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Creation Date August 28th, 2018
Updated Date Updated July 3rd, 2019
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The Screamcast
The ScreamCast is a podcast hosted by Sean Duregger, Stephanie Crawford and Brad Henderson celebrating all things retro, cult and fringe in horror!
Welcome to the SPLATHOUSE! The SPLATHOUSE is a weekly podcast focused on the genre films we LOVE. Episodes include a panel discussion around the film of the week, skits and sketches, trailers and clips, celebrity critic interviews and picks, artist interviews (actors, directors, crew), and discussions with independent film distributors. The show is hosted by SF Bay Area film/theatre artists Mike Delaney ("Medias Res", The SOVPOD, How Do You Not Know) and Sarah Coykendall ("SPLATHOUSE: The Sadist and EEGAH!", Impact Theatre). Past co-hosts include John Terrell ("Unleashed", "I Almost Got Away With It"), and Jim Rock Schiller ("SPLATHOUSE: Plan 9 from Outer Space", aka DJ Lookalike aka Rock Stiffly of For the Ladies). Our long running list of contributors grows every episode. Guests have included Joe Bob Briggs, Ethan Embry, Patrick Brice, John Dahl, Wendy Robie, Rick Sloane, Faye Masterson, Eduardo Sanchez, and dozens others (the cast of Samurai Cop, the cast of Hell High, the BoardingHouse team!) We are online at, on Twitter @splathousepr, and Youtube as Splathouse Productions. Please contact with film or suggestions; Contact for all your business needs. Leave us a review and share us with your friends/online community!
Welcome to a new podcast by Brad Henderson and Mike Delaney! Join them as they dive into EVERY Shot-On-Video Film ever made....seriously.
XENOPOD From The Year 5000
Once a month, The Screamcast's Sean Duregger discusses a Science Fiction film with a special guest host.
Bloody Popcorn Podcast
Join the Bloody Popcorn team, Joanna and Johnny, as they discuss a variety of horror and genre topics. Podcast episodes will air every two weeks.
Good Times Great Movies
Every other Friday, Doug McCambridge and Jamie Lorello discuss a film from the 1980s. Some are films we haven't seen since we were kids and offer a fresh perspective. Others are films we've never seen before but probably should have. Do they hold up? Are they classics? Or would these films just be better off having been lost to time?
You Can't Sit with Us
Queer and Cult Cinema, LGBT issues, pop culture, & filmmaking podcast hosted by John Doolan and Spencer Swindon.
Psychotronic Coast to Coast
Inspired by Michael J. Weldon’s Psychotronic Video magazine, OwenneiL and Skinslip are your resident PsychoCinemanauts diving into the wild, weird, and wonderful world of Psychotronic cinema! Join the boys each episode as they reveal their thoughts on a pair of movies most won’t watch!
The Pilot Project
Sometimes the worst TV is the best TV. Each week Dustin and Marc look back at a failed show from TV history.
Just The Discs Podcast
Just The Discs is a podcast about Blu-rays. Each episode, Brian Saur (of Rupert Pupkin Speaks) will go through a stack of discs from various distributors and talk about them.
Textual Relations
Every episode, hosts Courtney and Christian share their love and gentle criticism of a movie adaptation of a novel or short story.
Wrestling Is Everything
The Wrestling is Everything Podcast is a show about wrestling for people who don't care about wrestling. It's full of significant stories throughout history and pop culture that happen to have wrestlers in them.
At the Fire
At the Fire will bring back the memories of telling scary stories around the campfire. We'll share stories about anything and everything weird, unusual, and just plain creepy. Check out our website,, and feel free to submit your own tales. Your story could end up on our podcast! Come share your story, At the Fire.
The Armchair Philosopher
Honest conversations about the journey of faith, doubt and disbelief.
Sancta Colloquia
Sancta Colloquia is a collection of "Sacred Conversations" hosted by the Rev. Lauren R. E. Larkin. Rev. Larkin is a priest in The Episcopal Church and teaches High School Religion/Theology. Using story and experience, dialogue and conversation, vulnerability and authenticity, community and individuality, questions and answers or silence, our hope is that this podcast will expose (unto life) where we are lacking and exhort us to better activity in the world, activity based in and founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the good news, the proclamation of the Cross.
The Life After Podcast
Chuck Parson and Brady Hardin interview special guests with inspiring exoduses away from Christian Fundamentalism (and other oppressive religions) with special focuses on faith deconstruction and rebuilding after religious trauma.
The Sacred Collective
We are The Sacred Collective. All are respected. All are heard. All are welcomed. Join us.