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Creation Date October 2nd, 2019
Updated Date Updated October 3rd, 2019
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Podcast Episodes with Paul Colligan (from The Podcast Partnership) as Guest.
Bernie Hospitalized, Surface Duo & Joker Controversy (+ Talking Podcast Industry) - Thursday, October 3rd, 2019
the NewsWorthy
The news to know for Thursday, October 3rd, 2019! Today, we're talking about Dems latest warning to the White House, and why Bernie Sanders ended up in the hospital. Plus: Google privacy, a surprise announcement from Microsoft, a $1 billion donation, and the controversy surrounding Joker. Those stories and many more in less than 10 minutes! Then, hang out after the news for Thing to Know Thursday's bonus interview about the podcast industry. Paul Colligan shares what's changing and what to expect next. Today's episode is brought to you by FabFitFun. Use the code 'newsworthy' for $10 off your first box. Thanks to The NewsWorthy Insiders! Become one here:   Sources: Dems Threaten Subpoena: NPR, Fox News, The Hill, NYT Bernie Sanders Hospitalized: ABC News, Washington Post, The Hill WWII Plane Crash: AP, CNN, CBS News Former Cop Sentenced: ABC News, USA Today  Market Drops: NBC News, WSJ, Bloomberg MLB Playoffs: CBS Sports, Yahoo Sports Google Privacy Tools: TechCrunch, USA Today, CNBC Microsoft Surface: Cnet, CNBC, The Verge Melinda Gates Commits $1B: Time, The Verge Joker Premiere: AP, Variety, Hollywood Reporter  
 Podcast 2018 Hacks: How to Grow Your Podcast Show with Paul Colligan - 234
Build Your Tribe | Grow Your Business with Social Media
Thinking of starting your own podcast? While we could go on and on about the benefits of starting a podcast to grow your online business, this episode is for people who are already convinced they need to start one, and they want tips for getting more listeners. The kind of tips you can’t just Google or find anywhere. In this episode, Chalene talks with Podcast SEO expert Paul Colligan to get the inside scoop on search engine hacks to grow your show.   This Show is brought to you by: Make a difference & make money doing it… Without it ever feeling like work.    Get episode show notes here:   Hey! Send me a tweet & tell me what you think about the show! (Use the Hashtag) #BuildYourTribe so I know you’re a homie! XOXO Chalene   Connect with me on your fav social platform. At the moment, mine is SnapChat: ChaleneOfficial
Should You Start A Podcast? Everything You Need To Know, With Expert Paul Colligan
Team Success Podcast
Every brand needs a voice, but how do you know if a podcast is the right medium for you? Join Shannon Waller in an interview with entrepreneur and podcast specialist Paul Colligan. Discover where podcasting is going, its advantages over other technology, and the necessary question to ask yourself if you think you’re missing out. The post Should You Start A Podcast? Everything You Need To Know, With Expert Paul Colligan appeared first on Your Team Success.
