Role Playing Games Australia

A curated podcast list by Chris_Bond
Creation Date October 21st, 2019
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Role To Cast
Cyberpunk 2020 - 'Going Mainstream' (Season One)An actual-play podcast with trained actors, original music & homebrew campaigns. We'll even throw in some Australian laughs!
D&D is For Nerds
In which we sit around a table, pretend to be different people and play some good old fashioned Dungeons and Dragons. Starring Jackson B. Baly, Joel L. Zammit, Cass and our favourite DM, Adam. It’s a magical time inspired by fantasy worlds such as World of Warcraft, Discworld, the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings where anything can happen, especially horses. New episodes every Wednesday & Sunday!
Committee Quest: A Dungeons & Dragons Actual Play Podcast
This is a D&D actual play podcast incorporating as much retro pop-culture as we can handle. Come with us as we go on a ridiculous and nostalgic quest into our collective imagination.
The Dice Men Cometh
Australia's leading Tabletop gaming podcast brings you game reviews, playthroughs, Kickstarter updates, news, interviews and more every week. We give you a Down-under perspective on this great hobby of ours, and hopefully have some fun along the way.