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A Canadian Left Politics Community

Shows on the Network

Ricochet's Unpacking the News

Ricochet Media's Unpacking the News is a weekly podcast featuring conversations highlighting Canada’s cultural and political diversity from coast to coast.

The Alberta Advantage Podcast

Fresh from the birthplace of the CCF! Commentary and analysis on local and provincial politics from a left perspective.

49th Parahell

a canadian podcast where we explore the hellish nightmare world of modern reality together

Radio Free Winnipeg

Radio Free Winnipeg’s mission is to challenge manicured discourses and illuminate the issues and history erased in the mainstream. Radio Free Winnipeg broadcasts on treaty one territory, by-monthly. Hosted and Produced by Greg Gallinger and Scott Price.

Out of Left Field

A couple of socialists with a couple of beers! A left wing, socialist podcast centred on discussing Canadian politics and current events around the world.

News You Can Use

Podcast by News You Can Use

Fil Rouge

Fil Rouge. Le fil rouge lie ensemble les deux côtés du tambour du chasseur innu. Le fil qui tisse des liens. Entre les générations. Entre les cultures. Entre le passé et le présent. Fil Rouge, une série de podcasts qui donne la parole aux Autochtones de différentes communautés à travers le Québec, sur leur histoire, leur famille et leurs traditions. Fil Rouge est une co-production de Ricochet et de Planète F. Narration : Natasha Kanapé Fontaine Montage : André Goulet Musique : Musique Nomade Logo : Meky Ottawa Coordination : Gabrielle Brassard-Lecours Rendu possible grâce au financement de Patrimoine Canada.

Well Reds: A Left Book Podcast

Join comedian Charlie Demers (author of Property Values, The Horrors and Vancouver Special) for a monthly podcast engaging with fiction and non-fiction books of interest to the left. Find us on Twitter @Well_Reds and online at 'Well Reds' broadcasts out of Vancouver (Coast Salish Territories), Canada. Produced by André Goulet and mastered by Chris Hernandez at Studio Petit Palais in Montréal (Mohawk and Algonquin Territories), Québec.