Science fiction

A curated episode list by Gitte Malene Jensen
Creation Date July 14th, 2018
Updated Date Updated August 12th, 2019
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I love love love science fiction. No limits, just space.
Generation Z  ch 1 : Centenary Approaches
Chronosphere Fiction
Kevn doesn't unlive alone in this world. Meet the characters and hear the plots begin to unfold in this first chapter of Generation Z.   Please join the Chronsphere Fiction Community at Your support ($1/month=$0.25/episode) will help us continue. Submit your stories, questions, and ideas to Twitter: @ChronosphereFi1
Cyberscape Neo – Episode 2: The Grand Hunt
Cyberscape Neo
Another episode released and we now have so many more characters present. Who do you connect with? What are you anticipating? Let us know on Twitter, linked below, or on Discord, linked on the header of the web page. Credits: Studio: Director and Writer: For the actor and production credits, click the “Read More” button below! (more…)