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Creation Date October 16th, 2018
Updated Date Updated July 3rd, 2019
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The first story arc. Learn the game and meet the players!
The Halifax Theatre (S1, E1)
The Critshow
Welcome to The Critshow’s ‘Other Side of the Coin’ Universe, where the Keeper, Rev, will you introduced to our heroes, Jake, Tass and TJ as they accept a mission from The Indianapolis Paranormal Taskforce. They battle with light switches and rigging rope as something devious lurks in the shadows…  
Impact (S1, E2)
The Critshow
TJ loses a battle with oncoming traffic. Jake does an impression of The Wicked Witch of the East. Tass gets intel about the mysterious creature that is hunting them from the darkness...
Ley Line (S1, E3)
The Critshow
TJ puts together a plan involving Tass's car and AC/DC. The mission progresses to something more complex than simply dealing with a monster. A friend is revealed to have a secret life.
The Heat (S1, E4)
The Critshow
Jake experiences a miracle. Tass finds another piece of the puzzle on the roof. TJ sets a plan to salvage the headlight armor. They blunder their escape in spectacular fashion.
Secret Agent Man (S1, E5)
The Critshow
Our heroes learn about alternative medicine. TJ displays why he is ‘weird.’ He gets a new job and a new look. They borrow a car to make some further investigations. Rev points our heroes in the right direction.
New Pet (S1, E6)
The Critshow
Our heroes find an unusual vestige of the creature. Some questions about the candle ritual are answered, but that leads to more questions. A life is saved, and the boys don’t even get a thank you.