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Creation Date July 6th, 2018
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Notorious Women

A Comedy Podcast about history's most Notorious Women!

Notorious Women

A Comedy Podcast About History's Most Notorious Women

Asterisk History

Alex and Jay talk about obscure history.


What'sHerName women's history podcast tells the stories of fascinating women you've never heard of, but should have. Through compelling interviews with well-known and unknown scholars, curators, authors and historians, hosts Katie Nelson and Olivia Meikle bring to life forgotten women. Fascinating and funny, thought-provoking and thoughtful, What'sHerName restores women's voices to the conversation. A woman's place is...making history. New episodes launch Monday mornings.

Same Sh!t Different Century

Feminist podcast discovering the history behind the women who fought for the rights we have today and how we need to continue their fight

Badass Women From History

Badass Women from History is a season of interviews with famous dead women. Like Desert Island Discs, but they're dead. And there's no music. Created by Tessa Coates and Ellie White, but written by the women themselves. Taken from their memoirs, letters and writings, everything you hear is in their own words.