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Creation Date March 1st, 2019
Updated Date Updated March 12th, 2019
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Sandy Danto

  • almost 4 years ago

Sandy Danto and I talked about comedy. Jurassic Park, Jaws, other stuff!!

#64 Sandy Danto

  • over 4 years ago

A good friend, a good guy and a super funny comedian- Sandy Danto! Sandy hangs out for the afternoon and tells us a little bit about opening for Pauly Shore (his impression is perfection). Later: cake vs pie, Sandy’s super romantic proposal to his now fiancée, and stay tuned for the end where Sandy talks about how he briefly, briefly directed gay porn. Seriously. The intro for this song is ’60 Revolutions,’ by Gogol Bordello.

Episode 15: Sandy Danto

  • 9 months ago

Heavvy links up with one of his first friends in stand up comedy, Sandy Danto!!! Sandy, a recent father, talks about his new podcast about parenting @mfuckers podcast along with Yiddish and NBA free agency!!!

Sandy Danto

  • over 6 years ago

The Festival Of Friendship brings stand up and impressionist Sandy Danto into the fold to help see Brody through his rough patch. Enjoy it!

EP 141 Sandy Danto

  • over 1 year ago

The funny, and sporty Sandy Danto is on. I love this guy. He appeared in Dating on Set as "Mick the Monster" and when I was in LA I got him.

Episode 226 - Sandy Danto

  • 9 months ago

Join me as I have longtime friend and great comic Sandy Danto on the couch and we talk about life in comedy and the bullshit of it all!! Follow him on Twitter/Instagram @sandydanto as well at and his parenting podcast Mother F***ers on iTunes with the great Avery Pearson. Follow me on Twitter/Instagram @EarlSkakel and leave a review on iTunes PLEASE!!!