Where to start with The Truth

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Creation Date July 21st, 2018
Updated Date Updated July 3rd, 2019
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The creator of The Truth, Jonathan Mitchell, says these are the first three episodes you should try as a new listener. Learn more about The Truth in our Chasing Pods series: https://blog.podchaser.com/discover/chasingpods/chasing-pods-11-the-truth/
That's Democracy
The Truth
A teacher gives his students lesson about democracy that they'll never forget. Performed by Peter McNerney, Russ Armstrong, Alexis Lambright, Fiona Bradford, Teddy Shivers, Oscar Montoya, and Ben Jones. Written by Louis Kornfeld, produced by Jonathan Mitchell.
The Dark End of the Mall
The Truth
Shopping can make you work up a thirst. Performed by Lauren Adams and Peter Grosz, written by Casper Kelly, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell.
Can You Help Me Find My Mom?
The Truth
A girl is lost and can't find her mom. Why won't anyone help her? Performed by Bee Herbstman, Melanie Hoopes, Ed Herbstman, Evan Sudarsky Abadi, Gregory C. Jones, and Blanche Ames. Written by Diana McCorry, Produced by  Jonathan Mitchell. http://thetruthpodcast.com