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Creation Date April 19th, 2019
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These are the podcasts that I have created

A Story Not Forgotten

Everyone has a story and this podcast is an opportunity to share those stories with you. Each episode our guests share a memorable story from their life, that in some way had an impact on who they are today. Please subscribe so you don’t miss out on a single episode. The average show is roughly 10 – 30 minutes and is truly time well spent. Presented by Capturing Legacies Inc. (http://CapturingLegacies.com) Hosted by Liam Rathgeber Produced by Al Del Degan Music by Tony Del Degan (https://www.patreon.com/ThePlightofSteelNovel)


There are many things in life that you are not taught, but knowing them can give you a much better life. Shizdiggity is a made up word that embodies the feeling of knowing and happiness.

Out of my Shell

I have been a very shy person. This podcast is an opportunity for me to come out of my shell and learn more about others and meet interesting people.

Leaders, Innovators and Big Ideas - the podcast

Leaders, Innovators and Big Ideas the podcast is supported by Rainforest Alberta and showcases those who are contributing to and / or supporting the innovation ecosystem in Alberta. Rainforest Alberta is an informal organization of people working together to improve Alberta’s innovation ecosystem.