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Life. Are We There Yet?

The self-progress podcast by two young guys who dropped out of University, know nothing, and want to know everything. Join us as we document our journey to leading better lives by talking to interesting people, insulting each other, and making utter fools of ourselves in the process.

Go Informed: Build a Better Vacation

Essential Disney World and Universal Orlando advice and information to help you have a better vacation. Hostess Maven helps you reduce the stress and fire up the fun for your theme park holiday.

Bits 4 you

Conversations about pop culture (movies, video games, TV, Wrestling, MMA) and everything else in life we find interesting.

G.O.A.T.cast Wrestling

Podcast by G.O.A.T.cast Pod

D.U.H Podcast

Bringing love, laughter and a bit of human understanding to the table through soap box rants. A podcast about life the universe and everything.... From politics to Panda sex... we really cover just about anything. Have a topic you would like us to broach? Email us at: DUHTheemail@gmail.com. Facebook: duhpodcasting Twitter: @ duh_twit Instagram: @duh_gram

On The Odd - The Paranormal Talk Show

Mark discusses topics such as the paranormal, evp's, hauntings, oddities, strange news and much more

The Casa Mirth podcast

Join Dr Norman Trousers and River Zambezi as they chat about whatever they feel like at the time. May include daftness. Rude, sometimes crude, chat and sketches and big laughs all round. If you can handle a bit of rum language and like a laugh, feel free to join in the Mirth!

Within The Realm

There's a story behind everything and it's all within the realm. Check us out on Facebook @withintherealm1 Twitter @realm_within or withinpodcast.com. Find archived episodes at withinpodcast.com!

A New Level

A New Level is hosted by Blasko (bass player for Ozzy Osbourne and host of ManageMental). In this podcast, Blasko talks with his network of friends and colleagues who have worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Slayer, Pantera, Refused, Rob Zombie, and many more. Blasko dives deep into their origins and follows their paths as they grow and innovate into uncharted territory. You want a career in the music business? It can be done and you can learn how through these experts.

The UNmASTERED Presents Creepsville

Creepy stories from the minds of The UNmASTERED.

Who Knows?

A podcast that explores the simply complicated questions of life, and promotes a life of self love, mental health, and creating your own normal.

Growin' Up Rock

Growin' Up Rock podcast is a weekly memory trip into the hard rock and heavy metal music you loved in your youth as well as the rock 'n' roll that is creating the soundtrack to your life today. Your host, Steven Michael, along with co-host Sonny "Hollywood" Pooni, talks with newer and established artists and comes up with some interesting topics and themes centered around the memories and stories growing up rock, that keeps your devil horns hoisted far above your head. Sit back, turn it up, and remember why you fell in love with Rock n Roll. Everyone's got a rock n roll story to tell on Growing Up Rock.

Trending Topics with BB

Flagship Podcast of the #BBPodcastNetwork: A podcast about what’s trending at the time. In other words, topics related to the guests or pop culture.

Just Press Playhouse

Telling compelling and interesting stories is what excites us. All genres are welcome here.

The Waffling Taylors Podcast

A podcast by the Waffling Taylors - who are two brothers who love video gaming and talking nonsense.

Measured Voices

Measured Voices features music and conversation with songwriters from around the Treasure Valley of SW Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/measured-voices/support


Come check out the oddities that is, Shamecast! We talk sports, movies, life, and segments like, The Delia Report, and comedy elites! (@OriginalShame) (tuesdayswithmari@gmail.com) (Patreon.com/ShemausTheHost)

Great Disasters

Whether natural or man-made, disasters attract a strange mixture of horror and fascination. However, the spectacle of devastation is only ever one part of the story. Take a closer look, and you will find tales of extraordinary human endurance and heroism, stories that veer from the horrific to the oddly humorous, and lessons that can be learned to make our world safer.   From the Titanic to the Costa Concordia, the Station nightclub fire to the Pulse nightclub shooting, these extraordinary events – and the people involved – are examined on the Great Disasters podcast, written, researched, recorded and produced by me, Kari Fay.   From official reports, first-person accounts, and contemporary media, I delve into the often-appalling details of these events to bring you the full story.

Chewed Gum

Chewed Gum is an entertainment critic podcast. Dissecting entertainment while trying to be informative, and humorous. Come listen to us chew up entertainment! (@ReelChewed) (chewedgumpod@gmail.com) http://www.Patreon.com/ChewedGum

Ninja News Japan

News from Japan, you'll never see the ninja

World on a String

World on a String is hosted by James Curgenven and Tom Joshi-Cale. In it, they talk about one album and one film every week, alternating who chooses what!

Voice of the Victim Podcast

A weekly true crime podcast dedicated to raising awareness of abuse and telling stories from the perspective of the victims and survivors. Email us at vovpodcast@gmail.com to share your story and let us know if you'd like to be on the show. Listen to episodes on our site: vovpodcast.podbean.com

Rise and Rant Podcast

Join Baller and Lee on the Rise and Rant podcast where they complain about the true problems in life, like peanut butter and dog pictures on social media. There is a new topic to rant about every week, but things usually get off topic real quick. It's guaranteed fun, laughter, and some controversy. We would love it if you gave us a listen.

The Gem on The Queen's Crown: The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast

The weekly podcast covering everything sports from Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio! Hosted by Lee W. Mowen. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theleewmowen/support

Matinee Myths

Matinee Myths is a podcast dedicated to separating the fact from fiction in your favorite films. Bonus content will include The Talkies, where I have interesting conversations with interesting people. Also, look for Question Everything with co-host Devin Smith.

Pop Culture Cosmos

From the minds that brought you Rob McCallum Films, Mario Party Wars, Humannequin Media, Game Source and Retro City Games, it's our look at all things Pop Culture. Stay tuned for the latest updates on television, film, comic books, sci-fi, video games, sports, technology, collectibles, board/card games, e-sports and all things pop culture as we collect and share the hottest news and opinions from around the world of pop culture with two great shows, the #1 rated hit on the Podcast Radio Network and Discover Pod Awards nominated Pop Culture Cosmos Show and the PCC Mulitiverse!

Something Positive for Positive People

A primarily experience based sexual health podcast featuring stories from STD positive people who share their experience navigating life after a herpes (also known as HSV and cold sores), HPV, HIV or AIDS diagnosis. We also use this podcast to help anyone who's newly diagnosed connect to private support resources/communities, dating and interest groups for positive people and tools for disclosing your STI status to a potential negative partner. For updates on the show, Like ourFacebook page, Something Positive for Positive People and follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and Instagram @HonMyChest

Beyond 6 Seconds

Tune into the Beyond 6 Seconds podcast to hear extraordinary stories from everyday people. Each episode features inspiring stories of life and creativity, triumph and struggle. I interview people who are starting their own businesses, giving back to their communities, and working with exciting new technologies to advance our world. We also talk about specific ways that our listeners can help support them and their work, so that their stories can continue to evolve. Who knows, their stories may even provide you some extra inspiration to develop your own talents and passions!

Movies Unhacked

A podcast for fans of cinema and technology. Learn about movies and their portrayals of technology. In each episode we review a film and explore its science or technology. Zoom in and enhance with the Movies Unhacked podcast!

Hypothetically Speaking

3 friends discuss hypothetical scenarios and analyze "would you rather" situations in extreme detail

Legends of Tabletop Podcast

We are a website dedicated to gaming across all forums with a focus on tabletop.

That Kind of Nerd

Listen to weekly discussions about what is going on in "the nerdy world." CJ, Josh, and Brian engage in a relaxed casual conversation that is funny but informative. It could be Movies, Comics, Technology, or anything that Nerds love. Listen to the show and you'll be That Kind of Nerd.