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Creation Date August 24th, 2018
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Podcasts from Northern Ireland. Original list over at For Pod and Ulster.

Boy Town Podcast

Podcast by Boy Town Podcast

General Banter Podcast

Official account for "The General Banter Podcast". Created by and hosted by Colin Geddis, the stand-up comedian behind internet comedy channel "GEDZILLA", With Northern Irish Viral classics such as "I AM FIGHTER" and "BESTY McD" amongst others. May contain traces of bad language and ill informed opinions. Check out for more. @COLINGEDDIS on instagram.

Fellaship podcast

A weekly podcast from the bowels of Lurgan, NI. Featuring the uncensored comedy stylings of Conor ''Canks'' McSherry, Chris ''Cringles'' McSherry and Conor ''Dev'' Devlin. SHARE US WITH YER MATES!

Dave Elliott's Weird Podcast

Dave Elliott's Weird Podcast is a comedy podcast by Northern Irish comedian Dave Elliott.


Nerd out with Puny Gods as we bring you Godcasts (podcasts if you're a heathen). We aim to discuss all hot topics. Movies, games, T.V, even musicals!

The BanterFlix Movie Podcast

A Northern-Irish podcast that brings together local people with a passion for cinema! From film reviews, interviews and discussions on various cinematic topics, this is a podcast that discusses everything and anything movie related!