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Creation Date December 7th, 2018
Updated Date Updated July 3rd, 2019
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Guests I have enjoyed talking to throught the years

The Podcasts

Leonard Nimoy
The actor who will always be Spock chatted with me back in 2009 about his days with a small LA theater company, The Star Trek Episode, Naked Time plus appearing for JJ Abrams in the Star Trek movie and Fringe.
Christopher Judge
Two vintage conversations with this talented actor talking about Stargate SG-1 and his co-stars and favorite episodes.Music by Digital Grey Orchestra.  
George R.R. Martin - A Game Of Thrones
First time novelist at the time circa 1996 joined Ernest Lilley of SF Revu and myself to discuss his new novel which in present time is now an HBO Series. We also chat about his days producing and writing for the classic Beauty And The Beast TV Series. Music is by Victor Stellar. Visit SF Revu  
Peter DeLuise
Peter is an accomplished actor, writer, producer and director for such series as Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Peter has a recurring role in the webseries, Sanctuary as Ernie Watts, a merchant that equips Ashley for her supernatural battles.Peter has also directed episodes of Kyle XY, Bloodties and Pain Killer Jane. from 12/10/2007  
Michael Emerson
He was the mysterious Henry Gale Aka Ben Limus on Lost. This actor began his career on stage working with Kevin Spacey and Roger Rees.His film appearences include, Saw, The Legend Of Zorro, and Straight Jacket. On Television, he has appeared on two Law And Order series, Without A Trace, The X-Files, and The Practice. No spoilers here but some interesting information on Lost. From November 6, 2006
Lance Reddick
New interview as we look back at season 4 of Fringe and what Agent Broyles dealt with in the two universes. We also chat about his new project, Drone, an SF thriller and his upcoming movie, Won't Back Down.
Robert J Sawyer
Vintage conversation with award winning author discussing his then  TV adaptation of his novel, Flash Forward and his newest work at the time. Music is by Ocean Alexander.
Alan Ruck
Alan Ruck talks to me about his role in Star Trek Gods And Men and rectifying the character of Captain Harriman of the Enterprise B. We chatted about the filming of this collaboration of talented fans and professionals back in 2008.
Michael Shanks
Two vintage conversations with the former SG-1 actor talking season ten of Stargate, the 200th episode and in the second conversation about working with Gail O'Grady in a TV movie and "never" appearing on Sanctuary.
Robert Patrick
The former Terminator T-1000 talked to me in 2009 about his role in Alien Tresspass. We chat about his career and his life.
Greg Grunberg
Talented actor who was Matt Parkman on Heroes talks to me about his series and the fight against epilepsy . Taped at the end of Heroes series run before its non-renewal. Visit this important site to talk about it
James Marsters
Vintage interview as he was about to apear on Caprica. We chat Buffy, English accents, his film work and even his singing.
Marc Scott Zicree
Talented writer, producer and director talks about his exciting new project, Space Command .We chat about the project origins,casting and the funding from Kickstarter.Com. Marc and I also talk about his good friend and SF legend, Ray Bradbury.Visit the official site
Amanda Tapping
Vintage Interview where she talks Sanctuary when it was a web seriesm plus Stargate Season Ten, and the Stargate movies.
Trillium Vein
This talented composer officially known as Natalie Paige Bentley tells me about her multi-media project Once Upon A Time that includes music, film and a book built for the character of Trillium Vein. Check out her official site
Marlene Forte
I chat with this talented actor about her pivotal role as Celia Flores, housekeeper and keeper of the dead in Fear The Walking Dead. We chat about working with this talented cast including Kim Dickens and a take from a scene between her and Frank Dillane that was never used.
Dee Wallace
Actor talks about her role as Lilith in Hansel And Gretel plus her work in The Howling and ET
Anthony Daniels
Vintage 1996 conversation with one of SF's favorite droids talking Star Wars and the audio dramas based on the original trilogy.
Mark Hamill
