The Test Drive

A curated episode list by UnGrandePescado
Creation Date August 30th, 2018
Updated Date Updated July 3rd, 2019
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For those new to the podcast... Check out these five episodes. Kick the tires and see if the show is a fit for you.
The Flirtation Of Waking Up Ep. 16 - Running With The Hunted
Running With The Hunted
The podcast is back.. After what seemed to be forever The Other Guy has returned to the airwaves. In this episode he talks about why he was gone for so long, how America has changed since he moved back from overseas and gives us a special treat to finish off the podcast. Be sure to tune in weekly for brand new episodes of Running With The Hunted and don’t be shy to reach out directly on either Twitter or Email.
Parenthood Ep. 06 - Running With The Hunted
Running With The Hunted
In this week’s episode aptly titled Parenthood, The Other Guy returns from hiatus to talk about a huge life change… the addition of his daughter Frances Olivia. He discusses with sincerity the struggles of conceiving as well as the stress that having fertility issues place on a relationship. Take a listen to his thoughts on Facebook comments as well as knowing the difference between friends and acquaintances. Remember to take the time to review the show and please share this episode with those you know!
We Are America Ep. 17 - Running With The Hunted
Running With The Hunted
In this Episode of Running With The Hunted, The Other Guy talks about the struggles of marriage, compromise and the need for everyone to be better than they were yesterday. Check it out and remember you can always contact The Other Guy on Twitter or Email.
Those Awkward Introductions Ep. 00 - Running With The Hunted
Running With The Hunted
Running With The Hunted host “The Other Guy” gets deflowered in the first episode of the podcast. He talks about buying his first album, city life in the underbelly of San Francisco, cheap perfume and travelling the world: All in the first three minutes. The show highlights his personal experience ranging from sex and heartache to being sent to “special” school in his youth. The episode serves as an icebreaker between your host, The Other Guy and you: the listener. Tune in and listen to this raw and sincere episode where The Other Guy let’s down his guard and shows you a glimpse of his own personal fears and his desire to take ahold of the “possibility” days.
Inspire Yourself Ep. 18 - Running With The Hunted
Running With The Hunted
In this episode “Inspire Yourself” The Other Guy discusses the idea of artistic inspiration and the need to embrace the experiences that help to shape who you are. Please remember to share the podcast on your favorite platform… and as usual you can always reach the show on Twitter or through email.