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Creation Date August 7th, 2018
Updated Date Updated March 12th, 2019
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Here are all of the podcasts that I am a part of.

Mars Attacks Podcast

Interviews conducted by host Victor M. Ruiz for the Mars Attacks Radio and Podcast. These podcast can be listened to or downloaded from

Fusion Sonica

Half hour bi-monthly hard rock and metal podcast

No Metal Cred

From the producer of the Mars Attacks Podcast comes No Metal Cred. A podcast that focuses on all types of non-metal and hard rock music, hence the name.

Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast

More than one person is going to ask, why the heck do you need another blog/podcast? Well there are other things on my mind aside that don’t quite fit on either of my sites or As much as I love hard rock and metal, there are other types of music that I love as well, and would like to play that wouldn’t exactly fit what I’m doing with the other two sites. I’ve also gone through quite a lot in the last eighteen months or so, and in a lot of instances the two aforementioned sites, twitter and facebook just won’t cut it to vent, or discuss what I have on my mind.

Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast

Four guys just discussing all things geek, Star Wars, Marvel Vs. DC, TV Shows, Movies, etc..