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A curated podcast list by Daniel Nichols
Creation Date November 9th, 2019
Updated Date Updated November 14th, 2019
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In honor of US Veterans Day I wanted to start to generate a list of Indie podcasters that have served in the US military. Please support these podcasters and their shows with some subscribes likes, positive reviews and a little love for their service to home and country.
Join a podcasting family as they build a world together in an actual-play format that infuses mystery with humor in a conversational story that is sure to delight. Each season brings weekly episodes of the main story along with the eclectic LukkyGo Variety Show which is like a story laboratory that goes behind the scenes while testing out new improv and story ideas. The HappyGoLukky Podcast is good clean family fun for all ages and audiences.
1MoreGame Podcast is a PC and video game podcast hosted by a couple of Dads who love to game and love to talk about them. We provide insight and opinions to what we're playing and interview other players across the community for their take. Find us on the web at - join us on Twitter @1MoreGameCast and on - email
A rich, aromatic podcast with flavors of B movie weirdness, Hollywood history and Old Time Radio. Join host Bill Mize as he takes you on a humorous storytelling journey into our B Movie past. Best served on Saturday afternoons with hot buttered popcorn.
EYES LEFT is a military podcast hosted by two anti-war Army veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Spenser Rapone and Mike Prysner, covering issues from a left-wing and socialist perspective. EYES LEFT gives updates and progressive commentary on military news, war developments, failings of military leadership, veterans’ issues, radical military history, and how US troops can resist Trump.
Open discussions about everything! IG: hermit_radio Twitter: hermit_radio FB: Hermit_Radio Support this podcast:
Dan and Jared review an independent film every Tuesday.
The Lions Led By Donkeys podcast is a military history podcast hosted by two veterans who get together to laugh at military failures, inept commanders, and crazy stories from throughout the history of human conflict. Our podcast will always be free, but if you think what we do is worth a buck you can throw us one here:
Addiction recovery podcast from Real Sobriety filmmaker and sobriety coach, Robert McClellan. Down to earth, humorous, inspirational and sometimes irreverent - always a good listen to help you in your recovery journey.
Run Jump Stomp is a general gaming news show where I’ll drop short episodes as often as I can about the goings on in the gaming industry. These are stories that don’t really fit into my other shows but I still want to discuss. If you didn’t know I also host Nintendo Switch Craft, StadiaCast and 143 Pixels. Support this podcast:
“Speak Freely” seeks to broadcast the opinions of the nation's veterans to show listeners how service members think about policy issues, and work past their political differences. Both producers (Joy and Andrew) are U.S. Army veterans looking for the most broad and diverse array of people, personalities, and political opinions. So, chances are, they want to hear from YOU!
Mike is a police SWAT team member, K9 handler, and tactical medic. Jim is an Air Force pilot with a background in close air support and combat search and rescue. Our goal is to elevate the conversation about all things tactical for public safety, military, and concerned citizens. Join us to hear lessons learned about decision making, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, and teamwork.
The Trek Profiles podcast is devoted to the idea that Star Trek changes lives for the better. Each episode, we sit down with a different Trek fan, examine how they discovered Star Trek and what it’s meant to them. In doing so, we hope to figure out why Trek means so much to us!
Zero Blog Thirty is a military podcast presented by Barstool  Sports that's listenable for the most crusty of veterans, the bootest of boots, or people who have never touched a weapon in their life. Through the eyes of enlisted Marines and a West Point trained officer, Zero Blog Thirty is like sitting at the online-bar of the VFW and having a virtual cold one with your buddies.
Welcome aboard Too Many Captains, a movie podcast where a motley crew of 5 friends navigate the topic of cinema and related culture. Our flagship episodes are called Deep Dives where we dissect the various compositional elements of a classic or contemporary film and engage in a lively debate on its merits. We have a variety of different types of mini-episodes that focus on topics like reviewing recent releases, exciting projects in the works, the impact of technology on the medium and being a fan of movies in general.