In honor of his return to play Luke Skywalker once again in Episode VII here is the entire roundtable session from this summer's SDCC with this engaging actor.
Ray Harryhausen
Vintage conversation with special effects pioneer who past away in 2013. It was my honor to speak to him about his films and life.
Colin Cunningham
Candid conversation of this actor's post Falling Skies life and his musical venture, What The Funk.
Neil Jordan
Interview with Interview With A Vampire and A Company Of Wolves director who talks about his latest Byzantium about two female vampires' centuries long journey.
Eljiah Wood And Franck Khalfoun
Interview on the film, Maniac with the star and director as they discuss how they made the POV film work from the eyes of the killer played by Elijah Wood.
Tim Russ
The former Star Trek Voyager actor returns to his role of Tuvok in Star Trek Renegades. And he also takes on a new role as director. We discuss his new vision for Star Trek in this potential series. Part 1 Of 2. Visit their official site
Michael Cerveris
Vintage conversation on his pivotal role as September on Fringe and his role in Stakeland.
Tim Russ Part Two
More of the Star Trek Voyager's candid conversation on bringing Star Trek Renegades to a reality.
Marc And Steffan Fantini
I speak to these two talented composers who have worked on Criminal Minds since the beginning plus their scoring of the SF film, Space Station 76 and the comedy, Mom's Night Out. The duo redefines the term brother act. #CriminalMinds #SpaceStation76  
Tricia Helfer
My Best of series returns with a press conference with this model turned actor. She discusses playing a character on Burn Notice and the complicated relationship between Number Six and Baltar. #TriciaHelfer #BattlestarGalactica #BurnNotice  
Richard Hatch
Vintage 2006 interview with Richard Hatch discussing his return to Battlestar Galactica. and the original series.   #RichardHatch #BattlestarGalactica
Doug Jones
I chatted with this talented and multi-faceted actor about his new role in the space opera Space Command plus his role as Cochise in Falling Skies
Michael Welch Of Z Nation
I chatted with actor prior to the airing of Die Zombie Die about his character, Mack and his relationship with Addy, Plus the actor looks back on his experience in the Twilight movie saga. Special thanks to the Asylum and the SyFy Channel.
Amber Benson
Buffy Alum talks about writing her new series of books, The Witches Of Echo Park plus acting in Geek And Sundry's Morganville Vampire Series.She also tells me about directing again and her Buffy experience. Visit Funmation's site to get Cowboy Bebop on Blu-Ray.
Cas Anvar
Talented actor who is Alex Kamal tells me about an emotional scene where we get inside his character's feelings towards his family as well as more on season three of The Expanse. 
Barney Burman
Oscar winning special effects make-up artist talks about directing his first feature in Wild Boar. He also reflects on his work on Grimm and his family's connection to the Star Trek franchise. Get the Radio Public app to listen to Sci-Fi Talk. 
Aaron Pierre
We chat about this character that has gone through many changes in the comics but is finding new life in the SyFy Channel series. We fan boy out on the costumes, sets and Brainiac. Special thanks to SyFy. 
Aaron Pierre
We chat about this character that has gone through many changes in the comics but is finding new life in the SyFy Channel series. We fan boy out on the costumes, sets and Brainiac. Special thanks to SyFy. 
Ike Eisenmann
Actor who grew up in the business talks about his roles in Escape To Witch Mountain films, his role in Fantastic Journey and acting in Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan.
Anthony Lemke
Insightful conversation with the Dark Matter star on his roguish character of Three and what is ahead this season including a game changing episode. We cover a lot of ground and have some fun along the way too.
Sense's 8 Tina Desai And Max Riemelt
We chat about this interesting series with its unique world view and its inclusion that totally relates to the cast.
Sarah Douglas
Talented actor plays Dr Miles in Displacement, an interesting time anomoly thriller. She also shares memories of working on Christopher Reeve's Superman and an upcoming super villain reunion in 2017.
Ernie Hudson
2007 interview where the actor talks about his role in Final Approach and we chat about Ghostbusters too.

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