episode, Sara and Adela chat about the deep dive Podcast Brunch Club did into the Last Seen podcast. We also get feedback from PBC members worldwide on whether a limited run series, like Last Seen, needs a conclusion to feel satisfying. Adela and Sara then diverge from the binge listen and do a year-end superlatives award segment for the podcast landscape. Some of the superlatives are: Best Laugh (and best analogies or most likely to be an English major): PJ Vogt, co-host of Reply All Class Activist: Mark Pagán, host of Other Men Need Help Cutest Couple: Maeve Higgins and Mary Robinson, hosts of Mothers of Invention (runner up: William Hanson and Jordan North, co-hosts of Help I Sexted My Boss) Most Likely To End Up A Talk Show Host: William Hanson and Jordan North, co-hosts of Help I Sexted My Boss Most Likely To Be Found Studying: team behind In The Dark Most Likely To Help Make Dreams Come True: Radiotopia for hiring Ear Hustle co-host, Earlonne Woods, whose prison sentence was commuted Most Likely To Be A Boss: Gimlet Media Most Athletic: 30 for 30 Most Earthy: BBC Earth Get involved in the discussion! Join PBC: newsletter, in-person chapter, Facebook Group, twitter, PBC sub-Reddit Join Audible Feast: website, newsletter, Facebook, twitter Audio editing and production by Steven Zampanti of Conceptual Podcasting. Organizational Partners include (learn how to support Podcast Brunch Club): Critical Frequency – “a podcast network for everyone else” Podchaser – “the IMDb of podcasts” Audioboom – check out Dead Man Talking podcast Listen Notes – “the best podcast search engine” Podbean – use the code “pbc” for one month free on podcast hosting