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Creation Date October 9th, 2019
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Some of my favourite TTRPG shows!
Introducing: DM to GM!
The End of Time and Other Bothers
A brief announcement and a new show! First, we've got two more episodes (32 and 33) coming before Other Bothers goes on a brief hiatus. We'll be back in December. And secondly, Sean has another new show! It's called DM to GM. We've got a preview for you here.   DM to GM, Episode 1: Help Me Bring The Steampunk! Russ More (Dumbgeons & Dragons) and Sean Howard (The End of Time and Other Bothers) have heard it time and time again. New DMs/GMs find they're held back by something or hung up on an idea. We answer your questions to help YOU feel more comfortable and confident getting a game started for you and your friends. In this episode we try to help Kathi who is thinking about playing a Steampunk style game but is worried about her creative ability to roll with the game as her players come up with new ideas.    Is something holding you back? Send us an email or join our discord and answer these questions! 1 - What game genre would you like to run? 2 - What system are you familiar with? Which system would you want to use? 3 - What hurdles are stopping you from running this game? (Beyond finding people) If you have ANY other questions, send them our way. email - discord - System discussed this week - Monster of the Week -  Twitter - Facebook -