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Creation Date October 14th, 2019
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A Journey Beyond The Skies
Embark on A JOURNEY BEYOND THE SKIES A science-fiction podcast focused on narrative storytelling with no shortage of action, adventure, drama, suspense, mystery, and more.It is told through a series of ongoing journal entries narrated by its main protagonist, Declan Wolf. Although Declan's story begins on Earth, it will take him to new and unexpected places. Experience Declan’s adventure from his own point of view and stay tuned for news, updates, and more. JOIN the PATREON for exclusive access to visual notes and sketches taken straight from Declan's own journal. If you enjoy this podcast, please take a brief moment to give it a positive rating. Your support is greatly appreciated and goes a long way in helping to keep the story alive. PATREON - TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - ( Created, Produced, and Written by Mark Gulino. Narration by Mark Gulino. Music and Sound Design by Mark Gulino. SciFi | Adventure | Futuristic | Cyberpunk | Narration | Storytelling | Rambling Coyote