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Creation Date July 10th, 2019
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Herman Flores: Co-Founder DUB Magazine & Hollywood Entrepreneur
The Cerrone Show
Herman Flores is one of the industry’s most notable trend starters developing numerous brands including some of the country’s largest music festivals (Cypress Hill’s Smoke and DUB Auto Tour) and influential lifestyle publications (Industry Insider, Dub Magazine, Modern Home+Living). His success has been featured in local and national news publications such as: L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and Entrepreneur Magazine. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SHOW: Hermans #1 rule in business.  How he can maintain so many projects at once without dropping the ball. How he became the Hugh Hefner in the auto industry. How to utilize everything you come across. The birth of DUB magazine. The interesting learning curve when it comes to television.  The beginnings of the MTV dub edition.  How he brokered a deal between a well known rapper and a well known car company.  The start of anyone collective and world of dance.  Taking over universal city walk with WOD. How the growth of WOD has been fantastic for not only Herman but the dance community period. Learning entrepreneurship from the streets. What herman is excited about in the coming years. The greatest lesson he has learned.