Top Tabletop Role-playing Game Podcasts

A curated podcast list by Sean P Kelley
Creation Date October 16th, 2019
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Some of the best tabletop rpg podcasts (non-actual play)
Gaming and BS RPG Podcast
Brett and Sean (BS) are two of your friends talking about tabletop roleplaying games. We don't take ourselves too seriously and don't always agree. That's our charm. Segments include Random Encounter to field comments from listeners, Main Topic, and Die Roll which is 2-4 links to gaming-related stuff. We aren't a dungeons and dragons show, but it's hard not to reference the 300 pound gorilla.
Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron
Explore the many themes and features of Eberron as a tabletop role-playing game setting. In each episode, the hosts choose a topic and discuss how GMs and players can use the setting's lore in their campaigns.