Missions and Church Planting

A curated podcast list by Bryan Entzminger
Creation Date September 12th, 2019
Updated Date Updated October 25th, 2019
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Podcasts by and for missionaries and church planters.
Engaging Missions
God is always at work and every Christian has the opportunity to be involved. Enjoy stories and insights from missionaries and church planters that will challenge you to grow, inspire you to take action, and reveal God’s heart. Whether you feel called to minister the love of Jesus across the ocean or down the street, this show is for you.
Missions Pulse
Missions Pulse exists to display God at work in the world and inspire believers toward their individual role in the Great Commission call.
Global Missions Podcast
A program for Christ-followers who want to participate more effectively in God’s work both at home and to the ends of the earth.
GlobalCAST Resources - Mentoring Missions Advocates
Encouragement, equipping and resources for missions advocates just like you. We long to see every disciple of Jesus find their role in the Great Commission. Missions advocates (missions mobilizers) play a crucial role in helping other believers to get involved in missions. Tune in for principles, and best practices that can help both individuals and whole communities become more engaged with reaching the least, the last and the lost.
Movements with Steve Addison
Stories and insights from the field on multiplying disciples and churches. Everywhere.
Crescent Project Radio
In a day when fear and questions surround the conversation of reaching out to Muslim's with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Crescent Project offers a simple step forward: obedient love casts out fear.
Welcome to The Voice of the Martyrs Radio Network! Join host Todd Nettleton each week as we share testimonies of brothers and sisters suffering for their faith in Christ. The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) is a nonprofit, interdenominational missions organization that offers practical and spiritual help to persecuted Christians around the world.
From the Forefront
From the Forefront, interviews with those of the front of Christian missions and ministry. Learn about leadership, life lessons, and more with the monthly, long form podcast brought to you by the creators of the Leadership Moment Podcast, FXMissions.
Now is the Time
Caleb Suko talks about what it means to worship God especially in the context of missions and disciple making through the local Church. Coming to you from the context of daily ministry in Ukraine he shares with you practical insights and theological truths that will help you make worship a real part of life and not just something you do on Sunday morning. Caleb Suko and his family serve as missionaries in Odessa, Ukraine. https://sukofamily.org
On the Road
What does No Place Left mean? Can my church start a movement that would cause the gospel to reach every corner of my city? Can I? Join Pheaney as he drives around and explores the answers to these questions. We'll interview guests that are pursuing movement in their cities, share skills and tools you can put into practice, and always include awesome stories of God at work.
Ephesiology [n. ih·fē·zē·äləʒē]: The Study of a Movement
Ephesiology [n. ih·fē·zē·äləʒē]: The Study of a Movement journeys from the launch of the church in Ephesus to her ongoing mission as a movement whose heart to glorify God focused on reaching more people with the gospel. In the intertwining 40 years, the church is grounded in God’s will and led by those who multiplied generations of disciples. This is the story of Paul’s missiological theology situated in the grand narrative of God’s plan and made accessible for the church today.
Send Me: Missionary Stories
This is a show dedicated to Missionaries and why they leave the comfort of their homes and go to the unknown and serve. Each episode, Cj talks to Missionaries about the experiences in the Mission field and their reasons for doing what they are doing or what they did. Do you have a story or know a missionary that has a great story to share, then please send me an email with details to: smmissionarystories@gmail.com.
The Missionary Mobilization Podcast
The Missionary Mobilization Podcast is a resource for Christian leaders who want to increase the number of missionaries around the world. Our goal is to equip and encourage missions mobilizers and missions pastors for greater Kingdom impact. This podcast is a ministry of the Center for Missionary Mobilization and Retention at Trinity Bible College and Graduate School. Visit us online at missionarymobilization.org