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Creation Date August 8th, 2018
Updated Date Updated July 3rd, 2019
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Susan Vollenweider and Beckett Graham, the hosts of The History Chicks, say this is where you should start listening!
Lucille Ball (Part 1)
The History Chicks
Lucille Ball had a long climb up (and down) before she made history when I love Lucy debuted in 1951, and we cover those struggles and successes in this episode. 
Ida B. Wells
The History Chicks
Ida Wells worked as a pioneering journalist and activist who campaigned for anti-lynching legislation.
Sojourner Truth
The History Chicks
She was a slave, a freewoman, a preacher, a speaker, an abolitionist and a women's rights advocate in the Civil War era United States. Like a lot of women's history, Sojourner's truth may have been edited in history, but we can help to set it right. 
Zelda Fitzgerald
The History Chicks
Zelda Fitzgerald - the original Manic Pixie Dream Girl, muse of F. Scott, has been remembered as a trophy, a fashion icon, a mental patient, an author, and an artist. This unique woman lived a complex life that defies simple labels.
Wallis Simpson (Part 1)
The History Chicks
Puppet? Manipulating social climber? Misunderstood? Deeply in love? However you see her, the fact remains that a king abdicated his throne, defied his family and lived in exile to marry twice divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson.