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Creation Date February 25th, 2019
Updated Date Updated March 25th, 2019
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Podcasts on fashion, fitness and writing for the Prod Ed team. Curated by Kat with suggestions from you!

BIKRAM Part 1: Arrival

  • 11 months ago

Bikram Choudhury begins his journey to fame, wealth, and scandal in 1970s Los Angeles. He takes Beverly Hills by storm, using his Hollywood connections and rags-to-riches origin story to build a devoted following and lay the foundation for a yoga empire. Reported by Julia Lowrie Henderson. Hosted by Jody Avirgan. More information at

Jemaine Clement, actor and musician

  • 30 days ago

Give Jemaine Clement a platform, and he'll spin it into something comical. The New Zealander is best known as one half of the musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, but his work in comedy stretches across radio, film, stage, and TV. And his latest project, a TV series adaptation of his 2014 mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows, is an exercise in how to mine your past ideas and make them fresh again. In our conversation, Jemaine also explains how to overcome creative differences (without punching your partner in the face) and the importance of editing improv.

The Secret Emotional Life of Clothes

  • over 2 years ago

We know about the power of clothes to affect how others see us. But does clothing have the power to actually change us on the inside? To boost our intellectual skills or melt our fear? Co-hosts Hanna Rosin and Lulu Miller, along with new contributors, explore the invisible ways clothes can seep into our skin and change us in surprising ways. This hour, stories about a guy who uses sunglasses to fight off bullies, the science of how wearing a doctor's coat can make you smarter, a tailor who may or may not have survived the Holocaust by wearing a Nazi officer's shirt, a family for whom what outfit to wear is a life or death decision, and why shoes may be the root of all human evil. Maybe.

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Thanks for this recco Camille!
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The Fifth Vital Sign

  • about 1 month ago

We look at how our culture's massive effort to address pain has paradoxically increased it. And we follow one young girl as she struggles through a bizarre and extreme treatment program. NOTE: The treatment in this episode is administered by trained professionals in a hospital setting (and should not be implemented without medical supervision).

#117 The World's Most Expensive Free Watch

  • about 1 year ago

This week, the story of a man who made the extremely dubious decision to order a watch that he found in an Instagram ad. We explore the strange world that watch came from.Further ReadingJenny ODell's "There's No Such Thing As A Free Watch"Alexis Madrigal's dropshipping articleApply here for the Reply All summer internship!

Who Even Was Karl Lagerfeld?

  • about 2 months ago

A cartoon, a genius, a man who hated sweatpants... Making sense of one of the greatest fashion designers of all time, with Vanessa Grigoriadis, Carl Swanson, and Cathy Horyn.

SoulCycle: Julie Rice & Elizabeth Cutler

  • 3 months ago

Before Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice met, they shared a common belief: New York City gyms didn't have the kind of exercise classes they craved, and each of them wanted to change that. A fitness instructor introduced them over lunch in 2005, and before the meal was done they were set on opening a stationary bike studio, with a chic and aspirational vibe. A few months later, the first SoulCycle opened in upper Manhattan. Today, SoulCycle has cultivated a near-tribal devotion among its clients, with studios across the United States and Canada. PLUS for our postscript "How You Built That," how "kid-preneur" Gabrielle Goodwin and her mom Rozalynn invented a double-face double snap barrette that doesn't slip out of little girls' hair, no matter how much they play around.

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Pretty sure Sam recommended this!
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