The Power of Podcasting: The Ridiculously Exponential Reach of A Podcast - with Paul Colligan - Genius Network Episode #96
Genius Network
A great conversation is timeless. Podcasting is, at it’s finest, a shared conversation. Paul Colligan, with the help of The Genius Network, leveraged a 10-minute conversation shared with less than 200 people (more than seventeen hundred days ago) to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. And that same conversation (and Network) continues to produce revenue for him. If you would like access to the complete video presentation, the show notes, the links, and the special resources for this episode, please visit Paul’s First 10 Minute Talk - “Podcast or Perish” - I Love Marketing #289 - Paul’s Second 10 Minute Talk - Genius Network Episode #89 - To Get Paul’s Free Cheatsheet, Text “Network” to 503-966-8066 Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Paul in this episode: What a podcast IS and what a podcast is NOT (Plus: The RIGHT way to do a podcast) Paul reveals his (and his clients) secret for influencing thousands of people every week How a 10-Minute Talk at Genius Network can be leveraged into a podcast A way to reach tens of thousands of people and make hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue Paul’s Podcast Checklist: 7 elements of a successful podcast presentation
Podcast or Perish with Paul Colligan - I Love Marketing Episode 289
I Love Marketing
Discover Podcast or Perish: why now is the best time for you to podcast, how you can podcast, how the democratization of media impacts you and your ability to grow your reach with NEW Media, and more with Genius Network Member Paul Colligan.  Paul Colligan is the CEO of, an Amazon bestselling Author, a podcaster for over a decade and helps companies leverage technology with less stress.  Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Paul in this episode: Podcast Strategies that hit number 1 in 7 countries the day it was released How your Podcast can be device, geography, and platform independent The democratization of media and anyone can be a part of it Multicasting that allows you to be on all players, all the time Building a community and subscriber base that is notified every time you publish something new Shownotes and links from this episode can be found at:
Talking Marketing With Paul Colligan
The Podcast Ambassador - Gary Leland
On episode six of the show I talk with marketing guru Paul Colligan of Yes, I know I need to start creating better show notes. Visit the show's website at Please send questions for the show to  
086 Paul Colligan | Providing Your Children with the Proper Tools to Handle Technology
Podcast Junkies
Paul Colligan is another old school podcaster who began speaking on the microphone in 2004. He is also a YouTube and social media expert and was invited to speak on the topic, at a conference in Oman. He shares how he raises his kids in a world filled with technology that remembers every mistake you  make and tries to describe what radio is to someone who has never heard of it before. Paul also talks about his time in Germany and what it was like growing up there.  07:45 - Paul talks about his recent trip to Oman.   12:55 - We have a vision in our head of who our podcast listeners are, but when you meet them it's very different.   16:45 - Podcasting is not a big thing in Oman, but people appreciated the power it held.   19:20 - Paul was asked about Donald Trump while he was in Oman.   21:15 - Paul spent about an hour in a government-sponsored virtual reality startup.   23:45 - Where did Paul's desire to teach stem from? 28:30 - What was Paul's earliest recollection of interacting with some sort of technology? 32:45 - Paul was talking about an idea on the podcast and someone went off and created a business around it. 35:25 - Paul runsa ‘ no Snapchat’  household.   37:10 - How do you describe radio to someone who doesn’ t know what radio is?   40:15 - Anything you do to limit your children's access to technology is going to eventually hurt their future.   43:50 - How long did Paul live in Germany for? Around 8 years. 46:15 - Paul recommends the movie, Good Bye, Lenin.   47:55 - What is one of Paul's fondest memories of Germany?   50:55 - Paul talks about having his kids travel more.   52:45 - Paul breaks down all the podcast shows he has started/worked on.   55:10 - Ever heard of Over The Rhine?   56:15 - Who has been a mentor to Paul?   58:50 - Is monetization the right model for podcasts?   01:00:10 - There's nothing that says you can't be compensated for doing things that you're passionate about. 01:00:25 - What has Paul changed his mind about recently?   FULL SHOW NOTES:  ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Paul Colligan, How Podcasts and Sales Funnels Work Together
ClickFunnels Radio
Paul Colligan, the “go to guy” when it comes to podcasting. If you want to learn “How To Podcast?” this episode is for you. He talks about the problems of podcasting and his solutions. He reveals exactly how to bridge the “free cookie” dilemma and how to monetize your podcast. Show Notes Why podcasting is so important. How do you monetize your podcast? How to combine your podcast with your sales funnel. How do you podcast. The difference of going online with your podcast and being podcast ready. Quotes: “The biggest point of Podcasting is to implement just do.” Links:
331 Podcasting Going Mainstream - Paul Colligan
ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities
Still on the Fence about Podcasting? 7-time best-selling author, podcaster, keynote speaker Paul Colligan shares his insight and why podcasting is going mainstream.   Why Podcasting Could be More Effective Than Blogging The Power of Podcasting for Content Creators Still on the Fence about Podcasting? Why Podcasting is Going Mainstream How Podcasting Helps Connect Business to Customers   For Full Transcripts of this show and More Resources 972-885-8384
Paul Colligan: Leveraging Technology to Reduce Stress and Drama
Entrepreneurs on Fire
Paul helps others leverage technology to improve themselves and broaden their audiences with reduced stress and no drama. He does this with a lifestyle and business designed to answer the challenges and opportunities of this new economy.