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Creation Date July 17th, 2018
Updated Date Updated March 12th, 2019
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Tiny Spaces Living

Living Tiny, Dreaming Big

Living tiny is about way more than a tiny house. It’s also about more than getting rid of stuff until you have nothing left to do. It’s about creating space to dream big. What could you do, what would your life look like, if you were debt-free? Clutter-free? What if you weren’t carrying all that weight? What if, for once, you could say you aren’t too busy? Maybe you’ve tried it all before and have become accustomed to the idea that this excess will always be a part of your life. That you might as well not even fight it. I’ve been there. Decluttering is my biggest challenge. I used the excuses “I don’t have time” and “It isn’t that important.” I told myself the half-truth that I like my clutter. It adds memories and joy to my life.

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Living in a tiny house or RV sometimes will get hard but it has its own joy. If you ever live in a tiny house or <a href="https://tinyspacesliving.com">travel trailer</a>, you will know how it feels. <a href="https://tinyspacesliving.com">TinySpacesLiving.com</a> is created with the purpose to share information about living in a tiny place like tiny houses and RVs, they share buying guide for accessories and appliances, living tips troubleshooting. Visit them by <a href="https://tinyspacesliving.com">click here</a> <a href="https://www.facebook.com/tinyspacesliving">Facebook</a> <a href="https://twitter.com/SpacesTiny">Twitter</a> <a href="https://www.pinterest.com/tinyspacehome">Pinterest</a>
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