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Creation Date January 18th, 2019
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A list of podcasts from the Greater Seattle area

Seattle After Party

Seattle has a vibrant community full of very creative people. Artists of all sorts are our guests and we have fun with them.

The Spoilers with Diacre

Daryl discuss the latest entertainment shows, news and trends that has excited or annoyed him.

the 206geek

Hosted by @206geekTodd, the 206geek. Inspired by chris @hardwick’s @id10t podcast, @thatkevinsmith #HollywoodBabbleOn with a bit of @WTFPod.

Seattle Growth Podcast

Join University of Washington professor Jeff Shulman for a fifth season exploring the far-reaching impacts of Seattle's physical and cultural transformation. In the fifth season, learn more about Seattle's homelessness crisis from those living on the city's streets and those developing potential solutions to the crisis. Notable guests from earlier seasons of Seattle Growth Podcast include Hall of Famer Lenny Wilkens, 3-time NBA All-Star Detlef Schrempf, NBA champion Wally Walker, Sonics legend Slick Watts, Pete Nordstrom, Craig Kinzer, Port Commissioner John Creighton, Paul Lawrence, City Councilmember Tim Burgess, SDOT director Scott Kubly, Tim Burgess, Kshama Sawant, and more.

The Station Wagon Podcast

Siblings Marc Shecter and Julie Kinn give you a close look at the science and history of the things we take for granted. Then they give up the topic for a couple of weeks and tell you how it goes!

HugLife Podcast - Podaholics Network

Each week, stand-up comedians Monica Nevi and Mike Coletta try to turn bad things into good things! Also included are good news stories, stupid internet quizzes, compliment competitions, charities, and general funny discussion. Welcome to Hug Central Station!


Seattle-based improv duo, Trust (Jesse Rogers and Josh Lindgren) present the Trust Podcast - a fully improvised show based on a single word from Twitter. In each episode, Jesse and Josh create a brand new podcast and take the audience on a trip through the world that surrounds it.

That's All I Have To Say About That

A weekly scripted political comedy show where host Stephen Mackey looks into issues between the US and Africa.

Out of the Fridge

A weekly comic book podcast hosted by friends in the pacific northwest. Book club style show with feminist leanings!

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They're actually out of Olympia.
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Bad Bad Book Club

Knuckleheads Kelly Hannah & Brent Flyberg invite one of their knucklehead friends to share a favorite book. Kelly reads the book, Brent does not, and they both judge the guest for choosing whatever dumb book they like.

FilmWonk Podcast –

The FilmWonk Podcast features Glenn Bristol and Daniel Koch, a pair of Seattle-based film critics and podcasters. Whether blockbuster or independent film, we're ready to dive in and discuss any film that provokes us, initially in a spoiler-free fashion, and then in detail after an appropriate warning. From Twilight to Transformers to Miyazaki, we're ready to love or hate any film according to its merits as we see them, and let the discussion go wherever it will - even if tangents into culture, psychology, law, and politics are required! Join film-nerd Glenn and angry iconoclast Daniel on an in-depth journey into cinema! May contain some NSFW language. Check out all of our episodes at