Podcast by Peter Voland
Ransack History selects one hidden treasure from our history's most guarded bank of knowledge and delivers the tidbits back to you each week. History can hide these precious gems from us but luckily we are skilled in finding those locked away jewels and will stop at nothing until we explore them all. Join us on our epic quest as we put the history secrets to rest, only on Ransack History presented by SoundedHeart.
Two people, one central question each week selected from our cultural existence. How we get to the answer is where the fun begins! Join in as we try our best to Ramble To The Point weekly.
***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE*** A detailed and well researched investigative podcast that dives deep into the unsolved. -True Crime- -Mysteries--Conspiracies--Paranormal - -The Occult--History- With an unpolished and raw “pirate radio” style sound.-Theme music by The Wagner Logic Art by Andrea Moran You can find me on Facebook or...Instagram - - @podcastMCEmail - Justin.mcpodcast@gmail.comOr to support the show go to you can buy me a beer through Venmo - @mcpodcast
Martinis and the Macabre is a biweekly podcast featuring morbid murders, mysteries, and mayhem. Hosted by Erica and Billy, who cordially invite you to their cocktail party to drunkenly discuss the dark side of humanity. Cheers!
A Retro Inspired Cocktail Podcast Party of Intriguing Anecdotes of Histories, Scandals, Popular Culture & Hot Mess Struggles. Come Sip By Me. Guest co-hosts are invited each week to discuss anything from true crime, documentaries, cults, royal families, plane crashes to paranormal tales over their favorite wine, whiskey or sparkling water (everything's better with bubbles). And what else do you talk about when you meet someone new at a classy soiree? Guests share their personal stories, amusing thoughts, and interests. Of course, don't forget the occasional vice as well- celebrity gossip & Reality TV (that's like watching "living history" or maybe like the Animal Planet Channel with human psychology thrown in- not buying that?). Well at the very least, it is watching a train wreck in action and/or an inspiration of "what not to do" - for those who do not want to admit that they like it. No judgement here because this is definitely the most unscholarly podcast- so pour a glass & bring on the scandals! Explore for more articles relating to history, true crime and mysteries…consider it an after-hours private party for one.
Podcast by Bruh Issa Murder
Relic of the Past is a real play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition podcast. The characters lives are turned upside down by a mysterious evil force and must fight to save their world.
A podcast of 2 ghoulfriends talking all things true crime & paranormal. New episodes every Monday & Thursday.
Comedy and commentary finally meet, then crash and burn in this podcast where longtime friends Bob and Zipp, two men with absolutely no redeeming qualities, discuss everything they've wanted to talk about and HAVE been talking about nonstop for the last 14 years. From foreign policy to film, comic books to candy; Bob and Zipp cover it all in disturbing detail.
The Mike Drop podcast is hosted by former Navy SEAL, Mike Ritland. It is a not so politically correct discussion of wide ranging topics that span from government, politics and war to health and fitness, from guns and survival skills to food and nutrition with music, BBQ and a touch of everything else in between. This is THE platform that is completely raw, totally unfiltered and in your face, while still intellectually sound with good intuitive dialogue between A-holes that know what they’re talking about.
It's a podcast about swords, and their use. In Medieval and Renaissance England, no less.
How to turn your creative passions into a digital business. Listen for tools and advice on how to start, scale, and generate income at every level of your journey. Become financially independent by doing what you love. Learn more at
Laugh with Rob and Sarah as they discuss everything from the world of sports, pop culture, and of course, themselves.
We all love the beautiful game! The passion, the drama, and the amazing skills displayed by some of the best athletes in the world. Each week, join Rob as he discusses the teams and competitions from all over the world. Whether you’re new to football, a casual fan, or you eat, sleep, and breathe the game, this is the podcast for you.
Retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everyday life.
Strategies for hacking family life
The intersection of common sense and facts Two former intelligence analysts bring you the facts, connect the dots, and break through the liberal media bias. Support this podcast:
Changing Hearts & Minds is a history podcast. We talk about everything that has to do with the history of warfare. Everything from clandestine operations, battles, and individuals and technology connected to the history of warfare.
Coast Guard Petty Officer Alex Devereaux responded to a medical emergency on a small island in Boston Harbor. What he finds on that island is going take him on a journey into depths he never imagined...

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